Actar’s Acquisitions (February 10 Part 3)

Yay! More loot has finally arrived after the weekend of waiting. This time, we have a big one, in terms of both size and expenses. (^.^)

So, I got:

– 1/8 Scale Nogizaka Haruka from CM Corporation

– Robot Damashii Gernsback Mao Custom

– Robot Damashii Gernsback Kruz Custom (Sniper characters are epic)

It’s Part 3 as Figma Nanoha was Part 1 and Figma Yui was Part 2. Yes, Nanoha’s in the picture as well, just for fun.

Indeed, eye-poppinlgy gorgeous. Get the reference?

Last but not least, something that I’ve always wanted to get and finally managed to save up for, Yamato’s 1/60 Scale YF-21 from Macross Plus! (^o^) For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge Macross fan as well and have seen most Macross productions.

My absolute favorite Valk from the series is the YF-21, an odd choice, I know. While many don’t like the unconventional design, I simply adore the juxtaposition of the sleek Fighter mode against the bulky Battroid mode. (^.^) I will be getting the YF-19 to complement it sooner or later.

Yamato products are indeed spectacular.

– perfect transformation
– unsurpassed details
– great accessories (includes stand, pilot and FAST pack)

The only downside to Yamato products is their price. Paid 21,000 yen or about US 220 for it. (^.^:)

Talking about valks, lookie what I found in my storage room from years back! Some old 1/60 Yamato VF-1s.
Ah, how nostalgic. Remember playing with them when I first watched Macross years back. (^.^)


More loot coming up this month that includes a ton of exclusives, stay tuned!

8 Responses to Actar’s Acquisitions (February 10 Part 3)

  1. 45Shiro45 says:

    Hey there! Congrats on getting the YF-21! I still don’t have mine yet…

    Just wanted to let you know that those two VF-1’s from storage are actually 1/60 scale. The first two Macross Plus releases (YF-19 and YF-21) were 1/72 scale, everything else that Yamato has done is either 1/60 or 1/48. Incidentally, I highly recommend the newer Version 2 1/60 scale VF-1’s, they are as close to perfect as valkyrie figures can get! :-D

  2. Actar says:

    @ 45Shiro45: Oh! You’re right! (^.^) I’ve actually lost the box and all the accessories. Hm, they seem so much smaller than the YF-21, but I guess that’s to scale.

    Indeed, I might get a 1/60 Scale Yamato VF-1S with Super/Strike parts from DYRL. It looks really, really good. Though I’ll be getting the YF-19 first. (^.^)

  3. Otaku_Girl says:

    nice TMOHS poster in the backround ^-^

  4. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: Even better, it’s a wallscroll. (^o^)

  5. Otaku_Girl says:

    @actar: kewl! i bet my brother would destroy them if i put 1 up, though…

  6. phossil says:

    Im glad you got Figma Nanoha and Haruka :P

  7. Dysx says:

    i soo wanna get the Nanoha figma figure

  8. […] It’s the holiday season and as you can see, I’ve been letting myself go… In more ways than one. What with discounts abound at every online store, I’ve received three orders from the three different hobby stores I frequent, Hobby Search, AmiAmi and Hobby Link Japan respectively. Finally got that YF-19 to accompany my YF-21 that I got 11 months ago. […]

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