Actar’s Acquisitions (October 09)


At long last, some semblance of what can be considered decent loot has gathered at my front door step over the past few days.

Armed with my novice photo-taking skills and a way too expensive camera, let me break my loot down for you.


One of the best Nia figures I’ve seen thus far that is surprisingly made by a relatively unknown figure company ‘uplark’. They also made a Viral figure which also seems awesome as well.



I absolutley love the box design! Especially with the little cutout at the back that allows you to view the back of the figure. Nice pantsu view. (^.^)


Not only is this figure gorgeous, the feature that makes this figure really stand out from the rest of the crowd is the inclusion of exchangable heads! These exchangable heads allow you to display Nia pre or post Hair cut! Exceptional! Love the versatility and options that they give.

Of course, a photo review will most likely be coming. (Hopefully…)



Next, we have the two newest additions to the Lucky Star figma series, Figma (Tsukasa + Miyuki) Summer Uniform Versions. You can bet that they will be reviewed on upcoming episodes of ‘Actar’s Reviews’, but due to my exams, it is still uncertain when these episodes will debut…



The second Figma Belka Knight to be released, from the series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s (StrikerS doesn’t exist for me) is Figma Shamal. The ‘healer/mage’ of the group that, from my understanding, doesn’t seem as popular as the other Knights. Will review her eventually, same as the Lucky Star Figmas…


Ranka kicks back on my new loot. (^o^)

…and yes, I did get a di;stage as well.

Oh, P.S. If you are wondering what those marks on my wall, they are actually the remains to pieces of tape, blu-tack and other adhesives that refuse to come off even after I’ve removed the posters. In case you’re wondering.


To save this from becoming yet another ‘meaningless’ loot post, let me gather some opinions from my readers for an upcoming article on ‘Loot Posts’.

Many figure bloggers post their acquisitions on a regular basis, me included. How do you feel about loot posts?

Do they excite you? Help inform you about what the current popular figures are? Make you jealous? So basically, do you enjoy Loot posts and see any meaning to them?

20 Responses to Actar’s Acquisitions (October 09)

  1. Steve says:

    I think loot posts are just fine. It’s a good way of sharing what’s new in your collection, and reading other peoples’ loot posts can, in theory, let you know what’s out and what’s good. It’s a simple purpose, but a purpose nonetheless.

    I said “in theory” because most figures are announced months in advance, so most collectors know what they want well before it starts appearing in loot posts.

    Another good thing about loot posts is that many figure collectors might not have friends offline who share their passion, so it’s a good way to share that excitement that we all feel whenever we get something new (whether that be figures or any other product) with people who feel the same. ^^

  2. Q says:

    While loot posts are a bit subjective to audience, but I think monthly ones are ok. I sort of do them too but at quarterly. They can get people to know what you’ve got, and if it’s something unusual or immensely popular then poeple can get curious about it and may look forward to your review. It’s always to give them a quick overview or opinion (even if it’s just a sentence or two) so people can have an idea on how they’re like or what they’re about, like what you’ve done there. Just my opinion though. I do know that some people are not keen of loot posts on though.

  3. HyperKnuckles99 says:

    I fine loot post good, they can give you an idea on how something looks or about something you did not know about before.

    About the new Lucky Star figmas the Minami head with Miyuki is not great do to the fact that putting it on Miyuki’s body will give Minami a big chest instead of none at all and that if you put it on another body the hight won’t be right and I believe the socks as well. Plus what about a head for Ayano and Patty, there has not been even a single figure for Ayano, I wished they just released a separate figure line for the rest of the cast.

  4. signumyagami says:

    love shamal please reviwe her and i wish they paited rienforce

  5. Van says:

    Who wouldn’t want to show off their cool loot? I mean, why not let others admire your figures?

    Anyways, putting that aside… Should I buy from HLJ or HobbySearch? I know HobbySearch sells their products for cheaper, but does that mean shipping would be more expensive? I never bought from HobbySearch before, and the only time I bought from HLJ, was during their Paypal promotion…

  6. Palmtop Tiger says:

    I know you’re busy but I would like to see the maid version Tsuruya Figma reviewed. The Lucky Star Figmas are pretty much the same and can be condensed into one review to save time.

  7. nabil arabia says:

    hmmmmmmm,how much did tHAT COST

  8. Actar says:

    @ signumyagami: I agree. While the Rein figure is pretty nicely detailed already for a figure of its size, facial detail would have been nice.

  9. Actar says:

    @ Palmtop Tiger: Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely review Figma Tsuruya Culture Festival Version at a later date.

  10. chocopup says:

    I just want to know, how many figures (all of your figmas, nenedorids, etc.) do you have in all?

  11. Otaku_Girl says:

    figma miyuki should b coming in the mail soon

    oh, @actar: in case u didnt know a word of caution…when (dnno if u do w/ other anime sites roaming around) buying frim ebay, never, ever, EVER buy from chinese users. the’re evil…

  12. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: Well, I wouldn’t say that they are all bad, but there is definitely a risk, especially with the number of bootlegs out there right now.

  13. Otaku_Girl says:

    oman she came. she ttly AWESOME. she held up very well, while my kagamiku bootleg (i found that out 2 late…sob) broke on the first day. but i got her from this ebay user, orlyd n i LUV him!! his stuff is 1000% (no thats not a typo) authentic n it arrived in 2 days (at least where i m from) i recommend him 2 all ^_^

  14. Otaku_Girl says:

    oops. orlyd’s a GIRL. hehe…guess i screwed up in that depo…

  15. Otaku_Girl says:

    ooh…aah…figma shamal…
    ooh…aah…figma tsukasa…

  16. Otaku_Girl says:

    u got ur wish, actar. u wanted hayate w/ blonde hair n u got it *not trying 2 be rude* ^_^

  17. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: Indeed! (^.^)

  18. Otaku_Girl says:

    i kno i would b jealous. who wouldnt?

  19. Animeluva says:

    omgg i think figma tsukasa summer ver. looks way better than the winter verr but winter 1 has better faces
    besidee summer ver. has the yuri luvaa head
    (i wonder wat wuld happen if she sees nanoha an Fate next to each other)

  20. Brianna Herrera says:

    I Really Want To Summer Version Or Miyuki, She Seems Like A Great Figure, But They’re Hard To Get.

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