Summer Wars Is Playing in Cathay Cineplexes

To those in Singapore, watch it, support it, so that we can get more Anime Movies in Singapore.

I’ll be watching it. Come on, it’s directed ny Mamoru Hosoda (Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, DIGIMON THE MOVIE). Oh yeah…

10 Responses to Summer Wars Is Playing in Cathay Cineplexes

  1. Alexeon says:

    Since its not on theaters here, Ill have to wait until it comes out on DVD and gets subbed, but when it does Ill definitely grab a copy. I was wondering when it would come out.

  2. Actar says:

    @ Alexeon: It’s already subbed. (^.^;)

  3. Ex14 says:

    The only subbed ver i found was of relatively bad qulkaity. maybe i should get this DVD…

  4. azure2526 says:

    Definitely gonna watch eventhough i already watched the subs

  5. BNN says:

    Looks interesting. Will probably watch it in theatres.

    The feeling of watching it on a small screen vs theatre screen is just different!

  6. Otaku_Girl says:

    is that like 1 of those japanese disney movies? (totoro, spirited away, ponyo, ect)

  7. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: Not really. This one is about Virtual Realities and Math Prodigies.

  8. Otaku_Girl says:

    @actar: aha

    r u interested in the disney ones though? probably not

  9. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: I actually love those movies. Those movies are what I would call ‘artsy’ movies instead of ‘Disney’ movies. Most of the ones you’ve mentioned are ny Miyazaki, a very famous director.

  10. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: hmm. i always thought u were interested in other kind of regular animes like Lucky Star, but i luv those movies 2. we back ordered a ton of them of Amazon n waiting 4 them 2 arrive in the mail ^o^

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