Actar’s Reviews 135: Figma Reimu Hakurei

The Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise, Reimu Hakurei, makes her Action Figure debut with this gorgeous Figma Figure!

Many people think that Touhou is an Anime, Manga, MAD creation, etc Well, while it is also all of these, Touhou is actually a series of Doujin vertically scrolling shooting games (and a number of fighting ones) where you play as a number of residents of Gensokyo.

Touhou prides itself on its exceedingly huge and well developed story and universe with a myriad of unique and interesting characters, most of which are supernatural beings. The main special aspect of Touhou, is the amount of fan input. Nearly all fiction has been fan created, with little being official. The creator himself has expressed a desire for it to remain so, thus the lack of a officially licensed Touhou Anime.

While not a huge Touhou fan by any means, Im happy to say that Figma Reimu is most likely going to be my absolute favorite Figma figure. Why? Let’s find out.

15 Responses to Actar’s Reviews 135: Figma Reimu Hakurei

  1. This settles it. I have to get this figma, Japan-exclusive or no.

  2. I hope I can find her some where and pick here up when I am Japan!

  3. Lord Il says:

    Actar, thank you for the video review of Reimu Hakurei. Fantastic job! Everything I could hope for in a Figma.

    What concerns me the most is getting one for a reasonable price – The prices on ebay are insane. X_x Anyone have suggestions?

  4. Otaku_Girl says:

    will u b getting figma Marisa Kirisame?

  5. konakonaotaku says:

    if it wasnt 4 that figma, i wouldnt be buying figma haruhi w/ xmas accesories 2day (for all of u who missed it, u can go 2 -_^)

  6. Chocopup says:

    @Il unfortunately, not many places are still selling reimu figmas…i ordered mine from ebay yesterday after winning an can try to look for an auction to get it for a more reasonable price on ebay..i won mine for 45 dollars which is pretty reasonable comparing to the “buy it now” reimus that sell for about 70 dollars

  7. Lord Il says:

    @Chocopup: Yeah, as a matter of fact I had my eye on that very same auction last night. lol! I was going to make a bid but ended up procrastinating (again).

    Congratulations on winning the auction though! You got a sweet deal! ^^

  8. Chocopup says:

    @Il thankx and lol, thats really funny! i think there was another auction though too…im sorry i stole your chance of winning reimu…but im sure youll get her one day! so dont give up!

  9. Chocopup says:

    @Il lucky for you, the same person who i won the reimu from is opening another auction fo her! good luck if youre planning on winning that auction!

  10. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: Yup! (^.^)

  11. konakonaotaku says:

    @actar: kewl! i wanted 2 buy her, but

    1. i couldnt find 1 ne were (wonderfairs exclusive?)

    2. even if i did, mom wont let me buy it (yes, i sed mom. i dropped plenty of hints that im twelve) but, meh, thats all right. i might have bought her just for afunny story i could do w/ reimu n then leave her in my closet 4 who knows how long

  12. KaneTheMessias says:

    I got my yesterday and have 2 questions.
    Are the charms of your also painted only on 1 side?
    It seems that the charms on the product pictures
    are painted on both sides.
    And ’bout the hands for the broomstick.
    My Reimu can only hold her Broom on the right hand
    because the left hand is too wide opened.
    Is that on yours too?
    Just want to confirm if these are production errors.
    Anyway she is totaly awesome!
    So many extras. Defenitly my fave figma!

  13. Actar says:

    @ KaneTheMessias: Well, I have Figma Reimu’s accessories packed away, so I can’t really confirm all of your doubts, but the charms are indeed painted on one side only. (^.^;)

  14. KaneTheMessias says:

    @ Actar: Thanks for your confirm about the charms
    I really would appreciate it if they had paint both side
    but I don’t mind it (^_^)
    She looks with one side painted charm also great (^_^)
    You must have so many cases for the accessories
    Do you must search long sometimes if you want to change
    something from your figmas?

  15. Shiroi Kaze says:

    “Reimu Flavor” heh…

    It’s unfortunate that the Touhou Figmas are limited to select stores in Japan only. I can only be optimistic and hope that they’ll put Reimu and Marisa back in production in the future without the exclusivity.

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