Guard Skill: Mapo Tofu~

What I had for dinner today. Sigh, my life is being controlled by Anime yet again. (^.^;)

Not as zestful as the one featured in the Anime though, which I’m honestly exceedingly thankful for as my tongue heatshield cannot withstand anything that’s too capsaicinalicious. Not to mention, I had it with rice.

Mapo Tofu is spicy dish consisting of Tofu, Minced Meat (Chicken or Pork), Green & Red Peppers, Mushrooms, Chili and various other spices and garnishes. Quite scrumptious indeed.

天使 Mapo Tofu Moe~ Can’t wait to share a meal with 天使 again when I get a hold on her Dakimakura and Nendoroid Petite! (^o^) Not to mention, take more adorable 天使 pictures.

SUDDEN EPIPHANY: I am a sad, sad, ronery Otaku… and I like it. (T.T)

9 Responses to Guard Skill: Mapo Tofu~

  1. Otaku_Girl says:

    ooh looks yummie! i want some! *aftr reading wat its made of* er….u go ahead n enjoy it. ._.

    mm if theres n e food from animes i wnna try its

    choco cornet
    pocky ^O^ my friend LUVS pocky!!!!

  2. Lord Il says:

    Sounds delicious, Actar.

    I’ve found myself to be influenced by anime in what I eat as well. There’s been many series I’ve seen which give mention to different curry dishes. Curiosity got the better of me so I finally decided to research some curry recipes. For those who are curious, I would highly recommend mango curry shrimp with rice as it’s absolutely delicious! Very easy to make as well.

    @Otaku_Girl: Anime got me eating Pocky and I don’t regret it. Nice light snack. Best of all, the local store carries it in the ethnic foods aisle. Gotta love it! ^^

  3. lockus says:

    Yeah, I too want a Tachibana nendoroid petite.

  4. Otaku_Girl says:

    holy crud tachibana is the last name of the main villan of my fanfiction O.O


  5. I’d definiately would like to try something like that. I’ve always like to eat anything spicy (not too intense ones).

  6. Steve says:

    Looks nice! Might have to try making it some time.

  7. Metalsnakezero says:

    I enjoy spicy food so I may try this one out.

  8. azure2526 says:

    I tried that out last weekend at a coffee shop XD
    Not as spicy as I expected though

  9. aliasangel says:

    I have been eating Mapo for more then 20 years. It is indeed one of my favorite dish. I think I have this at least 14 times a year. ^_^ Well, I’m Asian so.. it is common to me.

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