My Birthday, New TV Set and Future Plans

Yui and Mio throwing a special concert, just for me., complete with fog machines~

As they say, another year older, another year wiser. Unfortunately, I cannot attest to this adage at all, because if I were wiser, I’d stop spending money on plastic crack. (^.^;)

This birthday, I finally replaced my old TV, which I have been using for about 5 years, with a brand new HD enabled one. But, the thing is, I will not be able to utilize the TV to its full potential as I have yet to purchase a Blu-Ray player… Mm… Gotta set my priorities straight.

While my actual Birthday was at the end of June, I waited this long before posting a ‘Birthday post’ as I wanted to wait till I had the TV up and running. This way, I could present to you my brand new TV set up in all it’s glory!

Click to view larger image. (^.^)

So, what do you think? How many figures/pieces of merchandise can you identify? (^.^) Do note that the watermark is covering up a couple of 1/60 Yamato VF-1s and a set of Evangelion themed UCC Coffee cans. Also wanted to perch my Revoltech MP Eva on the top of the TV like my previous one, but the TV was way too slim to accommodate the figure.

Regrettably, I don’t have a picture showing off my Birthday loot, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. (^.^;)

– Megahouse Ranka Lee
– Dengeki G’s Festival w/ Kanade Dakimakura and Yuri Nendo Pucchi
– Getsumen to Heiki Mina Limited PS2 Box (did a review on this one already)
– 1/1 scale Kusagao Midori HandPuppet Special Ver. (Something that I’ve always wanted)
– Evangelion Film Clipping featuring this scene:

One of my favorite scenes from the movie, if I might add.

– Kamen Rider W Double Driver
– Kamen Rider W Metal Shaft
– Kamen Rider W Trigger Magnum
– Kamen Rider W Skull Magnum
– Kamen Rider W Stag Phone
– Kamen Rider W S.H.Figuarts Cyclone Set (seen in an earlier post)
– Kamen Rider W WFC Figures 01,02 and 03

A ton more loot coming later this month and the next… (a possible adoption perhaps!!!) Went way too overbored with the proxy again… Right now, I’m so short on cash that I had to cancel a multitude of orders, including Figma Saber Alter and Yamato’s YF-19… (TT.TT)

Over this past year, I’ve sure come a long way. Having finished my High School/Junior College education, I will finally begin a new chapter of my life this coming August in the National University of Singapore, one of Singapore’s top Universities. At NUS, I shall be taking up courses in Communications and New Media and Japanese Studies, among others, in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science. By bringing in my passions and interests into my studies, I’m hoping that I will be able to fully enjoy this learning experience. One of the dream jobs that I’m currently aiming for after graduation, is to be a Japanese to English translator. If all goes well, someday, the officially licensed Anime that you will be able to get in Singapore could very well be translated by me. (^.^;)

In NUS, I am interested in starting up an Anime club, preferably one like Genshiken, whose mission will be to bring together and unite fans of Japanese Pop Culture. By doing so, like minded people with similar interests can share experiences, make friends and just kick back and have fun. Perhaps to even spread the joys of Anime and the like. Any help and information on starting and running an Anime Club would be greatly appreciated.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that this will be the end of Actar’s Reviews. In fact, it is only the beginning. (Wow, so cliche…) You can expect more signature Actar’s Reviews, Figure Photoshoots, Analytical Articles and much, much more.

While I had a ton of things that I had planned out to do during the holidays, I wasn’t able to complete quite a number of them due to my horrendous time management and my deplorable tendency to procrastinate. Still, I can say that I had a relatively fulfilling holiday indeed. (^.^) Managed to get a pretty okay part time job, started my Japanese classes, put out quite a number of reviews, watched a myriad of Anime series, got back into Kamen Rider… and the list goes on.

Last but not least, AFAX or AFA10 (however they are deciding to call it) is just round the corner and this time round, I’m hoping to become an affiliate. Thus enabling me to attend all the press conferences and what not. (^.^) Really looking forward to that.

Here’s to another great year ahead! (^o^)

9 Responses to My Birthday, New TV Set and Future Plans

  1. Alexeon says:

    Happy birthday, Actar! I wish I knew earlier and Id have wished you a happy birthday sooner (forgive me if you mentioned it in a previous post and I missed it.)

  2. reno317 says:

    Lol plastic crack that is just too true. Anyways Happy Belated B-day. Oh and GL with your future plans it seems like you got everything squared away and hey maybe we will get something subbed by you one day^_^.

  3. Hope you have…er, had a great birthday, Actar! Very nice setup you’ve created there. I’m also starting college this fall, with plans to study Japanese. I don’t have any specific career plans yet, but I want to do something that will bring me closer to Japan and anime. Best of luck to the both of us, I suppose.

    Plastic crack…I can stop any time I want to! I just don’t want to.

  4. konakonaotaku says:

    i can recogniz:

    TMOHS figmas (SOS brigade, mikuru cheerleadr, choyusha haruhi, nagato witch, tsuruya, ryoko)
    LS figmas (wintr girls, kagamiku, WF konata)
    LS mamma chapp dolls
    mikuru bunny figure >..<;
    hatsune miku figma
    rin (KnJ) nendo
    LS hiiragi twins shine maiden unis
    code geass figma
    reimu figma
    ui figma
    SOS dan cho cosplay
    SOS dan cho armband cosplay
    rin mobip
    yui mobip
    shikabane hime figma
    shana figma (red n black vers)
    ritsu nendo
    CCS coin pouch
    CCS clow reed book
    MGLN figmas
    touho project figure
    konata nendo puchis
    haruhi nendo puchi
    otaku nagato nendo puchi
    shana nendo puchi
    tagia (i think th@s her name) nendo puchi
    index nendo puchi
    negima cards
    MGLN cosplay ribbons
    MGLN wallscroll
    TMOHS konami haruhi set
    figma archetype she
    …and a whole lotta light novls (whew) ironically, im not a dedicatd otaku. (n im very glad ^.^;;;; no offence, dedicatd otakus)

  5. RedMetallix says:

    Something funny I noticed, your In Action!! Offshoot Guren Mk-II Is hiding behind a Gloucester, I can see its claw in the image…

    On another note, Lucky you for having a Kallen Glasgow, of course you leave it in its box since its so valuable. I remember when you had THREE of those and TWO sutherland air models. What a lucky person you were to come across those.

  6. Arcsaber says:

    Woot nice birthday loot! Where you get all those spending power from >.<

  7. VioG says:

    *views second pic* Oh… my…g-god…

    Utsukushii, nyo…*sobs*

    Gomenasai. I need a moment, nyo.

    Yare yare. *wipes tears*

    It’s so beautiful! You are officially my IDOL, nyo!

  8. Dokuro-chan says:

    Excuse me, which figma’s box is behind haruhi and left before Nodoka? O.o

  9. Dokuro-chan says:

    or is that Ui… i’m discouraged o.o
    Whatever, answer me onegai :3

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