AZONE’s Mio and Ritsu 1/6 Scale Dolls

I’m too lazy to do a video review like I did for Yui, but that doesn’t mean that AZONE’s 1/6 scale Mio and Ritsu dolls are any less gorgeous and deserving of having their beauty conveyed! (^o^)

First off, let’s begin with pictures of the packaging.

The packaging is identical to the one used for Yui, with the only difference being the sticker in front. One of the only downsides to Ritsu is the fact that she does not come with her drum set, seen at Wonderfest. But realistically speaking, I don’t think it would be possible to fit the entire drum kit with her… In the end, they placed her Concert Yutaka in place of her instrument.


Now, on to the main event!


First up, we have the mass-released AZONE 1/6 scale Akiyama Mio doll. Mio looks a billion times better in person than from the pictures. (^.^) Honestly, I was amazed at how gorgeous she looks!

As you have seen from the previous 1/6 scale AZONE Hirasawa Yui Doll review, the details on the guitar are top notch, with strings and all.


Lovely Mio also comes with a pair of Nekomimi, that is indeed a nice inclusion, though it would have made more sense to have included it with Azusa, released in June.

The duo Vocalists of Afterschool Teatime.



Looks like Basara is jealous of Afterschool Teatime’s popularity and is trying to embarass Mio… NOTE the Shimapan. (^O^)


Unfortunately, it looks like Mio has snapped! Basara should learn not to take her too lightly… Even the VF-19 can’t handle the awesomeness of the Three-Color-Sunburst Jass Fender Bass Guitar. (^.^;)


Next up, is the Wonderfest Exclusive AZONE 1/6 scale Tainaka Ritsu doll! (^o^) I don’t think I’ve ever said this before on my blog, but Ritsu is my second favorite girl after Yui. I adore nearly everything about her, from her gorgeous bangs to her cheeky, fiery attitude.

I already made up my mind awhile back that I was going to collect the entire set of AZONE 1/6 scale K-On! dolls. It was pretty horrendous to find out that Ritsu was going to be an exclusive. I do believe that the TBS online store and Azone online store received limited quantities of her, but by the time I tried to place an order, they were sold out!!! (O.o) I was devastated…

Thankfully, I managed to acquire her thanks to Tokyo Hunter, which many of you will know. It was my first time dealing with him and I was exceedingly impressed by his excellent service. (^.^)

Going off on a slight tangent, I don’t really understand the concept of the Japanese ‘exclusive’. Exclusives, be it event only or online store, usually sell no more than their usual MSRP. The price only balloons out of control when the item hits the secondary market. Thus, producers don’t see any extra revenue. In fact, I believe that they are losing out on potential sales as they have a limited production run. Especially in Ritsu’s case, why is she an exclusive? Tsumugi will be a regular release and those who want to complete the band will have a pretty hard time… Bizarre.

Whatever the case, Ritsu looks simply splendid. I love how her hair is done! Like Mio, Ritsu’s bangs are kinda waxed in place, so that ‘s a nice touch.

One thing to note however, her Drum Sticks do not fit in her hand at all. Whatsoever. I had to use some double-sided tape to do the trick.

So far, here’s the display on my main shelf, the backdrop to all the Actar’s Reviews Episodes. Once I complete the set (Azone Tsumugi, Azone Azusa, Figma Ritsu, Figma Tsumugi, Figma Azusa), I’ll transfer all of them into a specialized shelf next to my TV so the girls can have a space all to themselves! (^o^)

Overall, these dolls are highly recommended and it seems that I’ve been bitten by the 1/6 scale doll bug!

Currently on the way are SEVEN more dolls! (^o^) Can you guess their identities?


In case you are wondering, yes, Mio does come with her Summer Vest and both of the dolls come with a myriad of exchangable hands.

I didn’t change the clothes or pose of the dolls this time as I had them in the way I wanted to display them in. Will show off Ritsu’s Concert Yutaka when the Concert Yutakas for both Yui and Ritsu arrive. (^.^)

15 Responses to AZONE’s Mio and Ritsu 1/6 Scale Dolls

  1. KaneTheMessias says:

    Looks nice!
    It’s typical japan with the exclusive exclusives (^_^)
    Sometimes it’s really hard as a collector because of it
    The only thing you can do is to buy it immediatly

  2. Otaku_Girl says:


    oh well, @ least u got something new….*in choked-up voice* i broke figma haruhis arm n im banned from buying n e more figmas T^T i need 2 move on2 soemthing else now cuz im crying….*sob, wah*

  3. Q says:

    I heard that the pelvis joint is kinda limited to rotation of front to back. You can consider this simple modification to improve the articulation by a little if you want:

  4. Otaku_Girl says:

    “♫fuwa-fuwa time! fuwa-fuwa time!”

  5. Otaku_Girl says:

    th8s wat yui sez when theyre performing 4 the cultural festival

  6. Jason Schwab says:

    hello actar,

    I have seen some of your videos before. good stuff. for me , I have been into some anime series since 1999 with pokemon. I first became a fan of mewtwo and then into cardcaptors with tomoyo or aka madison.

    anime with me today has gone from a wide range of favorites to just down to 3 favorites. why? because a lot of anime series I used to be a fan of I dropped entierly.

    and here is some reasons why:

    I dropped it since by firstly saying I was a big nunnally fan especially since for christmas I got a custom made ufo catcher plush doll of nunnally lamperouge in her white and green dress casual outfit. what drew me away from the series was that I missed a ton of episodes on adult swim , and I never could really understand a lot of it.

    see thats the problem with a lot of anime’s. it tends to be very confusing especially with character names for example bleach. bleach I never liked and I hated the fact that most of the characters names are very hard to say or even remember.

    2nd anime I dropped over the years and being an old example:

    let me first say I loved this series. originally I becvame a fan from my friend david cadigan who told me about it at the same time I was into the whole pokemon craze. keep in mind I was in middle school at the time. to me then cardcaptors was like godly in my book. until I leanred more about it over the course of many long years. I used to be a huge and I mean huge and maybe a tad bit of an obsessive fan of tomoyio daidouji in saying I had up to 11 figures of her including 3 custom made toys which all sucked. me accepting the fact she maybe either a 100% yuri character or just simpyl bisexual always seemed to confuse me. and with the uncut japanese version being so much different than the american dub , I turned away from it. I tried very hard to get back into it in the past year , but uit never really worked since A) the dvd’s here in america are so out of print and B) no company is willing to pick it up now that geneon is out of business with some of its titles being controlled by funimation.

    which leads me to the following team up animes I turned away from:

    why is this a team up dropped anime example? 1 major reason , I got into both of them at the same time and they inspired my 4 hero characters who had the same type of design from 2 characters based on 4 characters in a story similar to the matrix trilogy. my fandom in rozen maiden was a massive part of my life from 2006-2009. the solo reason was from just one character : suiseiseki. she was the anime character I really enjoyed to be a fan of back then. shana I never saw the entire anime series and I always thought she had a rough around the edges emotion not so easily understood. see , here lies my problem with both animes over time:

    1 – suiseiseki’s mixed reaction among fans of who her love interest is. yeah fans tend to pair her up with souseiseki, I just dont see that since A) she is her twin sister & B) she is her sister in any case. I always had the notion that in the anime she had jelousey towards jun and that mad it more interesting. and then all of a sudden I hear of a small manga chapter called rozen maiden tales with an alternate world and a different dimension jun character. suiseiseki formed the contract with the other jun using souseiseki’s ring thus freeing her body from kirakishou’s control. and because suigintou still refused to give her roza mistica back , she gave her’s to souseiseki and in the process of souseiseki coming back to life , suiseiseki is now dead. thank you peach pit for killing my beloved favorite character of all the series. probably the only one I truly liked. discovering this information I did not take likely. this means she gave up her life to save anothers thus give a meaning that her life meant nothing and that she took the idea of selflessness to a whole new level. it just didnt get me back into the series even today now that its all over.

    and with shana’s reason to why I turned away from it with such a large degree of disgust was the shakugan no shana s special. the only first true episode I was able to see in the entire series, and boy did I hate it. first of all , it had this telescope that just by looking at someone can you switch bodies. then yuuji switched with shana’s body and it played upon every single 1980’s cliche in the book. while they played around with the whole body switch idea , they didnt take it into any creative level of thought and it was like the episode was a huge waste. the spirit alaster seemed like they must switch back quickly and any concrete funny and embarassing moments just wasnt taken into any creative level and it just felt like another 1980’s cartoon same take at the body switch which I have already seen twice in 2 cartoons in the same body switch of the opposite sex. which were jimmy newtron , which by the way I didnt like at all , and ben 10 , which I also do not like at all.

    a major anime I was a huge fan of for a long while , clannad , I recently just gave up on even when the series is being dubbed here in american finally after a long period of waiting.

    my major problem with clannad in terms of merchandise came down to a very upsetting move. for the furyu clannad figures , they released all the 5 main heroines. fine. but when they released as well just one of the secondary characters , ryou aka kyou’s little sister , and not even releasing not once a figure of yukine , which was my absolute favorite character in the show , this got me mad. how come they were eger enough to release ryou and not yukine especially since that year when after story came out , yukine had while short a very decent story. its sad that yukine still doesnt have any official toys out there. and going as far as I tried my very hardest to try to request her made from custom toy makers. unfortunately , with a custom i tried to request from long time multi customs anything lady , setsuna , never replied back to me not once for a full week. since last week was suppose to eb the week I would pay for a custom 5 inch petite soldier figure made by her that saturday. unfortunately that plan was backfired and I had to order something else in its place.

    so with a strict limit of just $60 to spend because of my families long list of upcoming birthdays including mine on June 3 , she allowed me to order my presents early. I got both the brilliant stage figure of taiga aisaka from toradora and the recent dvd box set of the entire collection of the nightmare on elm street films.

    currently the only anime toys I own are my oldest set of the clow cards clow book I bought when I used to work at K B Toys and recent years my brother gave back to me , 2 plushies each of pokemon’s mew and pokemon’s pachirisu , a custom 8 inch ufo catcher plush doll of nunnally lamperouge from code geass , and of course the megahouse punit core collection of rozen maiden traumend’s suiseiseki. the doll originally had an arm poped out and it can pop back in but IF you move the right arm too much , it can come out. so i always leave suiseiseki’s arms alone and the headdress is off her head since I like suiseiseki better without her head piece.

    with your blog page here with mio akiyama in azone form , I was able to convice 4 people I know to help me get this k-on! mio akiyama azone doll for my 24th birthday this year. along with parts of my SSI allowance money I am saving up every month , my uncles keith and kevin , my grandma , and my good friend dan mathis is helping achieve be able to afford this item. from 2 available websites , its in the $150 range. plsu also , my friend dan mathis is getting me a real double bladed steel sword. he requested to get me a sword since he owns a katana sword , his brother ben owns a sword , and his other friend owns a sword. so I told him i would do my research and I found a sword online similar to darth maul’s double bladed lightsaber in being you can use this steel bladed sword as 2 weapons or one double bladed staf like weapon by screwing it into place.

    as I mentioned , I used to have a large collection of tomoyo daidouji figures. some of them were not easy to come by even from a store that used to be online but is no longer around.

    I myself draw my own characters in anime style and I do create my own stories since I took a creative writters class when I used to be in high school. with all the characters I came mup with and the stories I came up with , it would take me a long list to show people with since my project has been into a long 10 year work a ever since the same month pokemon the first movie premiered in november 1999. my very first story I ever came up with was inspired by batman beyond and was called ” The Power Crystal “.

    I used to show my artwork on deviant art and I used to have both a you tube account , a retro junk account , and yes a blogspot website. the hugest reason why i no longer interact online with people is because many people I run into on the internet are huge jerks who dont know when to keep their opinions to themselves and just stop complaining about everything.

    which is why I like this guy on you tube named jawooosh. he just flat out alwasy pick on people who complain about movies for the most stupidest reasons. especially on his blog video on the remake of halloween when he actually defends the movie and is just sick of idiotic people complaining about it because they wanted the same exact film they saw billions of times.

    people these days when it comes to films they just expect way too much. its no longer the case when people can just go see a movie and it will be like , ” well that was fun ” , but no. people complain about everything these days. and whats the name of the game folks? B****y people makes us rich.

    people always complain about remakes being bad. why? nto all remakes are bad and most of them they think is bad is actually really decent. same case with rob zombies halloween. people wanted to see the same exact thing they saw already. and they complained about it when they tried to do something different.

    its like some animes like pokemon. you know you have seen the same exact thing over and over and over and over again and it just doesnt stop with no end in sight. a major example of a major rip off anime of set of animes is both Bakugan and Dinosaur King. I have never seen 2 examples of anime’s ripping off other animes in the most pathetic way possible. Bakugan was like stealing the same thing as yugioh with pokemon elements but with balls. and the actors in the show are just really bad.

    dinosaur king was like a complete rip off of pokemon from one episode I saw.

    some reasons why anime can be very difficult to watch is because we the american audience who know about some or most animes can get very lost. the most very complex genre of anime that can really be disturbing at times is the yuri genre. not in saying I have nothing against yuri anime. its just a few anime series I have heard of is very wrong on so many levels. examples include such animes like ranma and kashimashi.

    ranma is just very very wrong in saying that this guy can transform into a girl by hot water and back by cold water? and everyone seems to be ok with that? why? what point does it make to the character. while its not yuri I dont like that concept of the transexual anime shows. kashimashi is my primary example. take this story of a guy who all of a sudden is killed by a ufo , and is broguht back to life as a female down to the dna. this life changing event is very wrong because A) people originally knew who this guy used to be , B) the whole yuri love triangle starts , C) his past best friends now has a weird feeling toward her , and D) she can never go back to being male in whcih most cartoons tend to follow that patern. but no , not kashimashi. its like the while concept was very disturbing to this very uncomfortable level.

    dont get me wrong , I do like lesbians and yuri anime. I dont hate them its just I rather not watch a cartoon or anime for that matter when the rules of sex is changed in the most comfortable way. it would of been fine with me IF not the fact that they actually have a toy based on this character. why is that even sexy to release on the toy market? its extremely wrong to own a toy of a female that used to be a guy.

    hey sorry this message is so long. I tend to type like crazy and I can get into deep conversations with people especially my friend dan and my younger brother jesse which the last time I actually had a decent conversation with him lasted about 54 minutes.

    but anyways , to end this message , the top 3 anime women I am a new and huge fan of and the only 3 anime’s I still like to this day are the following:

    #1 – MIO AKIYAMA – K-ON

    this whole week has been exciting. why? because of one remake movie me and my younger brother jesse are planning to go see opening day this month : A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

    for some really odd reason , I always tend to pair the toradora characters in the same situation from the elm street films. I always tend to connect the both and I never know why. sometimes for inspiration of my characters and my stories , I tend to pair the characters from an anime to the story or characters from other animes , movies , tv shows , and video games.

    the last message I would like to say is that my inspiration for the characteristics of my side character , the small holland lop plush brought to life character named Flippy , has had the characteristics of a combination of both Kero from cardcaptor sakura and gir from invader zim with a very out of control and very hyper personality of very random humor. even with situations of off the way hyperness from flippy and the fact that when the bad guy or even the main characters try to be serious , flippy tends to make everyone laugh from the very random things he does and says. even the bad guys in my stories laughs when flippy does something so out of the blue random. I have always wanted the american actor matt hill to play my comedy relif character flippy. but that may never happen. fun fact , the character of the hyper comedy relif small guy character that takes the fusion of kero and gir , is actually inspired by my oldest plush I own of a white holland lop bunny I got for easter of 2001 with the same name … flippy.

    to end this message , fun quote of the day….yay! X3

    ” I had a visison , of a world without batman. the mob tried to buy oout a little profit and the police tried to shut them down , one block at a time. and it was sooooo…..boraring! I had a change of heart. I dont want mister reese spoiling everything but why should I have all the fun? lets give someone else a chance. IF colmen reese , isnt dead , in 60 minutes , then I blow up a hospital ” – The Joker from The Dark Knight played by the great late Hearth Ledger.

    ” you’ll hunt me , you’ll condem me, set the dogs on me. because thats what needs to happen. because sometimes , truth isnt good enough. sometimes people deserve more. sometime speople deserve to have their faith rewarded ” – Batman at the end of The Dark Knight.

  7. Jason Schwab says:

    I like beer because it’s good
    I drink beer because I should
    If there was a song to sing
    I’d sing it and beer you bring

    I drink beer when I am sad
    ‘Cause the beer it makes me glad
    Now there’s nothing left to sing
    So lets go drink beer

    Beer is good, beer is good, beer is good
    And stuff
    Beer is good, beer is good, beer is good

    (Let’s go drink some)

    When it’s warm, it tastes real crappy
    But cold beer will make me happy
    When I throw-up on the floor
    I get up and drink some more

    They say beer will make me dumb
    It are go good with pizza
    Now that we have drunk some beer
    Let’s go drive a car

    Beer is good, beer is good, beer is good
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    Beer is good, beer is good, beer is good

    (Let’s go drink some)

    (Dude, I think you’ve had enough)

    Let’s go drink some beer!

    I’m Drunk , Drunk as me , I am drunk…Weee!
    I’m Drunk , Drunk as me , I am drunk…Weee!
    I’m Drunk , Drunk as me , I am … Burb!

    funny song! X3

    the song is called beer is good by psychostik. the first time I heard about this song was from a music video to bleach. a good song to listen to when you are reeeeeeaaaaalllly hyper. hey actar. IF you decide to make a funny music video using funny anime and funny anime characters , look up this song. beer is good by psychostik. some peopel also often use comedian clips from some of the funniest people in the business to over dub some animes like robin williams and dane cook and others.

    as a matter of fact I used to over dub some anime shows with real movie wav files. for example , I used to do a segment called Rozen To The Future using wabv clips from the trilogy BACK TO THE FUTURE with Suiseiseki as Doc Brown and Jun as Marty McFly. the funniest one my friend at the time named Mew or aka Tiffany said was the funniest was with a sound clip used when doc brown got drunk of of just 1 class of wiskey and fell down. I used the falling down clip so well done in sync with the glass shattering at the same time suiseiseki fell down the stairs in the chibi wars episode and the glass shattering from the wav clip really did fit with the moment suiseiseki hit the bottom stairs floor and the crayons falling. man i wish I kept that video since other si did had Rozen Kombat with the film wav clips from the best video game movie ever made , Mortal Kombat , with the rozen maiden chaarcters. I also at one point again had the same rozen maiden footage but this time I had wav clips from the 1993 film classic Jurassic Park using shinku as john hammond , suiseiseki using the t-rex roar when she had the plush crocodile in her hand , and jun’s voice as played by jeff golblum as ian malcom when he said that famous quote from the sick triceratops scene.

    fun and funny times I have had making videos. I did the same concept when I over dubed the disney 1951 alice in wonderland film using sound clips from various movies like juno and the simpsons and other clips. its fun to do when i am board and want to make people laugh.

    I have also been wall known by people to do voices since I can do my squeeky voice which can also be used for gollum , I can do a deep voice expecially when used for saying a quote I got from mad tv which my brother always laughs everytime I say it , I can do arnold schwarzenegger from will sasso’s version ( will sasson is a large over weight comedian on the show mad tv who did loose some weight in later seasons ) , I can also do yoda from star wars , I can also do almost all the band members from dethklok especially nathan explosion and of course willaim h muderface muderface muderface , I can do both goofy and mickey mouse but I rather use them in the same style of the episode , I can do carol channing by studying both the version ryan styles and robin williams does in whose line is it anyway which by the way is the funniest show I have ever seen. the list could go on IF it could.

    you know the old saying comedy kills , it can certianlly do that since somethings are so funny it makes people like me feel queezy. same rules apply. especially since the funniest episode on whose line is it anyway , had guest star richard simmons aka the gay work out guy from the 1980’s. the game was props but since they didnt have any props to use , they used both wayne brady and richadr simmons as the props. and every single time I watch that episode , I always fall out of my chair laughing so hard. by far the funniest thing ever put on tv.

    whose line is it anyway in the us version had ryan styles , coline mochery , wayne brady , and host drew carrey. who has moved on to hosting the price is right who was originally hosted by bob barker.

    I used to have at random moments what I call laugh farts. I know there is such things as brain farts , but I had what I define it as a laugh fart. it happned a few times when I used to live at home. but the one time where it happened for just too long , I started laughing for some weird reason and I couldnt stop for a full hour. and my parents started laughing and everyone else was laughing because I was laughing. and to this day , I never knew why I started laughing in the first place. sometimes somethings that are not that funny to everyone else trigger my laugh farts. it a weird feeling I am sure , but I never know what triggers it sometimes. its just a random case of hard laughter with nothing funny to trigger it.

    ” say professor? isnt it time for you nap? ”
    ” yes damn it ” imediately falls asleep.

    another part of poking a bad anime in the face is the yugioh abridged series they post online. god is it funny. its like taking what should be a serious anime into a comedy routine that makes fun of the american version with I think maybe just one guy doing the vocies of the characters.

    for example of a funny moment was from the abridges movie based on the pyramid of light. when yugi talks aboout his friend yami , yami says in that dan green like voice ” yes yugi. now burn it. burn it to the ground “. or a random quote from kaiba ” screw the money I have rules “.

    give the yugioh abridged a try. funny times.

    this one guy did the same thing but it was on you tube and with the abridged pokemon frist film. which was very funny but the whole wmg rule that everyone hates , the 1st part of 3 parts was removed. you tube now offcially sucks. the whole wmg and google ruined what used to be a good site. now its craptacular and its like a buffalo taking a diharea dump in my ears. yeah I used an AVGN quote. he is also funny. AVGN and Nostalgia Critic is like gods on the internet. NC is reviewing the next instalment of old vs new this week of old vs new king kong. with avgn I havent seen him doing anything as far as avgn goes. but as cinemassacre he may do something with the new elm street film since his segment on the nes elm street awful game review is on the never sleep again dvd documantary on the whole complete documentaty on the entire nightmare on elm street series. same thing happened with the friday the 13th series with the his name is jason documantary but avgn also had his nes review of the awful nes friday the 13th game on it too. at least I think that segment is there on teh dvd because I know he mentioned one of his segments is on teh his name is jason documentary dvd and that his nes elm street review will be on the never sleep again documentary dvd.

    see , thats the thing. when are we ever going to get original animes of dream worlds or other worldly ideas instead of the same old moe slice of life high school or aka mecha or aka moden world like or aka same old same old ideas. I would love to see an anime with a trapped dream world idea. or at least make animes based on video games that has nothing to do with street fighter or sonic the hedgehog for once. why not have an anime based on mortal kombat , killer instinct , metroid , kid icarus , newer mario series , you know something that hasent been done yet.

    I would be thrilled IF at least either a metroid anime or for once just one metroid movie eventually released. the metroid film has ben in the works to loon especially since the now talked about mortal kombat film was finally getting ready after what 13 years of waiting and now both warner brothers and threshold is in lergal battles. threshold screwed it up for us. we may never see the 3rd mortal kombat film or the reboot idea ever see the light of day. or at least for the time being.

    or even just give us the next star fox wii game or even the star fox anime I would die to see happen. just make a new anime without the same old same old concepts we see countless times before.

    thats why i think people like me who has a creative mind and a sense of epic styles needs to introduce the next style of anime not so easily explored in the american anime world. the amerime revolution was a concept years back of american made anime stories being so amazingly epic that its like the george luca or steven speilburg of animes.

    I even had an idea of what IF a 3-d/2-D anime film seemed like it was a real life anime. like the 2-d anime was apart of a 3-d real world. realistic anime not like final fantasy but no where close near star wars clone wars. like the anime itslef was a real world. its very hard to explain but a very well thougth up idea I would love to see happen as the next step of anime being more like its a real place. in a cheap short explination I say its like the james camerons avatar approach to anime.

    and thats awesome.

    to end my message , random quote of the day :

    ” from wes craven , director of the hills have eyes , and last house on the left , a new masterpiece in fantasy terror…a nightmare on elm street ” – taken from the trailer to a nightmare on elm street. the classic 1984 slasher film where the concept is … whatever you do…dont fall asleep.

  8. konakonaotaku says:

    lol figma k-on looks so weird next 2 the azones XD

  9. Noemi Mellas says:

    Quite a few are hooked up now with avatar games, my buddies suggested it to me to attempt it out. I’m excited.

  10. applebom says:

    na na na nyan. ware did ya bai em.

  11. Anna says:

    Ritsu looks so cute!

    Do you have the issue of certain parts breaking off? My Azunyan’s arm keeps popping off for no reason!

  12. this internet site is my aspiration , rattling superb style and design and perfect subject matter.

  13. Austen says:

    Hey Actar, clean you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a Mio video review, even just a short one. I am tossing up over buying her or not and only seeing pictures is killing me D:

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