And Nanoha Month Begins

The tip of the iceberg. The drizzle before the rain and the rain before the storm. To begin what I kinda dub ‘Nanoha Month’ (Even though there’s going to be a ton of K-On! and Macross stuff as well), is Figma Nanoha Movie First Version.

…and open the flood gates for already, the most expensive month this year. Why? Just wait and see. (^.^;)

On a side note:

I’m at a complete loss with my review planning. Would like to review Figma Yui this weekend and leave Figma Nanoha Movie First version, which I just got today, till next week. I think I’ll also leave the Figma Nanoha School Uniform Version till next week as well…

…and don’t even talk about my Japan Trip videos which I would like to get up and running as quickly as possible… I’m about halfway done editing through the mountain of footage that I took.

Last but not least, I just chose the prize for the upcoming contest that has been in planning for ages. It’s a prize of EPIC proportions that can easily become a prized possession in any Anime Collector’s collection, not to mention, cost a pretty penny as well.

(Disclaimer: Prize identity subject to change, though unlikely.)

18 Responses to And Nanoha Month Begins

  1. Otaku_Girl says:

    ooh, nice figma, actar (*.*)

  2. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: It does have a really, really lovely box design. All Nanoha does is make me even more excited for the soon to be released Figma Fate Barrier Jacket and Uniform Versions.

  3. motaku96 says:

    Did you get the Nanoha Exceed from Alter? I just got it a few days ago and I must say, it’s a must for any nanoha fan.

  4. Otaku_Girl says:

    @actar: oh yeah. unfortunately, my wallet is dry, but my mother filed a claim w/ ebay about the guy who sold me the fake kagamiku so i might blow it on something ;)

  5. Actar says:

    @ motaku96: You know what? I didn’t. (^.^) I am indeed a die-hard fan of the first two seasons. Not so much the third season…

    I do agree that it is a gorgeous figure that definitely continues Alter’s tradition of magnificent figures, I’ll be saving up for the Nanoha Movie First PVC figure from Alter and their recently announced Fate Movie First PVC.


  6. blackmage149 says:

    *squeal* i cant wait till the contest i hope ill win *jizzes in pants*

  7. ManLing says:

    i’m still waiting for my yui figma.. shld be in some warehouse or in the air liao..

  8. “Nanoha Month…the most expensive month this year.” Well put. If it’s good Nanoha stuff, though,it’s definitely worth every yen.

    Can’t wait for the contest. It’s sounding awesome already!

  9. Ex14 says:

    Contest woots. I’m envious, I dun think i’ll be getting any loot til may TT_TT.

  10. Otaku_Girl says:

    @Archangle Shear, @blackmage149: i m excited 2 but then again i m not cuz i kno i m gnna lose *dosnt watch alot of anime as much a i like it* insert dead silence here.

  11. KaneTheMessias says:

    Don’t rush!
    Take the time you need.
    The Box has indeed a lovely design.
    A contest? Sounds great!

  12. Defze says:

    I can’t wait till Friday my Nanoha figma arrives, finally. Whenever I see your new figmas/figures I always feel so jealous.. in a good way though :P

  13. Otaku_Girl says:

    NOO!!! its 2 late 2 file a claim!!!! now i cant get my money back n my dad sed i cant buy n e more figmas :( maybe ill try grandma… -_^

  14. konakonaotaku says:

    srry 4 double posting but i gtta say i luv how they did yūno. however if they could include some mock bandages on his paws like when nanoha took him in that would b gr8

  15. Dysx says:

    im a huge huge huge fan of nanoha , so i gotta get my hands on one of them !!!!! arg and i love the figure and the box , its the art of beauty and a masterpiece as i would say

  16. Dysx says:

    by the way actar , where will the event take place ? in your blog or youtube ?

  17. Actar says:

    @ Dysx: Both! (^.^) Will be doing something similar to last year’s contest and will embed the video on the blog as well.

  18. Dysx says:

    ok , cant wait for the contest

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