Of Destroyed Parcels and Postal Treatments

This video, evidently depicting an instance of the handling of postage parcels in China, is a must watch for regular online shoppers:

Painful, I know… But it is indeed a serious wake-up call for any one who orders online on a regular basis. While this is not representative of all the services that handle packages, most of which do go out of their way to provide excellent service, it is good to be aware of the existence of the bad apples out there.

One must also understand that the state of the package at the end of its journey is usually determined by the people who handle the packages during transport and the local postal service. While the sender of the parcel is indeed responsible for providing it with sufficient protection, there are some things that are beyond their control.

Just a little food for thought and something to consider before you file a complaint with the online store/sender of your new loot. (^.^)

Also, I would really appreciate it if someone could educate me on the precise differences between EMS and SAL, besides the difference in speeds, such as handling procedures, etc.

21 Responses to Of Destroyed Parcels and Postal Treatments

  1. konakonaotaku says:

    OMG. thankfully, that nevr happened 2 me-my packages always come safe and sound, and after the fake KagaMiku incident, i dont trust chinese users ne more.

    man, that is messed up. would it kill them just to get out a dollie and take out the packages neatly? it would give them bigger paychecks.

    chinese people, as i always say, are like bernie madoffs w/ their money; they have so much and yet they make all these crappy products. it really drives me crazy…

  2. Actar says:

    @ konakonaotaku:

    1. Usually, these workers work for meager, fixed pay and have little incentives to put much effort into their jobs, so it’s not completely their fault.

    2. Regarding ‘chinese people, as i always say, are like bernie madoffs w/ their money; they have so much and yet they make all these crappy products. it really drives me crazy…’, you do know that nearly every officially licensed figure/product/merchandise ever made is made in China? (^.^;) Besides, not all Chinese live in China and not all that live in China are Chinese. I’m Chinese.

  3. 45shiro45 says:

    Leaving the racial issue completely alone, (one of my best friends is Chinese), I won’t buy from China period. I know many of the figures are MADE in China, but that doesn’t mean I have to buy from a Chinese seller.

    I WILL NOT buy from any e-bay or online seller located in Hong Kong or anywhere else in China mainly because of their system of government, how they treat their own people, and ESPECIALLY how they are treating the Tibetans… I don’t give a crap about whether China needs to own Tibet or say they always have, or whatever. I care about the systematic repression and destruction of the Tibetan’s culture and religion… NO ONE has the right to do THAT to ANYONE!!!

    Just because I’m an anime fan and figure collector doesn’t mean I have to give up my social conscience…

  4. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: i didnt mean 2 be offensive in any way. ^.^; im just saying, some chinese ppl make cheap products, but i didnt mean 2 offend anyone in any way. probably 2 l8 right? man, i screwed up this time…

  5. konakonaotaku says:

    i guess i got a little out of control bcuz i was cheated off e-bay by a user from hong-kong who sold me a fake kagamiku ^.^;

  6. Alexeon says:

    When it comes to anime goods, I usually order from Japanese stores or sellers, but thats just me. Then again, I dont order anywhere near as much as, say, Actar.

    Luckily, none of my experiences are anything like that video. One of the packages arrived a bit beat up once but the stuff inside was fine. Thats as bad as its gotten.

  7. I’ve only bought from a Hong Kong-based ebayer once, and that item was made of cloth, so it was fine even with the dinged up packaging it came in. I’ve had other import packages arrive in less-than-ideal condition, but I count myself fortunate in that I haven’t run into any serious shipping problems so far.

    Though I admit that even from this video I do not have enough information to pass fair judgment on the conduct of those workers, I have to say that it’s tough to watch. Imagine that a figure that you pre-ordered months in advance and was now sold out everywhere was in one of those boxes…on second thought, I don’t want to think about that ^^;

  8. chocopup says:

    The difference between EMS and SAL shipping is that SAL doesn’t include a tracking number so it isnt the safest way. If you use SAL, the package might come late and in some cases, they are either stolen or lost. And if you want to know where they are in the world, you aren’t able to because you need a tracking number for that. I’ve used SAL twice and each time, it arrived late which made me worry about if it was lost or stolen. But, thankfully, it arrived. Also, I live in North America and for SAL, they just leave it outside my door or in my mailbox which isn’t very safe because someone could just come and take it. For EMS where I live, we need to sign a paper in order to obtain my parcel. If there is nobody home, they take it back to the post office and we go and pick it up or have them re-send it. EMS is way safer, they are track-able with the tracking number that the sender provides you with. Also, they are very careful with your package. I’ve used EMS many times and each time, my package is unharmed whatsoever. I had a package that a had a very weak guard to protect it from getting damaged. Luckily, I had used EMS so it was unharmed and the box didn’t have any scratches on it either. Lastly, EMS might be more expensive, but it’s worth it if you want a smooth and safe delivery. SAL is cheaper because you don’t have as many advantages as EMS does.

    Hope that helped! ^^

  9. Q says:

    Sometimes, maybe just sometimes, I regret reading people’s comments on blogs and such as well as on figure.fm nowadays – all these bashing and stuff (on various things) and sometimes without second thoughts. And sometimes Hong Kong gets dragged down by it as well, which REALLY helps bringing the proper image of “shopper’s heaven” with people taking the bad impression ONLY from online auctions doesn’t it?

    With online auctions they are bound to be unreliable (especially if prices are *too good to be true*), and this applies to other places as well including Japan. A friend helped me won a bid for Max Factory Shana 2 years ago, supposedly new from a 100% reputed seller, and when my friend brought it over a month later, I’ve found out that it’s got scratches and the right arm is bent to an extent I had to reheat the PVC and rebend it myself.

    And as for the postel services, I know this kind of treatment is known for aircraft luggages (that includes outside China as well) so I am not so surprised. Just because this is an example of a delivery service in China does it really have to mean it’s an oppurtunity to do more bashing? I got racism comments in Japan in previous trips before, and do I have to get more even as a passer-by tourist? Maybe I care too much crap these days, but man I need a break… Some of you guys have done it for me.

  10. wow thats painful just watching it, if posties did that here in NZ they would be in serious trouble.

  11. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: thats wat i meant. im srry if i offended ne 1 in ur family tree once again. *ridden w/ guilt*

  12. KaneTheMessias says:

    (>_<) totaly painful
    Don't want to know if there was a figure inside or not
    typical for china. I know most of the figures etc. are made in china
    (just look at the figma base) but I never would buy from a chinese seller
    The chance to get a fake like konakonaotaku are too high
    (hope you have a real one now) chinese copy everything
    doesn't matter if it's shoes, figures or consols like ps3
    I use everytime registered shippment. Safety goes first.
    If it's a very expensive figure like BLACK ROCK SHOOTER
    I let them write on the package that it's breakable
    I only buy directly from japan.

  13. konakonaotaku says:

    @kanethemessias: i didnt get a real 1: after some consideration, i think ill keep her as she is and let that b a lesson 2 me:dont buy from chinese users n if i dont have a choice, ask 4 home pics so i casn c the kadakowa stamp of authenticity

  14. Lol not at all Actar, am just shocked that postie act like that in other places, sucks for the recipients :(

  15. KaneTheMessias says:

    @konakonaotaku: Hope Kagamiku is your only fake
    It’s better to buy from online shops like
    Hobby Link Japan or Hobby Search
    Or if you know someone in japan like me than ask
    him if he could buy it for you

  16. konakonaotaku says:

    yea i bought 2 lucky star figmas from an ebay user in michigan. that had the kadakowa stamp of authenticity

    i bought 2 TMOHS figures off hlj so im prtty much good 2 go! also when i bought off hlj i got the santa accesories n scarf n muffler set! ^.^

  17. Persocom says:

    It doesn’t matter where it happens or why, when I see things like this I cringe. Imagine what’s inside those packages and how the people who receive them will feel when they open them. I’ve had a few damaged box incidents and one thing broken by the UPS over here. I prefer EMS so I don’t have to worry as much even though it’s more expensive.

  18. spdrcd says:

    well….I don’t really give a %^&*, if someone or some group of people is doing a crappy job. It is their fault for not knowing…in this case, I think it is both the company’s fault for not monitoring the workers for what they are doing or not training the workers well enough ,and the workers doing a $%^&* job.Otherwise, they are not providing an excellent service for what deserves the consumers’ money…either work well, or don’t expect to get paid! for that kind of service, I don’t even expect them to get paid at all!!

  19. spdrcd says:

    and not just the chinese do a crappy job like that, this is a “international-crysis!!”

  20. Otaku_Girl says:

    @spdrcd: now th@s just wrong

  21. NRGCLICK says:

    I find huge difference between ems and sal. Ordered SAL once never again I say ‘chocopup’ pretty much summed up the difference and also a major difference is that they treat ems with a lot more care as well.

    EMS have a reputation to abide by so they need to be recognized has a great mail service and for reasons like ‘chocopup’ stated. I have ordered with ems figures and all anime products I would say more than 100 packages and I have never ever had one problem with them always arrives super quick and the box looking like it hasn’t traveled 1000’s of miles to get to Australia.

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