More Azone Yui Moeness!

Seriously, who can get enough of Yui? I know I can’t. Following up on the latest episode of Actar’s Reviews are a couple more pictures of Azone Yui in her various outfits. Enjoy!

When I got her, I knew I just HAD to replicate this scene:

Moe Moe Kyun! (^o^)

Gita, all dressed up!


BONUS pics of Ichiban Kuji Yui figure!

7 Responses to More Azone Yui Moeness!

  1. So…cute! You will be the death of my wallet yet, Actar.

  2. Actar says:

    @ anonymous_object: Sigh… Just saw that and yes… I’m planning on getting Ritsu, the Yui Bag Set, Yui Pajama set and maybe the Festival outfits as well… Darn my K-On! Loving, Limited Edition stuff obsessed nature….

  3. Otaku_Girl says:

    man that stuffs cute

  4. Otaku_Girl says:

    but seriously, who dresses up their guitar??? *have nevr seen k-on*

  5. konakonaotaku says:

    @anonymous_object: how do u order from them? i cant understand kanji n i would luv 2 buy from them….then again i dont have a k-on doll yet so its kinda moot point

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