Review: Nia Teppelin by Uplark


Definitely the best figure of Nia, from Gurren Lagann, to be produced thus far that is surprisingly made by a relatively unknown figure company ‘uplark’.



The reasons are clear as to why I think that this is the best figure representation of lovely Nia to date. The figure captures her innocent charm remarkably well. Not only that, I absolutely love how her hair is done. Uplark did a spectacular job in replicating her two-toned hair.



Not to mention that the figure itself is wonderfully painted and gorgeously detailed. Above is a full body shot (nearly) of her front and back. Details I especially like are the frills on her skirt and her intricate jewels in her belt and well, jewelry.


Even her shoes ooze awesomeness. People with feet fetishes, scream for joy! (Though I’m not one of them…)


Something interesting to note, the figure can actually stand without her base! Hardly see that nowadays, what with the dynamic poses and all. We figure collectors really take bases for granted.




Another reason as to why I believe that this figure is the definitive Nia figure is due to the inclusion of exchangable heads! These exchangable heads allow you to display Nia pre or post Hair cut! Exceptional! Love the versatility and options that they give. They certainly went above and beyond with this figure.




Refreshing look indeed! (^o^)


As a bonus, here are some pics I took of Konami’s Yoko, my favourite version of Yoko.



L(O.O)k at those curves!


I swear I didn’t think about it when buying this figure, but Nia and Yoko look simply made for each other. The poses compliment each other and they really fit together exceedingly well.

Highly recommended, get her while you can! (^.^)

5 Responses to Review: Nia Teppelin by Uplark

  1. Guy says:

    I agree with everything in the review, at least regarding Nia. I like her better with short hair myself :)

  2. Leonia says:

    Nia is cute, but I don’t like her hair colour (too much original for me lol). I prefer with her short hair ^^ Thanks for this presentation ^^ I never saw a review of her ^^

  3. moemoekyun says:

    Nia looks great with short hair ^_^

  4. KO STARlock says:

    Definitely agree this is the Best Nia on the Market. Uplark has been doing some great service to all us TTGL fans by actually doing more than just Yoko figures. I hope they continue the line. The day that STARlock Shimoun is made I’m gonna buy x3!!

  5. Otaku_Girl says:


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