Actar’s Acquisitions (February 10 Part 4)

Continuing on with my February splurge, we have more loot with some exceedingly expensive treasures and Limited Edition goods…

From the picture above we have:

– Complete set of Ichiban Kuji K-On! Plush Dolls
– Ichiban Kuji Chibi VF-27
– Revoltech YF-21
– Revoltech Miniature Eva-01 and Eva-00 Movie Ver.


– Hi-Metal 1/100 VF-19 Kai (Fire Valkyrie)

Macross 7, the series that split the Fandom in two. Let me just state right off the bat, I LOVE Macross 7. TOTSUGEKI LOVE HEART!!! (^O^) Oh boy, what a fun toy. Seriously, this figure is a huge improvement over the parts-monster VF100s VF-25. The first VF-19 Fire Valk since Bandai’s last attempt years back, it is a gorgeous and fun-to-fiddle-around-with figure. I highly recommend this toy.

(YF-21 Hi-Metal announced!!! ARGH!!!)


I am someone who hates to wait. I can’t even wait 5 minutes for the next bus to arrive and GSC’s telling me that I’ll have to wait till June to get my Figma Ui? No wai!!! Thus, Yahoo! Auctions Japan comes to my rescue! (^o^) You can bet a review is coming soon.

The person that I bought Ui-chan from also included a set of winter accessories and a Figma Guidebook (gotten at Wonderfest, presumably.). Awesome!

Next up, Nanoha MOVIE PREMIUMS!!!

Remember how I said I was distraught that I couldn’t see the Nanoha movie in a previous article? Well, to console myself, I spent a shit ton of cash to get myself a piece of the history.

First up, a set of Replica Ribbons! These were the first things that caught my eye from the Nanoha Movie Premier reports. Basically, each set contains a pair of ribbons, Nanoha’s White Ribbons in the Pink Packet and Fate’s Black Ribbons in the Yellow Packet.

If you know me well, you would know that I love replicas. These ribbons were must-gets for me because the final scene of the first season and the Movie, where Fate and Nanoha exchanged ribbons, was a very pivotal scene and one of my favorite scenes from the Anime. The ribbons were symbolic of their friendship and these replicas are so meaningful.

…saving the best for last, the pinnacle of the all the loot I have ever gotten so far…

Getting this to photograph properly was a huge pain...

A piece of film cel printing made off of film stock from the movie!!! YES!!! Literally, a piece of history, this is the first ever Animation related item I have ever gotten. Don’t own any Cels (from the Cel-animation era) or anything.

These pieces of film cels were given to those who watched the movie three times and were given out randomly. Seriously, some of these can go for ridiculous prices!!! I mean, they can reach 100,000 yen and above for exceedingly popular scenes (ala Nanoha and Fate embracing).

I managed to snag myself a choice piece, I believe, that shows Fate in motion, swinging Bardiche and ending up in a great pose. The first two frames feature a nice close-up shot as well. As for how much I bidded for this, I’m not saying. (^.^;) Let’s just say I won’t be eating for the next 3 – 4 months…

Well, that’s all for this installment of Actar’s Acquisitions…

More Wonderfest exclusives coming soon… I don’t know whether to be overjoyed or to join the nearest Spendthrifts Anonymous group.

23 Responses to Actar’s Acquisitions (February 10 Part 4)

  1. KururuSouchou says:

    Could you by any chance post scans of or describe the contents of the Figma Guidebook? I’m pretty curious about it…

  2. Matt says:

    Not only the Nanoha Cel, also the Uichan figurine from K-On!-which was limited to Wonfes Winter and being later available as a limited edition over Internet – should have cost you a lot! I personally waited 6 hours in front of Makuhari Messe to get it for 2500 yen, also Yuki Miku for 3000 yen (now over 11000 Yen at yahoo ^^).

    This Cel looks great, Fate is perhaps the most popular character, what has it’s effect on the price. When i watched the film in Ikebukuro, i got a poster. The Cels are already gone, you are very Lucky.

    BTW: I was at the Fire Bomber Concert last Year in November, 27th 2009. When Yoshiki Fukuyama put out Basara’s Guitar – an exact remake of the one in the series – i was at the edge of crying.

  3. 45shiro45 says:

    I’m with you on Macross 7, I’ve never understood the “fandom’s” hatred of it. Congrats on the fire valk… I was on the fence about it, but it looks like I’m going to have to pick it up for sure now… ;-p

  4. Alexeon says:

    Man, Im sure jealous… Im working on paying off a debt right now so I cant buy anything for a while (with the exception of FF13 and ROF next month and Figma Archer and Figma Kos-Mos when they come out. Ill get into even more debt if I have to but I want those.)

    Congrats on snagging the rare items! The images from the movie are very nice.

  5. Actar says:

    @ KururuSouchou: Well, I don’t have a scan, so that’s going to be kind of a problem… (^.^) However, the booklet only has 8 printed pages including the front and back, and doesn’t really show off anything new.

  6. Actar says:

    @ Matt: Amazing as usual! I got Ui for a slightly higher price than that, though it was kinda worth it when the seller threw in all those extras.

    I so need to attend an Anime concert once in my life. POWER TO THE DREAM!!!

  7. Actar says:

    @ 45Shiro45: Indeed, Macross 7 was great and I adore all Fire Bomber’s/Humming Bird’s songs. Great to finally have a good looking VF-19, though I wonder if they will ever consider making a Mylene Valk… VF-11 Boobie version. (^.^;)

  8. Actar says:

    @ Alexeon: Gambare!!! FIGHT~O!!! I’m in debt too, unless I achieve good results in my college enterence exam/A Levels, to warrant a substantial increase of my monthly allowance. (^.^;)

  9. 45shiro45 says:

    I just can’t wait for Yamato’s VF-19 Kai to come out (although like I said in a recent comment, I still need to get the regular YF-19 first), but a full on metal version of Mylene’s VF-11 would definitely be interesting! I wonder if Yamato would ever consider… Hmm…

  10. konakonaotaku says:

    i kno how u feel on the waiting thing. waiting 4 my haruhi figmas 2 come in the mail. waitingfor my book 2 be published. waiting 4 my 13th b-day. waiting waiting waiting.

    mna ur lucky 2 get ALL THIS STUFF. online, a “splurge” is considered buying more that one item off eBay at the same time, but THIS certainly takes the cake! ^_-

  11. ArcSaber says:

    Actar where did you get the cel lol? You only say the other items get from YJA

  12. punynari says:


    I’m extremely jealous of the Nanoha the movie cells. Nothing beats having a physical copy of the film cells themselves. Probably cost a fortune though, especially having Fate in them.

    Also, those ribbons. That was the most touching scene of the movie. I’m going to see if I can’t find them in second hand stores. Your so lucky to have these keepsakes of the movie.

    When I saw the Nanoha movie in Kawasaki, they were only giving out plastic posters of either Nanoha or Fate. That is the only merchandise I have of the movie so far (and a clearfile), unless you count figures.

  13. Actar says:

    @ punynari: Indeed, I can’t wait to watch that scene in the movie, but I found it absolutely beautiful in the original series. (^.^) So meaningful! I’m also a replica person and have various replicas from a number of series, like Yomi’s Sword, Haruhi’s Armband and Pyramid thing, Sakura’s Clow Book, Negi’s Pactio Cards, etc… So the ribbons were no-brainer must-gets for me. (^.^;)

    Oh my… You can’t imagine how much people will pay for the cels… As you said, the Fate ones were favored over the Nanoha ones. The bidders seemed to favor close-ups, while I prefer action shots. Just as well, because a close up of Fate alones (sitting at a table, I think) went over the 80,000 yen mark! (O.o) I was in awe.

    When I chose the cel to bid on, I wanted the frames to be as varied as possible, to convey a sense of movement, and this one fit the bill perfectly!

    I did see a bunch of the plastic posters and they do look good, but what I’m really interested in is the poster that has the printed signatures of Mizuki Nana and Yukari Tamura… Though it really doesn’t have that much value, to me, as they are just printed on. (^.^;)

    Anyways, I can’t wait for Figma Fate to be released, although from all the pictures, I’m kinda disappointed by the faces that they selected. They just seem off for some reason.

    Other than that, I can’t wait to see the movie and have yet to read your sure-to-be-amazing review! (^.^)

    Good luck finding those ribbons, though they are going for reasonable prices on YA!J.

  14. Actar says:

    @ ArcSaber: Got it on Yahoo Auctions! Japan as well. There was a long period after the movie where the search for ‘Nanoha’ will bring up a flood of Cels for sale. I camped for days, monitoring all of them and bidding on a number of them here and there, hoping they won’t go over my budget. (^.^;)

  15. Chocopup says:

    @actar isn’t yahoo auctions! japan in japanese??? if you had it in english/chinese, how do you do that?

  16. Bang. . . says:

    What is the kanji for Nanoha? I want to search it up & hopefully find some cool cels.^^

  17. ArcSaber says:

    How much did your total loot cost especially your cel @_@

  18. azure2526 says:

    The nanoha movie premiums scream “namae wo yonde”!!!

  19. phossil says:

    The ribbons and the film cells are an excellent adquisition. Wow, this loot is really special.

  20. Obscura says:

    How much did you pay for Ui?

  21. konakonaotaku says:

    i like how ui came w/ 2 bags: 1 w/ a hand attached n 1 w/o a hand attached. they should’ve done that w/ figma tsukasa summer uniform ver., dont u think @actar?

  22. i love the plush they are so cute

  23. Otaku_Girl says:

    they should make more haruhi figmas

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