The Year of Anime Movies and Sadness

Rant alert, but it’s a good emotional rant, so do read on. (^.^) With the Nanoha Movie finally premiering in Japan, the year of Anime movies and sadness begins. What am I talking bout? Well, let’s just take a look at how many Anime Movies, based on various series that I hold near and dear, are showing this year:

Nanoha Movie
Haruhi Movie
Macross Frontier Movie
Eden of the East Movie
Fate Stay Night Movie

That’s an amazing 5 movies that I, and many a fan, won’t be seeing for a very, very long time. What makes it worse is that I bought the movie tickets for the Nanoha and Fate Stay Night movie. (^.^;). But that’s besides the point.

The pain of being a fan and not being able to attend these events and premiers are terrible. I personally want to be there experiencing the movie as it unfolds as a way of celebrating and showing my love for that series. It is also unlikely that these movies will make it outside of Japan and waiting for the DVDs is hell. It’s really crazy, knowing that others have seen something you are dying to see.

Talking about Anime movie premiers in Japan, another reason I hate not being able to attend such screenings is the sale of event-only exclusives. Right now, I’m contemplating wasting more money on buying most of these merchandise off Yahoo! Japan Auctions at super-inflated prices. Want that Ribbon set and a cell… I’m a sucker for the limited edition goods.

Another thing, is of course, not knowing of the existence of such event-only exclusives until it’s too late. Indeed fortunate to know what the Nanoha movie event had to offer.

But I digress.

Evangelion 2.0 showing up in Singapore theaters gives me hope that it will still be possible for us to view these movies locally. But then again, Evangelion is an exceedingly popular franchise and I doubt any of the above movies will be compelling enough for Cathay to bring them in. Wonder if a petition will work, any opinions?

Whatever the case, seeing a movie of your favorite Anime series in the theaters is truly a magnificent experience that I hope to have again in my country in the near future…


Pictures shamelessly stolen from Sankaku Complex who properly credited their sources.

3 Responses to The Year of Anime Movies and Sadness

  1. Exiled_Gundam says:

    You can try organize a petition to get those movies to your local cinemas. Hmm didn’t see Gundam 00 movie inside your list

  2. Actar says:

    @ Exiled_Gundam: Not a huge Gundam fan, you see. I love mecha, you name it, I like it. From Getter Robo to Macross to Evangelion to FMP! to Code Geass, I love it. Try as I might though, I just can’t get into Gundam. (^.^;)

    Might do so in the future though. (^.^)

  3. Otaku_Girl says:

    where the wild things are is in jp???

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