Figma Yui Untan Stop Motion Madness

First heard uttered by Guitarist Yui Hirasawa in the first episode of K-On!, ‘Untan’ quickly gained popularity and was eventually voted the most popular Anime catchphrase of 2009, spawning numerous MAD videos and tests of moe-endurance. Now, ‘Untan’ makes a comback in style! Stop-Motion Figma style that is!

The length of the video is inspired by the 10-minute ‘Untan’ moe-endurance sanity tests. Can you last the entire video? (^.^:)

One of the things that I should have done was to use a monochrome background, hence eliminating the shakiness… Well, live and learn! (^.^)

4 Responses to Figma Yui Untan Stop Motion Madness

  1. konakonaotaku says:

    i lasted ^o^ unfortunatley, i got a headache AND that quote stuck in my head!

    was this your inspiration?

  2. konakonaotaku says:

    srry 4 double-posting but i 4got 2 ask this question: asm stands 4 actar’s stop motion, rite?

  3. KaneTheMessias says:

    Good work with the stopmotion!
    The animation looks really fluently.
    Hope you make more stopmotions.
    I really like to see figma in action^^

  4. Gelosut9 says:

    XDD I sort of lost it after a few minutes and had to turn it off XD.
    But good stop motion, really fluid and cute.But the whole K-ON thing never really clicked with me…

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