Actar’s Reviews 154: K-On! Volume 1 Special Edition Blu-Ray Disc

Let’s take a look at the Special Edition Blu-Ray Volume 1 of everyone’s favorite Slice-of-Life, Moe Blob, Music filled Anime, K-On!.

Made this review for fun and it is 100% unrehearsed and unedited. Enjoy. (^.^)

4 Responses to Actar’s Reviews 154: K-On! Volume 1 Special Edition Blu-Ray Disc

  1. Lord Il says:

    haha! This latest vid made me giggle. But I’m sure that was your intention. ^_~ Actually it was still quite good and informative. The original price tag on that disc was pretty shocking though. O_o I’ll probably continue to enjoy anime on regular DVD format – a little more affordable. ^^;

    Only my opinion but I’m thinking a PS3 would be a good investment for you after getting an HD monitor. A PS3 (as with most Blu-Ray players) can upscale your regular DVDs to look sharper and clearer than you’re used to.

    Hope you’ll make more of these unscripted vids in the future. Fun stuff!

  2. Lah Brutie says:

    I agree with Lord Il, that’s fun stuf! XD
    I had no idea there were guitar picks in these Blurays, maybe I should get one, since I’m a bassist?~

  3. Otaku_Girl says:

    lol i kno how u feel. i was bord outta my mind yestrday so i did a review on all my gamecube games! XD XD XD i think i would only buy it 4 the papr dolls tho XD XD XD

    also im not in2 blu-ray but i kno 1 thing: theyre impossible 2 scratch. ive seen ads 4 them countless times on disney dvds n i saw th@ it has a barrier on them so they cant be scratched (. .);
    evry time i c reviews like this i think about wat types of merch i want 4 my book aftr it gets publishd. ^.^; i would luv 2 have figmas made from the charatrs from my tmohs/s-c fan fiction but i kno th@s not gnna happn. 1 word: licencing. :( :( :( bummr. guess ill hafta do some modding when im oldr outta some knockoff figmas :/

  4. Steve says:

    Japan has ridiculously high BD prices. In most countries, the price difference between BDs and DVDs is pretty minimal now, so the only real added cost is whether or not you have a HD TV and BD player. After that initial set-up, BD shouldn’t affect cost too much.

    There is a region coding system for BDs – A, B and C – but unlike with DVDs it’s incredibly common for discs to have no region lock, so buying internationally is generally quite easy. ^^

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