Actar’s Lucky Star Pilgrimage Part 2 – Kasukabe and Kyoei High School

Next stop on my Lucky Star pilgrimage is Kasukabe where Kyoei/Kyouei High School, the real-life high school that Lucky Star’s Ryōō High School is based on, is located!

Saying that it was a surreal experience being at the school would be an understatement. I really wonder how the school would be like during regular school days. Since it was the New Year, everyone was off on their holidays. I guess that this was all for the best. Didn’t want any awkward stares. However, according to numerous sources, the town should be pretty used to that by now. (^.^;)

Visit Kyoei’s Official Site:

4 Responses to Actar’s Lucky Star Pilgrimage Part 2 – Kasukabe and Kyoei High School

  1. KaneTheMessias says:

    I’m interested how it would look inside the school
    anyway great video! It’s nice to see it in real

  2. Matt says:

    I never got there, but because of you, i finally got to see it. THANKS!!

    Also take a look at my blog, it is K-On! and Lucky Star related this time.

    Have you ever heard of Toyosato, the school where K-On! is taking place?

    Also, Washimiya has vanished on March, 22nd, perhaps you heard already of it.

  3. Otaku_Girl says:


  4. Quen says:

    Keep up the good work of a impassioned otaku, Actar!

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