Actar’s Reviews 149 – Bandai’s Official Card Captor Sakura Clow Book and Card Set

Remember the Clow Book and Clow Card set I reviewed before? Well, while that one was good in it’s own right, it was far from accurate to the show counterpart. Today, I bring you the officially licensed, by CLAMP, CardCaptor Sakura Clow Book and Clow Card set produced by Bandai in 1999.

Extrememly rare and sought after, I finally mangaed to acquire one after years of searching. Definitley THE Clow Book and Clow Card set that every CardCaptor Sakura fan should own.

22 Responses to Actar’s Reviews 149 – Bandai’s Official Card Captor Sakura Clow Book and Card Set

  1. Hammy says:

    You won’t believe how green I am with envy now.
    If I had the cash I would definitely fork it out to get my own Clow card set but it seems that until then, I’ll have to make do with just reading your reviews Actar ^^

    As this is my second post I’d also like to say that I find all of your reviews extremely interesting and I especially appreciate the amount of detail that you put into your reviews, going over every single detail.
    Added you to my blogroll :D

  2. I got this for my 14th birthday, had no idea it was rare though! How much did you have to fork out for it?

  3. KaneTheMessias says:

    What the moon is reversed? isn’t there a company name on the book?
    well I have the official german version of kodansha’s clow card set from 2000
    my look like your 3rd party company wich I also like more than bandai’s set
    (I don’t like the material of the cards) but the moon isn’t reversed hmm
    Now I’m interested how the card game works (^.^) anyway great review!
    hope your sakura card review comes soon!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I remember this. My sister and I each had one of the US realease.

    Thanks for the memories Actar!

  5. andrew says:

    can i buy a book?

  6. konakonaotaku says:

    lol im startin 2 get in2 cardcaptor sakura. i ordrd all the books from the library ^.^;

  7. Actar says:

    @ konakonaotaku: Brilliant! CCS is a great series and a classic Magical Girl Anime at that.

  8. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: thnx ^^ im also watchin the second season of k-on (gosh its so addictive!!!)

  9. I remember years ago I went to AnimeNation’s Warehouse Sale and found a Clow book sitting on a shelf. It was just the book by itself so I don’t think it was from this set, but I really wanted it. Sadly it cost $40 and my dad refused to get it for me. ;_;

    That Clow book haunts me to this day…

  10. konakonaotaku says:

    ROLF! i red all of em in 1 nite!!! (the ccs light novels)

    at 1st i red 1-4 cuz i couldnt put them down (i ended at 1 am florida time) then i couldnt sleep. i was thinkin about the other 2 books. so i took out my flashlight went in2 my drawer n red the last 2–i ended at 3 am! aftr th@ i slept like a baby ^.^;

    usually when u reccomend n anime it involves me gettin SERIOUSLY in2 it (tmohs is a huge huge huge huge HUUUUUUUUGE example–pity im not allowd 2 watch it), w/ the exeption(s) of FMP?! and evangelion ^.^; now i ordrd all the “mastr of the clow” books now th@ ive finishd the regular ones! XD

  11. konakonaotaku says:

    graaa now i RLLY wnnna get th@ ccs set. i thought it liberally during my reading

  12. Izzi says:

    I purchased one of these when the show was airing in the US, back when I still had no idea what manga was. I just loved the show and wanted to pretend I was Sakura. I lost it for a few years and only recently found it while cleaning out a spare room.
    I must say, though, I am extremely jealous of your movie version. It’s gorgeous.

  13. konakonaotaku says:

    i think i found 1 floatin on ebay 4 fifty bucks ^.^; i wouldnt evn pay th@ much 4 a figma

  14. Marília says:

    está venda?! pq se tiver estou mtttt interessada!

  15. Macy says:

    Do they still sell those cards and book? I’d really like to find one plz tell me where I could find some because on bandai I can’t find anything

  16. noobkiller2772 says:

    hey Actar I found a really good deal on the bandai clow book loose should I buy it?

  17. Goldendragon says:

    Wow, too jealous with u :-D. I searched everywhere but I found nothing. Does anyone know where can I buy it ?

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  19. jemolian says:

    I have a few prints of the Kodansha Clow Book & Cards. I think you have shown one of the prints in which might have been the original print.

    The few prints after that has a glossy surface and the back of the card (crescent moon) has been corrected. The style of the cards remains purple but the type of material of the cards has changed from a flexible semi-plastic type to a harder cardboard type.

    In total, i have 3 different version or prints that has different inner text (1 without, 2 with but has print dates). Also, the one you shown seem to be missing the box that housed the card. I do not have the leaflet in which lists the cards.

  20. Cookiestars says:

    Actar i found a clow book online (with the cards) and its only 80$! should i buy it? and how much did you get yours for?

  21. morzelt says:

    The only thing that bothers me from the US version of the Clow Book set, are the gold letters “The Clow” from the spine of the book :/ if they where black as in the anime or like the Bandai version, that’d be great.

  22. beap- says:

    I have requested through your youtube clip, hoping you would make a video comparison of clamp clow card kodansha reprint edition 2015 with its counterpart. Please would you be kindly enough to do it? I loved all your youtube review

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