Review: 1/8 Scale Youmu Konpaku by Griffon

Let me present Griffon’s take on my second favorite Touhou character, after Aya, Youmu Konpaku!

As you can see, Youmu is a dual sword wielding girl that has a ghost half. Let’s check out her character description taken from the ever “reliable” Wikipedia:

Youmu is the gardener of the netherworld pagoda, Hakugyokurō. She comes from a very rare breed, the half-ghosts; in this strange combination, the human half and ghost half exist in physically separate bodies, but are always close by one another. Youmu is very young for a half-ghost, under 60 years; her exact age is unknown. While straightforward, focused and loyal to her mistress, Yuyuko, Youmu is still rather immature, and tends to be a target for teasing by the other girls of Gensokyo (particularly her mistress Yuyuko). Paradoxically, she is afraid of ghosts (the imaginary sort). Her talents are swordsmanship and speed. In the games, she is characterized by creating powerful danmaku with her sword slashes, and slowing time (this is not due to magic as one might expect, but because of time slowing around her body as she goes past at unimaginable speeds).

As to why I find Youmu so appealing… I don’t really know. (^.^;) Unlike Aya, whom I like because of her personality, photographing hobby and the game “Shoot the Bullet”, Youmu’s unique design attracted me right of the bat. Throw in dual swords, shoulder-length hair and an immature personality and you’ve got a done deal.

While her ghost half was splendidly represented in figure form, what which the correct application of translucent white plastic, I believe it would have been even better if they had her ghost half encircle or twirl around her body.

Youmu’s shorter sword, not familiar with the technical term, is not removable while her main sword is.

Note the exquisite, intricate touches of detail like the flower attached to her scabbard. This makes for such a vibrant and stark contrast to the rest of the figure.

Griffon’s signature metal nameplate featuring the character’s name in both Japanese and English adorns the base. This does add a sense of prestige and personalization to the figure that I’ve always liked.

As usual, what better way to end things off than a gratuitous panty shot! (^o^) More touches of detail to note include her painted fingernails and flower printing on the handle of her sword.

Overall, a stellar and well executed figure and another phenomenal addition to Griffon’s Touhou figure line. One of my only gripes with the figure would be her pose. As with most figures of sword wielding girls, a more dynamic pose would have really made the figure even better.

6 Responses to Review: 1/8 Scale Youmu Konpaku by Griffon

  1. KaneTheMessias says:

    Already know this one but looks still nice^^
    Griffon really made some great Touhou PVC’s
    You probably already have Griffons Aya PVC right?
    I wonder did u ever played a Touhou game?

  2. Fabrice says:

    Im not really a fan of griffon enterprise, but they did quite a good job on her.. but still i prefer figma to come :3

  3. phossil says:

    Its hard to be to pick a particular Touhou favorite character. I like them all!!

  4. KaneTheMessias says:

    @phossil: Your right. It’s indeed really hard to choose especially when u like them all like us^^ There are so many different characters so u will probably find a chara with ur taste^^

  5. Orcinus says:

    The problem with the ghost part is that it looks too much like living water or even a stream of flying semen.

  6. d0ntl00kb4ck says:

    Goody! i love touhou! I’ve been addicted to buying the Reimu Hakurei Azone pureneemo doll!! Yet i think Youmu is awesome! Although she’s in my top 10, i agree with Orcinus, the ghost looks like liquid, still touhou is awesome!

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