More March Loot…

The surge of loot continues into March of 2010 as I receive my monthly package from AmiAmi, my new favorite online store. (^.^:)

Included with this package is:

Figma Fate Testarossa Movie First (Review coming)
Robot Damashii Evangelion Unit 02 Movie Version
Robot Damashii Bonta-Kun from FMP!? Fumoffu!


The heavyweight of the bunch, the LONG AWAITED DX Chogokin VF-27! I mean seriously, this thing kicks ass!!!

Not only is it my favorite Valk of the Frontier Series, but it also features a myriad of improvements over the VF-25s including:

– Exceedingly accurate 3 modes.
– Double joint design grants a much wider articulation range for the elbow.
– The leg can rotate horizontally at the knee level, a feature not possible for VF-25 from the same series.
– The feet can connect with the surface firmly.
– Level wings.
– Improved, lengthened landing gear that is more accurate.
– Better arm storage to enable a sleeker fighter mode.
– Removable Air-Intake covers
– Removable Brera and Ranka figures.
– Thinner and more accurate shield piece with retractable knife.

..and many, many more. Full details including accompanying pictures here.

Really, the only complaint that I have with this figure is, just like the VF-25 DX Chogokins, is that the paint loves being scratched.

Seriously, I’m shaking in fear with all the reports of horrendous paint accidents over at the Macross World forums.

Other than that, this is indeed the BEST DX Chogokin to date. Highly recommended.

Oh, first releases of the VF-27 and Movie VF-25F get a poster! I have no way of showing it to you right now, but here’s a promo pic:


…and that’s not the end of my upcoming loot. Geez, you’d think I’d be bankrupt by now. I guess the one-meal-a-day trick really works! I’ve even lost a few pounds to boot. Everybody wins.

21 Responses to More March Loot…

  1. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: wow, thats alot of stuff! ^.^

    i wonder wat time zone it is in singapore? im writing this at 8:52 am US time in florida. wat would 8:52 am b in ur time?

  2. Actar says:

    @ konakonaotaku: 9:52 pm. (^.^;)

  3. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: man, thats late… ur getting ready 4 bed now when i havnt eaven had breakfast yet! ^.^; my, wat n amazing world!

  4. KaneTheMessias says:

    Ah I want Fate too (>_<) she's my fave following by Nanoha and Vivio
    but I don't have money yet (^_^;)
    I had used my money for the Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition (^_^;)
    Can't wait to see your review
    It's 18:50 pm in germany now (^_^)

  5. konakonaotaku says:

    @kanethemessias: ur from germany??? tell me of the olympians 1 ne gold medals this year ;)

  6. phossil says:

    I also bought Figma Fate Testarossa Movie First !! 3 weeks of waitin’

  7. 45shiro45 says:

    That VF-27 looks so sweet!!!

    I’m really jealous of that Unit-02 also. The wings are a little small proportionally, but the articulation looks AMAZING!!! I’ll have to get one next week…

    As far as the DX Chogokin Valkyries go, I have far too many Yamato Valks from the older series’ to catch up on first… :-(

  8. Alexeon says:

    I love my Fate Testarosa Figma. It looks great next to Nanoha.

  9. KaneTheMessias says:

    @konakonaotaku: yeah I’m german (^.^)
    I’m not a olympic fan,
    so I didn’t watched it (^.^;)
    The only thing I know is that we got 30 medals
    10 gold, 13 silver, 7 bronze
    One more gold than US (^.^)

  10. konakonaotaku says:

    ^.^; me neither

  11. Satot says:


    My figma fate movie ver is suffering from loose hand pieces because they don’t have the ball joints anymore, just wondering if yours have the same prob?

  12. Actar says:

    @ Satot: Yes, I recently realized that that was a problem with the new hand attachments now that they don’t have ball joints anymore.

    Do what I did. Take some white glue or super glue and coat the peg with a layer of glue. Be careful not to get the glue anywhere near the wrist joint.

    Let the glue dry and you should have a layer of glue that would make the hand stay in place very well. Worked like a charm for me.

  13. KaneTheMessias says:

    @Actar: Thanks for the Tipp
    I should try it if the hands of my upcoming figma goes loose
    Ah yesterday the ahoge of Konata broke (>_<)
    I was to careless to let my cat a few minutes alone in my room (^.^;)
    Now I need to fix it with super glue

  14. leonhhh says:

    Fate…most wanted !!!!!

  15. konakonaotaku says:

    just got mikuru cheerleader ver. in the mail yesterday. the only problem is….

    THE LEGS WONT STOP COMING OFF. and NO its not a bootleg! i ordered it of hlj

  16. KaneTheMessias says:

    @konakonaotaku: hm thats a problem
    maybe you can exchange her with a new one
    tried to ask hlj about it?
    don’t know the service of hlj (^.^;)

  17. konakonaotaku says:

    @ kanethemessias: its prtty much stopped now…

  18. konakonaotaku says:

    @ kane the messias: which konata was it? i hope it wants the cosplay 1, God 4bid @_@

  19. KaneTheMessias says:

    @konakonaotaku: It was the winter uniform version
    I don’t own the cosplay version (^.^;)
    I tought that something of my figma would never brake
    but I was mistaken (^.^;) Now she has her ahoge again
    Good that GoodSMILE fix it with soft PVC

  20. Otaku_Girl says:

    @ kanethemessias: g4u ^.^

    u could go on Actar’s Reviews 137: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s PSP Game Lyrical Box n c a mod idea i thought about

  21. Otaku_Girl says:

    @actar: have u seen the figma saber alter?

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