Oh. My. GAWD.

My WTF meter when off the scale with this announcement.

…and not forgetting her sister Ui!


Remember I said that a K-On! figma was unlikely to come? Well, I was obviously wrong.

I am so torn on this situation… On one hand, I’m exceptionally excited for her as Yui is definitely one of my top favorite characters and my official current waifu.

On another hand, Mobip already has a stake in the K-On! Line and this response seems to be direct competition. With the sudden announcement and all. Usually, figures are announced months in advance and Yui is suddenly going to be on sale 2 weeks from now (^.^;)

Not to mention the fact that I’ll have to buy all of them all over again… Well, they’d make for great comparison videos.

Oh yeah,


Now I’ll have Azone’s 1/6 scale Yui, Mobip Yui and Figma Yui. Need Nendo Yui now to complete my Yui shrine.

Figma never fails to not disappoint as it produces epic figures of great characters. (^o^)

21 Responses to Oh. My. GAWD.

  1. Guy says:

    I dislike Mobips, and I think this looks way better. Really love the alternate hair option.

  2. renjishiro says:

    I knew this will come. Plus this answers the secret characters no 57 – 61


    Luckily I didn’t bought any mobip

  3. Steve says:

    This looks MUCH better than the Mobip version. I’m yet to watch K-ON! so I’m not interested in the figures myself at this point, but I feel a little bad for anyone who already forked out the cash for the Mobips – now a vastly inferior product in my opinion.

  4. kelso says:

    I’ve never really seen K-ON, since I can only take so much cute or moe at once, but I’m *really* digging her (probably coz of the guitar).

  5. chocopup says:

    hey actar, are they going to make figmas for the other band members? (ritsu, mio, and the other girl…forgot her name)

  6. Guy says:

    I say, undoubtedly.

  7. animefan9000 says:

    its Tsumugi

  8. Ex14 says:

    Too bad we both live in sg. TT_TT stupid bidding thing /grumbles

  9. Janjan says:

    It’s over, Mobips are finished.

  10. Actar says:

    @ Ex14: Yeah… Singapore, a fine, fine city indeed.

  11. Otaku_Girl says:

    i would buy her but the lucky star figmas r keeping me plenty busy

  12. Otaku_Girl says:

    @Janjan: i agree. besides, those mobips r freaky looking (O_O)

  13. Otaku_Girl says:

    @actar: mio akiyama will b figmatized soon

  14. Otaku_Girl says:

    tsugumi will b 2

  15. Otaku_Girl says:

    @chocopup: looks like. teyre already doing mio n tsugumi

  16. piplupb says:

    oh wow thats awsome im on youtube aswell actar and ive been watching alot of your reveiws and when i saw this i was like OMG!! I HAVE TO GET 1 so any advice of how some1 in the uk who cant use ebay can get the yui figure?

  17. Actar says:

    @ piplupb: Thanks so much for your support! (^.^)

  18. konakonaotaku says:

    @animefan900: dont 4get azusa!

  19. konakonaotaku says:

    @ex14: i would prtty much envy u. when i have 2 wait almost a month 4 n item from hlj it would probably come in in a matter of about a week, mayb a day

  20. ladymegurine says:

    and i thought the same about megurine luka and the rest of the vocaloid figmas

  21. DubsSuck says:

    She just looks so cute and bubbly and cheery *O*

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