My First Ever Loot

Time to take a trip down memory lane! I’m amazed that I still have pictures in my HD… This is the first ever Anime related loot that I received after becoming a full-fledged Anime fan. Not to mention the FIRST girl figure I ever got.

My Uncle was having his honeymoon in Japan during that time and I begged him to get me Konami’s Haruhi (mainly for the desk set-up) which he got.

Along with a number of Japanese exlcusive Kit-Kats. (^.^) Can you identify all the amazingly bizarre flavors?

Anyways, that was the tipping point. Being a collector from young (Transformers, Marvel, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!), my love for Japanese Figures was ignited with that Haruhi Figure (Lucky Star ignited my love for Anime and Japanese Culture).

My second figure was GoodSmile’s Nanoha in January of 08.

Following that were Freeing’s Lucky Star Trading Figures and the Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan Trading Figures (DON’T ASK).

Cut to two and a half years later… Now, any spare income or savings go into feeding my obsession…and, as posted before, here’s the stuff I bought during my Japan trip last December:

Thus, you can see how far I have fallen since…(T.^) lol.

10 Responses to My First Ever Loot

  1. konakonaotaku says:

    wow!!! ^3^ i think the first loot i ever got was a pokemon dvd from my ‘rents ^.^; latest loot: a haruhi suzumiya wintr school uniform figma (which ive recently broken TT_TT)

  2. Lord Il says:

    Strangely enough, this could be the first time I’ve seen the Konami Haruhi figure. It has to be super rare these days. Gotta love the desk and computer set up. ^^

    Annnd… Dokuro-chan figures..?? Never knew these existed. O_o I’m truly envious here! lol!

    ah yes… My first loot was a complete set of six Excel Saga figures. They’re small gashapon figs packed in “blind-boxes” but are surprisingly well detailed for the size that they are.

  3. Kimono Taku says:

    You´ve hide Flonne Actar xD. Um..let see, my first figure was Kagamiku by Sega ( yeah, no too old because i used to have Gunpla instead of anime figures ) and a few Gashapons HGUC from Lucky Star which one of them was the Konata with the costume of Haruhi. And say Actar…where you usually buy your anime stuff ? in Amiami maybe =D ?

  4. Man, what is going on with some of those KitKat flavors? I wouldn’t mind trying the vanilla bean one, though.

  5. konakonaotaku says:

    coockies n milk!!!! yumie-yum!!!!! *switchd 2 “random childish otaku” mode*

  6. GUCCI SHOES says:

    Im a honset vistor of your website. How a great article is !

  7. ALL-Aksion says:

    Actar – Your 2nd anime Figurine – Nanoha by Good Smile Company was my First ^_^

    I wanted to finally buy something other than a Gundam kit or a Virtual On Virtuoid. I couldn’t decide which – the Nanoha Movic, Alter, or Good Smile. Based on your own review i saw on youtube i made GSC my first ^_^ Out of them all GSC was the most action and ehem fanservicey of the 3 ^w^

    I too have that same Haruhi by Konami as well as Nagato and Mikuru. I think i own around 80+ figurines now – mostly because of your stellar youtube reviews.

    Saw your room in Otacool and a video interview of you on Youtube- you Rock Actar =D

  8. Persocom says:

    Haruhi, Lucky Star and Nanoha characters were my firsts as well. Yuki Nagato Figma was the first and that spawned the major obsession with action figures. I’m still addicted to action figures though I’ve branched off into other types as well. I’ve had a couple of those kit kat flavors.

  9. scott says:

    my first loot was a konata plush and it’s so CUTE!!!!
    and where can i find that haruhi figure?

  10. konakonaotaku says:

    now my l8st loot was a box of pocky! ^o^ *i still havnt finishd yet–n i got it back all the way in CONNETICUIT*

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