Actar’s Reviews 155: Figma Tainaka Ritsu

The flamboyant, energetic and spunky dummer, Tainaka Ritsu (aka Ricchan) sure knows how to make an entrance in the Figma Figma line with what has to be one of the most spectacular accessories to be included with a Figma figure to date.

5 Responses to Actar’s Reviews 155: Figma Tainaka Ritsu

  1. KaneTheMessias says:

    Wow that’s really an great accessory this time.
    Looks amazing. Ahh you can see Ritsu’s innards (O_O)
    How disgusting (^_^) Only one member left now.
    anyway great review like ever!

  2. Lord Il says:

    “And knowing is half the battle.” lol!! That was great. ^^

    So, that’s really supposed to be a Yamaha drum kit? I have a suggestion for you, Actar.. Do a search for the Yamaha logo, find one you like, resize it if necessary, print it, cut it out, and paste it on the upper front part of the bass drum. I think it would increase the level of authenticity of the drums in a big way. I’m guessing they couldn’t acquire the Yamaha logo because it would put the price up too much.

  3. konakonaotaku says:

    eithr th@ or licencing ._.

  4. Lord Il says:

    Yep, I definately would think it’s a licensing issue, konakonaotaku. And much of it has to do with money. In a way this seems kinda odd because you would think a company like Yamaha, etc., would only be too happy to have the extra publicity through these figures..

    I mean, why not sell the use of their logo to Max Factory for cheap? O_o The payoff for them would be more than worth it. Then again, I’m only guessing on the reasoning of this. lol!

  5. garlandcromer says:

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