Ranka Lee Doll – Megahouse’s Limited Action Figure Collection


Happy Children’s Day to me! Even though I’m not a ‘children’ anymore… yeah… Anyways, it is indeed a Happy Children’s Day for me as my second musume arrives from the land of the rising sun! If you haven’t identified her yet, whe is none other than Ranka Lee, one of the two songstress(es?) of Macross Frontier, that sang alongside Sheryl Nome.

Today marks another special event as well. This is the first time I’m actually attempting to do a figure photoshoot with an SLR Camera, a Nikon D200 to be exact, and I hope the pictures turn out well! (^.^)


I was exceedingly elated when a package containing the above box arrived on my doorstep today. After Asuna, Ranka was the next doll that I knew I had to get. Ranka here is a Doll in Megahouse’s Limited Action Figure Collection line. They have also previously released a Sheryl doll in this line. Being a limited edition figure, I was afraid that I had missed out on the opportunity on getting her, thankfully, I managed to find a terrific deal on Yahoo! Auctions Japan that was too good to pass up. (^o^)


The box that Ranka comes in is a traditional Monochrome design, indicating a limited edition figure. The front face features Ranka in various poses.


The bottom of the box features the Macross Frontier Series logo at the top right hand corner. Ranka’s name is at the bottom left hand corner of the box, while the Magahouse logo, Megatrea Online Shop logo, Limited Action Figure Collection logo and the sticker of authenticity is also on the bottom of the box as well.


The side just sports a ‘Macross Frontier’.


…and the top has the usual warnings and so on.


The box is surprisingly massive. I would have never guessed that it was this big just by looking at the official pictures.


The box has a simple flip open lid. I do like the design.


Here’s Ranka!


Looking at the internal layout of the box, I have to say that it is pretty well done. The orange color scheme compliments Ranka’s school uniform very well, and the twist ties do hold Ranka solidly in place so there’s no worry of her flopping around during transport. I’ve also noticed that the orange bottom does simulate a stage.


Ranka’s name is in the lower right hand corner, along with the words ‘Action Figure Collection Limited’.



A closer look at Ranka In-Package.


The top section is separate from the box and is elevated by a cardboard support.



I was pleasantly surprised to find out that what I first believed to be regular Hasbro-grade twist ties, turned out to be elastic strings that have metal bars at the end. Great touch as this will allow one to display Ranka back in her box even after she has been taken out before.

~Figure Photoshoot~


Releasing her from her bondage (wow that didn’t come out right…), Ranka’s genki and bubbly personality translates well to her doll representation of herself. Her lively persona complimented by her orange school uniform, that also fits well with her Green hair. The figure is exceptionally accurate to her original animated counterpart.


Back of the doll.



The details on this doll are indeed superb. We can see the individual strings on the back of Ranka’s skirt that are tied up nicely in a ribbon.



Great details up front as well. The school logo and badge are seen on her socks and her uniform.









The S.M.S. wants you!



So, as can be seen, the articulation on her is simply astounding. I’d expect nothing less from a figure of this caliber. While the visible joints do bother some people, I don’t find them intrusive at all.



In the immortal words of Misato: ‘Service~su, service~su!”


The only imperfections on the figure are some slight paint transfers. A speck of orange paint on her hair and some green paint on her ribbon.





Unlike Asuna, Ranka does come with a number of accessories, including 2 pairs of exchangable hands, Ai-Kun and Ranka’s phone. Sadly, no ‘Kira~’ hands were included.



"Nyaa~" "Squee~" They are actually talking about the secreets of the universe.

Ai-Kun, Ranka’s pet, is made of PVC and is nicely detailed.


Same goes for Ranka’s phone.


The hands are connected via simple pegs and the fingers are made of a flexible material. You can place a number of thins in her hands and it holds on pretty well.

The obligatory 'figure holding figure' picture that everyone seems to love. (^.^)

The obligatory 'figure holding figure' picture that everyone seems to love, but this time, it's a figure holding a figure holding a laptop.

In conclusion, I have to say that I’m really impressed and pleased with this figure. It has great articulation, stunning details, nice but simple accessories and it’s really accurate to her show counterpart. The figure is sadly an online exclusive to the Megatrea Online Shop and made in limited quantities, so she’s pretty hard to find now, but I do highly recommend her and do pick her up if you have the chance. As I’ve said previously, there is also a Sheryl doll, but I’m not that huge of a fan of Sheryl and I would have preferred if they had provided Sheryl with her stage outfit instead.


Well, that’s it for this review and I do hope that the pictures were alright, just got my hands on the camera and I’m still learning the ropes. Will definitely get a some extra lights or set up a photobooth in the near future to get rid of those shadows. (^.^)

Here’s Ranka with her famous song to end this review:

10 Responses to Ranka Lee Doll – Megahouse’s Limited Action Figure Collection

  1. yunamon says:

    How much is Rank when you pick her up along with the deputy fees?

  2. yunamon says:

    Sorry, *Ranka… ^^;

  3. Sai says:

    Wow, That is a real lovely one.
    Thanks for the review.

  4. zh3us says:

    OTL. Actar is now a Mass Father!!

    Dang! a D200? would love to buy a 2nd handed D200 if i had the money! ^^;

  5. Haru says:

    Very nice review. The doll itself it amazingly well made from what I saw in your photos–kinda want to get her now ^^;

    MegaHouse should make articulated dolls of the MF boys~ I’d get those in a heartbeat.

  6. Crossman456 says:

    This doll… Looks good, but I’ve always had issues with buying dolls/figures with fabric clothing, it just seems odd to me, thats why I stick with figmas and figures that dont involve no/much fabric type clothing.

  7. Actar says:

    Well, personally, I don’t mind fabric clothing when it’s well done. As long as it looks like what it’s supposed to represent, I’m fine with that. However, I’m more wary of dolls with real hair as they tend to be harder to maintain. Thus my preference for PVC hair.

  8. Denise says:

    Its amzing the amout of movement and the detailed poses you made. Very cool!

  9. Mike says:

    You got it~!!!
    I posted about this figure at DannyChoo…
    and I still haven’t got it yet… maybe its too late.
    even if I find it I prolly cant buy it right away.
    cuz Im broke! lol
    anywayz~ you are the master my friend. wish me luck…

  10. Otaku_Girl says:

    lolz i m not a “children” either…well not exactly…will b 13 this year

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