Review: Figma Reimu Hakurei


From the bowels of Comiket 77, Actar returns triumphantly with the Early Release of Figma Reimu Hakurei from the unbelievably popular Touhou Games. Yes, Games. Many people think that Touhou is an Anime, Manga, MAD creation, etc… Well, while it is also all of these, Touhou is actually a series of Doujin vertically scrolling shooting games (and a number of fighting ones) where you play as a number of residents of Gensokyo.

Touhou prides itself over its exceedingly huge and well developed story and universe with a myriad of unique and interesting characters, most of which are supernatural beings. The main special aspect of Touhou, is the amount of fan input. Nearly all fiction has been fan created, with little being ‘official’. The creator himself has expressed a desire for it to remain so, thus the lack of a officially licensed Touhou Anime.

To find out more about Touhou, do check out the Touhou Wiki.

The figma figure itself, as stated earlier, is a special Early Release. However, the term ‘Early Release’ is deceptive as the ‘Regular Release’ will be an online exclusive to Japan. This could possibly be due to ZUN’s, the creator of Touhou, desire to keep it from getting too popular outside of Japan and thus creating the misconception that Touhou is an official Anime or Manga, destroying the whole ‘fan’ aspect of Touhou.

But, I’m starting to get off track. So, back to the figure.

The box itself is the square Figma box, meaning more accessories, meaning a happy Actar. The Hakurei Shrine can be seen on the box design.

The inner cardboard backing contains a cardboard punchout that is meant to give your Di;stage base a Reimu flavor. Nice to see that they are making some use out of the backing.


Armpit fans REJOICE!!!

Reimu, the Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise, is the sole Miko at Hakurei Shrine and is called upon to deal with problems and resolve ‘incidents’.

Due to the fact that the ‘official’ Art of the Touhou characters differ from Game to Game, fan work to fan work, there isn’t any set design for any of the characters. Figma Reimu is definitely very Anime inspired and I’m perfectly alright with it, since I prefer the ‘Anime’ style over the realistic or Manga style.

Just look at that level of detail! Gorgeous paint apps that is only made better by the fact that they are practically flawless.

Her undergarments are also highly detailed and unique to the Touhou figmas.

– Accessories

So, aside from the usual base, stand and bag, Reimu comes with:

– Gohei
– Two exchangable hands holding 1 and 3 Ofuda respectively
– Sake Bottle
– Cup
– Exchangable hand holding bowl
– Broom
– 2 exchangable faces featuring a serious and drunk expression.
– A rack of exchangable hands

– Photos

Figma Reimu is one of the most versatile Figmas I have ever seen. Not only does her superb articulation help her pull off a number of dynamic action poses, she can also convey a myriad of expressions and emotions.

Poor Suika, covered up by the watermark. ┐(-。ー;)┌


In conclusion, I have to say that I’m extremely impressed with Figma Reimu. While not a huge Touhou fan by any means, I’m happy to say that Figma Reimu is most likely going to be my absolute favorite Figma figure. Why? Her stunning and vibrant color scheme, detailed and intricate sculpt and paint job, versatility of the figure in terms of poses, the list goes on.

Honestly, I can’t recommend her enough for regular non-Touhou figure fans, but for Touhou fans, she’s a MUST GET. Sadly, as I stated previously, she will be an online exclusive to Japan, so a proxy or auction site’s your best bet. (^.^)

More details coming up in the next Actar’s Reviews episode!


At this point in time, I would like to seek some advice regarding the lighting. Notice in some of the pictures, mainly the landscape ones, the colors are very washed out while in the others, the figure is very pronounced, which is good I suppose.

Any tips to help me improve the lighting of my pictures? (^.^)

13 Responses to Review: Figma Reimu Hakurei

  1. Hado says:

    I can’t wait ’till I get her. Are you gonna do a video review soon?
    I’ve always wanted a Figma Reimu ever since I can remember..
    Nice review!

  2. animefan9000 says:

    i’m getting her soon hey did you know theres figma nanoha the the movie 1st ver you can review her to

  3. Guy says:

    I want the figma and nendo, even if just for the drunk faces, heh.

  4. ubiquitial says:

    Must… Get…

    Also, for lighting, get a white t-shirt, place it over a box, and put a cheap, low energy, florescent lamp behind it. It’ll help even out the light. If you want higher contrast and clearer pictures, try a halogen bulb.

  5. ubiquitial says:


    Plz? -3-

  6. Lord Il says:

    She looks amazing. O_O

    I’ve had my eye on this particular Figma since first learning about it’s release a few months ago. I’m not necessarily much of a fan of Touhou stuff either but this doesn’t matter – What does matter is the appeal and quality of the design.

    I like the look where she seems decidedly drunk. lol!! Hilarious.

    If there is any chance of you doing a video review of Reimu in the near future, I would be in your debt! ^^

    Keep up the fantastic work as always.

  7. I love that Tsunde-Reimu picture! I really want this one, but the exclusivity makes it so expensive to import. *long, drawn out sigh* Guess I’ll have to start saving fast.

  8. Rudder says:

    I wonder how many organs do I have left to sell to get this?

  9. Orcinus says:

    Rudder, you probably won’t go over $100 total.

  10. […] Pueden ver más fotografías de Reimu en el blog de Actar […]

  11. […] Pueden ver más fotografías de Reimu en el blog de Actar […]

  12. konakonaotaku says:


  13. Otaku_Girl says:

    srry 4 double posting but how did u make the watrmark???

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