Photoshop Magic~

Evidently, someone has applied a photoshop makeover to one of the pictures I took at Comiket 77 of this Remilia Cosplayer. Well, that’s the internet for you. Don’t know whether it is an honor or an insult. At least they could have left the watermark. (^.^;)

Photoshop work is pretty good though.

The original:

…and another of the same girl which I have never posted before:

Talking about watermarks, I really need to re-upload all the pictures I took in Japan with the proper watermark. Had to use a temporary one that time as I didn’t have my computer with me.

3 Responses to Photoshop Magic~

  1. Steve says:

    I saw that photo in the batch of shopped cosplay photos that’s going around, I didn’t realise it was yours. That set of photoshops was more about editing the cosplayers themselves to make them more ‘attractive’ so it’s a (deserved) compliment to that girl that they only touched up the photo itself.

  2. Obscura says:

    For me, the girl looks better in the original pic than the shopped one. The edited one looks like a stoic boutique mannequin.

  3. Javier says:

    Even if it has a tiny index yet,

    I found some “fixed” mines too.

    Sadly, but it’s the Internet history, people using freely the things on it :/

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