Otaku Yuki Nagato Nendoroid Petit Figure Review

Yuki + Otaku = Otayuki (or is it Yukitaku?)

Yuki + Otaku = Otayuki (or is it Yukitaku?)

Alright. Time for a figure review after a long, long, long break. This time, we’ll be taking a look at the exclusive Otaku Yuki Nendoroid Petit figure that comes with the ‘Super Limited Version’ of the third volume of ‘The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-Chan’ (TMOSH-C).

For those of you who don’t know what TMOSH-C is, it is a mini comic that parodies the TMOSH series. It was recently animated and released exclusively on Kadokawa’s YouTube Channel.

『Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya』#6[(002877)15-24-38]

In this story, Yuki is eventually hooked on Otaku culture and soon turns into a full fledged Otaku.

『Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya』#4[(000935)15-25-26]

『Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya』#4[(001370)15-34-48]

Shoving all her books aside for various Otaku merchandise.




The box is a nice hardy cardoard box that has a tiny windowed display to see the Yuki figure.




Opening the box, we are treated to the TMOSH-C Volume 3 Manga and an extra Manga which I believe was included for promotional purposes and the Yuki figure encased in her plastic packaging. Once again, the accessories are neatly arranged in the box, something that I love about Japanese figures.



Before continuing on with the review, here’s a couple of shots of the contents of the Manga.


When taking the figure out of the packaging, I noticed that every piece of the Yuki figure was separated by a piece of plastic. So, some disassembly and assembly required. (^.^;)


…and here we have Otaku Yuki with her two accessories.

Accessory 1: Wireless Bunny Headphones


The perfect accessory to compliment Nagato’s kawaii~ness and her Otaku~ness.

『Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya』#2[(002081)15-27-15]

『Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya』#2[(002115)15-27-33]

『Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya』#2[(002379)15-26-57]

The Wireless Bunny Headphones made their first appearance in Episode 2 of TMOSH-C. It was given to her by Kyon after he chanced upon her playing an eroge.  (Yes, playing an eroge with the sounds on without any headset/headphones WILL make others around you feel akward.)

Accessory 2: Kimidori-San

『Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya』#15[(001696)15-21-37]

Kimidori-San is actually a living, talking balloon animal that Yuki made for Achakura by manipulating the air inside it.


Kimidori-San fits perfectly on Yuki’s head and stays on by fitting the Headphones into the groove.



Overall, I really recommend picking up this figure if you ever get the chance. Not only is it a terribly awesome version of Yuki, it is also an exclusive that retails for a relatively cheap price! (^.^) Not only that, you get a volume of awesome Manga as well.

Fan of the series? Fan of Nendoroid Petits? What are you waiting for???



Ah! What is this? It seems Konata is demanding that Yuki hand over that ‘Super Limited Version’ Otaku Merchandise!


“Cuteness Ranking increased by + 1124 points!”


Let’s see how some of my other Nendoroid Petits look with the headset.







…and my favourite:


SHANA! (^.^)


Ah yes, my favorite scene from TMOSH-C.

Paradise Lost happens to be the opening for Ga-Rei Zero and the current intro theme for Actar’s Reviews. :)

32 Responses to Otaku Yuki Nagato Nendoroid Petit Figure Review

  1. Guy Shalev says:

    Any idea how can one get it abroad?

  2. gordanham says:

    Great review^^
    I wish I had gotten her(T.T)

  3. iron2000 says:

    Nice review!
    Was thinking of doing one too but was beaten by laziness and procrastination :P

    Mine is still shrink wrap in the box, I think its one week aleady :P

  4. Kipp says:

    Yeah good review, like actar said well worth getting considering the pretty cheap price you can pick it up for, a great addition to any collection.
    for Guy Shalev I just ordered mine of HMV japan


  5. Guy Shalev says:

    Thanks Kipp, I’ve made my order! :)

  6. Kipp says:

    No problem, always happy to help. I had trouble with it at first tried to get it off amazon japan but the actual amazon store had run out and the the places on amazon wouldn’t ship to england so on the advice of someone went to HMV japan.

  7. Guy Shalev says:

    Amazon Japan also charges ridiculous prices for shipping.

  8. IMO, in order of kawaii-ness with those headphones:
    1. Yuki (naturally)
    2. Konata
    3. SHANA! lol

  9. enish says:

    That manga actually looks pretty good. I hope it gets released stateside.

    I think I like Yuki as more of an otaku than a bookworm. There’s something amusing about the most stoic character in the series playing eroge. I might also get the Asakura Nendoroid because of Achakura in the Haruhi-chan anime. She’s so adorable I could eat her up!

  10. Lah Brutie says:

    I wonder if I’ll be able to find one in France… I guess it costs around 30 dollars, am I wrong?

  11. Actar says:

    @ Guy Shalev: I actually got mine from Hobby Search, one of the two online sites other than HLJ that I use frequently.

    @ Kip: Thanks for the props! (^.^)

    @ Observer Extraordinaire: I agree totaly. (^.^)

    @ enish: Good idea. Might consider getting one myself.

    @ Lah Brutie: I think it would be around 20 USD.

  12. nintendokid says:

    aswome u got 1,i wnt so bad

  13. mikumin says:

    Yuki’s so cute! I wish I could get one, but despite its cheap price I’m lacking the extra funds.

    The bunny headphones look so cute on all the petits, especially Kino! <3

    I also really want that Kino.

  14. ichihime13 says:

    Great review.But where did you get Taiga she is so hard to find?

  15. Kipp says:

    The Taiga is from the PsP game special box I think which only a limited supply was produced.

  16. Otaku Dating says:

    Cute. Maybe too cute.

  17. ichihime13 says:

    @Kipp:No thats the beach version which i ordered.Though thats the school uniform never seen it until now.

  18. Actar says:

    @ ichihime13: All 4 Nendoroid Petits are Limited Editions included with the DS Game, Cross of Venus. Have reviewed them here:

  19. ichihime13 says:

    @Actar:Thanks so much. I would have never guessed that.Its kinda funny how the lolis get more stuff. XD

  20. Leonia says:

    Thanks for this presentation. Yuki is so cute ^^

  21. sam says:

    man!that petit yuki are cute!too bad malaysia are suck!are the figure mall dont even have one of nagato yuki petit curse you malaysia><

  22. I want Real One says:

    I want real functional Nagato’s Bluetooth-Bunny_Ears-Headphone

    If it exist => Contact ME!

  23. Actar says:

    I want one too!

  24. konakonaotaku says:

    still, that puchi looks so cute *.* unfortunately,i m trying to stick w/ just figma and young lady revoltech (i dont wnna say it in german) so that i dont run us out of house n home ^_^

  25. konakonaotaku says:

    srry 4 triple posting

    otaki! yutaku!

  26. insertcoin says:

    eii are that headphone compatible wih normal nendo ??

  27. insertcoin says:

    eii is that headphone compatible wih normal nendo ??

  28. Otaku_Girl says:

    lol i liek the kyon spit take XD

  29. DubsSuck says:

    Shana in bunny headphones *O*

  30. Aubrey Hayes says:

    At the least this is more instructive than one of our reality Television stars,
    kim this? Joey what?

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