Astounding April Acquisitions!!!

As I have mentioned numerous times in previous posts, on my channel and on various online forums, this loot was going to be a whopper. Yes, I did actually purchase everything you see in the picture above last month, but everything only arrived a few days ago. Now that everything’s been sorted out, let’s see how this loot can blow your mind, shall we? (^o^)

Let’s start off with the basics before moving into the astoundingly awesome stuff.

– Alter’s 1/8 Scale Nanoha Takamachi Figure
– Griffon’s 1/8 Scale Youmu Konpaku Figure
– Movic’s 1/8 Scale Musubi Figure

Alter’s Nanoha is magnificent. There’s no question about it. She makes me so much more anxious for Alter’s treatment of Fate! As many of you might know, Youmu is my second favorite Touhou character after Aya, I missed out on the first shipment, so I ordered her. Lastly, I adore the Sekirei Anime as well, it’s pretty entertaining and has really great characters for an ecchi show, so I sprung for Movic’s rendition of Musubi.

Interestingly enough, I got Nanoha from HLJ, Musubi from Hobby Search and Youmu from AmiAmi.

For some reason though, I realise that I’ve been collecting less and less completed PVC figures… Maybe it’s because they don’t offer as much play value as dolls or action figures…

– Liquid Stone Reimu Hakurei Figure
– Bandai’s Robot Damashii Falke
– Good Smile Company’s Figma Fate Testarossa Uniform Version

Some more random figures that don’t fall into any larger category here. Especially delighted to have Figma Fate Testarossa School Uniform version. Can’t wait to open her up.

As for the Liquid Stone Reimu, it seems that she was originally a resin kit sold at Wonderfest, now mass-produced. Though like any other Touhou merchandise, she is sold only in Japan (you can get her from AmiAmi). Similar to the nendoroid in the sense that she is a chibi version of Reimu, I think this figure is miles better than the nendoroid. Not only does this version of Reimu come with a ton of accessories, she is also articulated! Waist, limbs, head are all poseable. I also like the proportions of this Reimu better than the nendoroid version.

– Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Nanoha Takamachi
– Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Fate Testarossa
– Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Usa Mimi

Nendoroids galore! Well, not really… I don’t usually buy Nendoroids, but For Nanoha and Fate, I’ll make an exception. That Mimi will join Kagami and Kokonoe to re-create the Season 1 ending scene: Hanamaru Sensation!

– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure Jotaro Figure
– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure Star Platinum (Blue Version) Figure
– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure Dio Figure
– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure The World Figure
– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure Avdol Figure
– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure Magician’s Red Figure
– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure Polnereff Figure
– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure Silver Chariot Figure
– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure Kakyoin Figure
– Medico’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure Heirophant Green Figure

As you can probably assume, I’ve gotten myself hooked on a little series known as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’m not sure how many people outside Japan know about the series, but the JoJo’s Manga is one of the longest running Shonen manga of all time. Many of you might have played the PSX/1 game that was ported over to the US. A 13 episode OVA was also made.

Having only seen the OVA and played the games, I’m only a fan of the third part (probably the most popular) of the JoJo’s series. It really is a MANLY MAN’S show that is superb. So superb that I bought all the Super Action Statue figures of all the major characters. (^.^;)

How are the figures themselves? Nothing short of amazing. I actually bought into the line on a whim and I did not know if the figures were of good quality or not. Thankfully, the figures surpassed all my expectations, being wonderfully detailed, having great accessories and phenomenal articulation. Considering that these figures cost around the same as a figma figure, they are starting to make me feel cheated when I buy a figma figure due to their quality and size.

– Bandai’s Official CardCaptor Sakura Clow Card Set
– Bandai’s Official CardCaptor Sakura Sakura Card Set
– Bandai’s Official CardCaptor Sakura Sakura Card Set (Movie Version)

Now these, I’ve been waiting to get my hands on for nearly 10 long years! (^o^) What you see here are the original and most Anime-accurate set of Clow/Sakura cards ever produced. I’m not familiar with the release information of the various sets, but the one I reviewed seemed to be a mass-release set while the sets you see here are supposedly event exclusives? Do feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

As can be seen, the Clow Card set comes with Anime accurate Clow Cards (as opposed to the ‘realistic’ feel of the other set), a Clow Book with an actual clasp, a replica of Sakura’s key and extra card game cards. The Sakura Card Set comes with an electronic Sakura Book (though I’m not sure as to what it does yet) while the Movie Version of that set comes with the Star Key (sans paint apps…) and Sakura’s Card Pouch as seen in the movie. Overall, some stellar Sakura Merchandise that any die-hard fan should own.

– Bandai’s Sakura Doll
– Bandai’s Tomoyo Doll
– Bandai’s Li Shaoran Doll

More Card Captor Sakura merchandise incoming as I also managed to acquire the bendy dolls of the three main characters, Sakura, Tomoyo and Li! Surprisingly still in good shape, I’m surprised that these still exist. (^.^)


– Azone Exclusive Yui’s Guitar Case and Bag
– Azone Exclusive Yui’s Pajama Set
– Azone Exclusive Yui’s Festival Outfit
– Azone Exclusive Mio’s Festival Outfit

I’ve officially been bitten by the 1/6 scale doll bug ever since I bought that Yui doll. (^.^;) To enhance my enjoyment of the various K-On! Dolls, I snapped up some of the exclusive accessory sets that Azone had to offer.

– Azone 1/6 Scale Kannagi Doll (Hobby Japan Exclusive)
– Azone 1/6 Scale Zange Doll (Wonderfest Exclusive)

I really liked Kannagi. A great slice-of-life show with wonderfully quirky characters coupled with amazing comedy. Thus, it only seemed sensible to get their dolls! (^.^)

– Azone 1/6 Scale Yuki Doll

For quite some time, I was on the fence about picking up this Yuki doll… Unlike many of Azone’s quality releases, the Haruhi dolls had their eyes set way, way too far apart. But, I caved since I saw her for nearly half the price on Y!AJ… It’s Yuki, she’s worth it.

and now…

The pinnacle of the loot…

– Mama Chapp 1/6 Scale Konata Doll
– Mama Chapp 1/6 Scale Kagami Doll
– Mama Chapp 1/6 Scale Tsukasa Doll
– Mama Chapp 1/6 Scale Miyuki Doll

ALL 4 of Mama Chapp’s 1/6 Scale Lucky Star dolls! (^O^) Yatta!!! Man, these were expensive… Ever since I realized that they had 1/6 scale dolls of the 4 main Lucky Star characters, I just knew I had to get them one way or another. Seriously, you know how much of a LS fan I am from my Lucky Star pilgrimages… However, save Konata, the other 3 girls were mail-order exclusives, available for a limited time only…

I needed to save up. So save I did. and saved… and saved… and saved… and FINALLY. I got them. Sweet success.

These dolls are surely the crown jewel(s) of my Lucky Star collection. The definitive Lucky Star figures.

– Tamashii Online Store Exclusive Lancelot X Guren Hyper Set
– Tamashii Online Store Exclusive Tristan Divider (Not pictured)
– Tamashii Online Store Exclusive Pixie Squard Q-Rea (Not pictured)

Some Bandai exclusives arrived, you can bet that a quick review will follow shortly.

…and last but not least, with all the dolls and figures out of the way, let me share with you guys some of the really special Anime related merchandise I bought.

– Anime Cel from CardCaptor Sakura of Sakura
– Anime Cel from Macross 7 of Mylene

Cel Animation was an extremely popular form of Animation that was used for quite sometime before it recently became obsolete with the advent of digital animation. What cel Animation is, is that Animators would paint the frames of Animatinon on a cel that could be overlayed onto a background. Following that, the cel would be photographed, becoming a frame of the final animation. This way, time and money could be saved as the Animatiors need not re-draw the backgrounds of the same scene over and over again.

Since cels are part of the final product of the actual Anime, I really wanted to own a piece of the history for myself. As luck would have it, I came across these two gorgeous cels of Sakura and Mylene that were used to make these two frames of Animation:

From Episode 29 and 9 respectively.

– Anime Film Clipping from the Fate/Stay Night Movie of Archer and Rin

– Anime Film Clipping from the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi Movie of Yuki

– Anime Film Clipping from the Nanoha Movie of Fate

I suppose in the age of digital animation, these would be the closest thing to owning a piece of the history. So here are a number of Anime film clippings. These film clippings were all given out at special events relating to the movies themselves. Since I obviously did not attend any of the events, I had no choice but to bid for these on Y!AJ.

I’m so glad that all the scenes featured in the film strips are splendid. Archer standing stoically with his UBW in the background, Yuki being all cute in a lovely close-up short.

Last but not least, I also got the special edition volume of the K-On! DVD Blu-Ray disc… and I don’t even have a HD TV or a Blu-Ray player. Got this mainly for the exclusive Yui Guitar pick that was included.


Well, that’s that. Another month, another EPIC loot, and my wallet has died. I can assure you that you nor I will ever see a loot of this magnitude again anytime soon. (^.^:)

29 Responses to Astounding April Acquisitions!!!

  1. Arc Blade Knight says:

    That’s alot right there. Such a crazy load of stuff.

  2. Chocopup says:

    one word: woah

  3. Alexeon says:

    I keep asking myself how you can even afford 33 cent ramen while buying so much stuff…

    I love the Archer scene. If you had to get a specific scene with Archer, him doing his UBW would be the shot.

    I also like the Clow Cards and the Nanoha figure.

  4. Mari says:

    Oh my God I’ve been looking for the Clow Card set for 10 years, too! Where did you find it??

    I bought the Sakura Card set for 5,000 yen at a Seibu department store in Utsunomiya when I was 12 and have been looking for the Clow Card set ever since! I’m not sure if you know, but the Sakura book is electronic and plays music/activates a game with Kero-chan if you insert the cards in a slot at the top of the book. =3

    Haha I’m sooo jealous right now!

  5. Matt aka SaberSnake says:

    You’re the King. Even i don’t possess the Lucky Star Dolls. Knowing the price, you really saved for a long time, surely.

    Another – that must have been expensive – goods is the shot of gekimoe-Yuki chan. A friend of mine bought a similar clipping for several 100 Dollars.

    What i’m most jealous about is the Mylene cell: o god, how i want it. I even was at the Fire Bomber concert last year, but to possess a cell of Mylene is like “god”.

  6. Hammy says:

    I have to say, that is an amazing loot you got right there.

    But seriously, where on earth did you find those clow card and sakura card sets? They’re pretty much impossible to find these days

  7. Asian Ed says:

    Holy crap, I don’t even want to know how much you spent this month. If I didn’t have to pay a mortgage, utility bills, and living expenses, I’m sure I’d be doing the same thing as you. ^.^;;

  8. Sam Ivan Wu says:

    Wow, how much are they?

  9. Actar says:

    @ Alexeon: Well, I have started a part time job + months of saving + allowance raise by parents for good exam results = Spending powah!

    @ Mari: I got most of my loot from Yahoo! Auctions Japan. Thankfully managed to chance upon those auctions for the three sets. (^.^)

    Haven’t opened the Sakura Card sets yet, but the electronics look exciting.

    @ Matt: The clipping for Yuki actually set me back 20,000 yen, so yeah… But as I said with the doll, it’s worth it for her. (^.^;)

    Was lucky enough to chance upon the Cel of Mylene while surfing on Yahoo! Auctions Japan and I couldn’t resist the signature pouting of Mylene. (^.^) There are still a number of them there, so do take a look. Pretty affordable at around 3000 yen too.

    @ Hammy: Exactly! I must thank my Lucky Star (heh) that I was able to find them.

    @ Asian Ed: Well, I haven’t been buying that much for the past few months as I was saving on these. One of the perks of being a student (well, not now at least) is that your parents pay for the living expenses. Most of what I earn goes straight to my figure fund, while the rest goes into my long term savings account. (^.^)

    @ Sam Ivan Wu: Let’s just say… a lot.

  10. chocopup says:

    Isn’t Yahoo! Japan auctions only in japanese? i thought you couldnt read japanese?

  11. phossil says:

    wut? I think this is the biggest loot I have seen. Lol.
    Sakura and Clow cards, mmm hard to get now in this days… ;)

  12. Otaku_Girl says:

    kewl! i like the nagato doll but its kinda…….(no offense) freaky looking. the ls dolls, are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i also liek the cells u got. beign a tmohs fan thats my fave ;)

    nice loot. still, woah.

  13. Asian Ed says:

    I miss those days… ;) Though I guess now I have direct control over my money. Too bad I have so many expensive hobbies that could drain my savings if I let them.

    Am curious as to how you’ll display your cels. I have several sets of production notes and sketches that I’m struggling to figure out how to display. They’re all small stacks of papers used by the staff with key frames with notes on them.

  14. KaneTheMessias says:

    wow what a loot (O_O)
    I don’t want to know how much it cost but for sure a fortune
    Ah the clow card set that brings memories back
    I have kodansha’s clow card set
    It has cost me a half of my monthly money but I’m glad to have it
    These are really rare today
    *lol* you bought the K-ON! Blue Ray no I mean Pink Ray^^
    without having a HD TV but this doesn’t matter for a real collector^^
    I wish they make more Anime BR here in Germany
    I have a HD TV but there are so less Anime on BR to buy here

  15. ironchefsanji says:

    Oh wow! That Lancelot X Guren Hyper Set looks amazing!! I just read that your post over at and I must know, how much was the set and does it come with those two awesome stands?

    Amazing haul! And I can’t wait for me figure reviews!!

  16. hado says:

    How much money was all this?

  17. konakonaotaku says:


  18. RMZX says:

    I want to cry, that Hyper Set is something I want really badly, and the bastards on Ebay sell it for $70+…

  19. Logan says:

    What’s your opinion of the Fate Nendo from the movie? I just finished all the Nanoha series and will be in Tokyo next week and I want a Fate figure.

  20. Kimono Taku says:

    Hi Actar =D. What a massive pile of items you got there, you never cease to amaze me my friend =D. And looking to this i´ve just got two questions for you. What do you think about the BRS figma ? and… Your really a CCS fan are you =D ?

  21. konakonaotaku says:

    hey actar how do u feel about tokyo mew mew? i dont think u would b very interesd but the bendy dolls u showd reminded me of somethin

  22. chocobooo says:

    don’t mind my asking, by any chance you got a spare nendoroid Nanoha you are willing to let go?

  23. redy says:

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    Please visit this web, ebay

  24. Man, this is the biggest haul I’ve seen in ages. I’m scared to think of how much money all of that cost!

  25. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: omg i was on ebay lookin at ccs stuff n i found nothr animation cell! O.O

    while its prtty cheap i cant believe th@ some1 would sell it off like th@ aftr already ownin 1. :( kinda sad actually

    oh 1 more thing!!! i found th@ clow book as well–4 a prtty decent price! all 52 cards the clow book n it only costs… *runs off n checks* 8.50 n 11.50 shipping!

    then again i dont think it comes w/ the game cards n it IS comin from china (i dont wnna get it cuz im savin up 4 a tmohs figure) :S still it seemd intresting 2 ME.

  26. baww, where did you get those k-on outfits?
    i want azusa’s guitar case and festival costume

  27. alegria terrones says:

    you sell the coletion dolls?

  28. Haruna says:

    Actar your JJBA Super Action Statue collection makes this fangirl cry – so lovely! Are you still collecting the line?

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