Dollfie? No. Doll? Yes!


I Actar, have officially become a father with the arrival of my first ever doll this past week. Being one who is easily influenced by peer pressure, I decided to join the doll loving crowd, in a way. Instead of becoming a Dollfie collector, which I probably never will due to the price, I have become a collector of 1/6 scale dolls!

These dolls, while not ‘super customizable’, are great in terms of size, detail and accuracy! Thus, I shall refer to them as AMDs from now on, Affordable Mini Daughters! (^o^) (Not to be confused with that great company whose technology is in my computer.)

Of course, while there are many other 1/6 scale doll makers out there like Azone and Megahouse, which I will definitely be buying from in time to come, the one I present to you today is brought to us by Konami.

Here’s a little preview, as I’ll be doing a proper photoshoot soon.


Meet 1/6 scale Kakurazaka Asuna, produced in limited quantities and vintage to 2005. There are a number of reasons I bought her, one of which is of course, I wanted a doll of my very own, and second, there aren’t really any great Negima! figures out there. Thank goodness I got her not far off from her original price, and in near mint condition too! (^o^)

So, the box here is pretty compact and simple in design.


The rectangular box features a bio of Asuna on the side…


and a diagram featuring all the points of articulation on the figure. The doll utilizes the Obitsu female body.


Opening the box, we are greeted to a bunch of crepe paper.


Tadaa!!! Here’s Asuna packaged in bubbly wrapped comfort.


She comes with a number of extras, including her wonderfully detailed school blazer, worn during the winter. I love the Mahora logo!


…and also a number of extra neck joints. Whether they are supposed to be replacements or meant for the other exchangable heads, I’m not sure.


Taking her out of the box, I am simply astounded by the details. Her clothes are obviously cloth and she even has a pair of cloth pantsu! (>.<) Other notes are nice leathery shoes and push pin buttons for her, er, buttons. As said previously, the articulation is simply astounding.


Konata has been turned into her Suka form and is ordering Asuna around.


I’m starting to appreciate the ‘Doll holding figure’ fetish. d(~.’)

Overall, an outstanding doll that I love to bits, however, right now, she’s going back into the box as I am still in the middle of my exams. Will tie up her ribbon properly and spruce her up before an official photoshoot coming soon!


Besides Asuna, this September loot brings me a figure that I’ve always been eying, Ichiban Kuji’s exclusive Ranka figure!

The fun doesn’t end there, I’ve just splurged and bought another exclusive 1/6 doll, coming soon!



Also, this Asuna doll is the only Negima! Character to have a full doll ever made. The other characters, like Nodoka, Konoka and Makie are available only as exchangable heads.

On that note, if you do own a Nodoka exchangable head, I would really like to purchase it from you as I’m a huge, huge fan of Nodoka. (^.^)

10 Responses to Dollfie? No. Doll? Yes!

  1. Guy says:

    I’m curious, how much did she cost you?

    And Asuna is the one good thing about that series ;)

    I should share this regular customizable doll site a friend of mine from outside this community pointed me at.

  2. HyperKnuckles99 says:

    I like the picture of Asuna holding the Konata figure, it makes it seem as she’s holding a Konata plushe.

  3. gelosut9 says:

    AH… I’ve gotta find that! I’m a hu~~~ge Negima fan ! Where’d yo find it? I love Asuna and Nodoka too! But I just wish there was a Kazumi one , since I’m a HUGE Kazumi fan.

  4. sam says:

    holy!mama!i’ve been find that figure for a long time!man i wish i can found it at malaysia

  5. Harlaown says:

    How much it cost?

  6. Otaku_Girl says:

    dont u have a nendo puchi of her?

  7. Actar says:

    @ Otaku_Girl: Asuna? No Nendo Puchi’s of her, but I do have the Figumate Asuna, which, like a Nendo Puchi, is a miniature figure of her.

  8. Otaku_Girl says:

    @actar: yea that wut i meant: the figure w/ the paper fan on that xmas accesories blog

  9. Amy says:

    Where did you find her?!!
    I love Asuna and I would be thrilled to have this doll of her!

  10. konakonaotaku says:

    …And you have officially made me a Negima-iphile

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