Of Chocolate Cornets and Melon-Pans


Yup. Finally. FINALLY!!! My wishes have been granted! I finally get to sample the iconic foods of 2 of my favourite Animes.


So, as stated in the title, I finally went down to the bakery located at Holland Village and managed to get my hands on a number of Chocolate Cornets and Melon-Pans.

Each of these breads made their appearance in Lucky Star and Shakugan no Shana respectively.

[Da-Anime.org] Lucky Star - 01 (HD)[(003980)21-11-29]

[Da-anime] SoS - 03[(014724)21-21-37]

I can’t really express my excitement. It is really great to get replicas of any kind as they allow you to experience what the Anime character experiences and allows one to get closer to that said character. Now, I get to eat what 2 of my favourite heroines eat! Seriously, the Chocolate Cornet and Melon-Pan are literally icons of the series and characters themselves.

The Chocolate Cornet scene must be the most famous scene from Lucky Star. Check out the figure that I got with the April Comptiq magazine:


But that’s another review for another time.

Here are some more pictures I took:




So, the Melon-pan was just a normal bread with a crispy exterior and I didn’t take many pics of me eating it and it was pretty good, though a little bland at the same time. This however, is good as true Melon-Pan are not Melon flavored.

[Da-anime] SoS - 14[(005223)21-16-54]

[Da-anime] SoS - 14[(005279)21-17-16]

[Da-anime] SoS - 14[(005555)21-17-35]

Ah, domo, Shana. Perhaps I’ll try that next time. (^.^;)

However, here is my first bite into a Chocolate Cornet:



OMGWTFBBQ!!! That thing is DELICIOUS!!! Seriously! The cream, which I expected to be your regular bread-shop-not-so-sweet-run-of-the-mill-cream, was actually exceedingly creamy (well, duh), smooth and sweet! Honestly, it was really good. Amazing stuff.

And, for those who want to know if the chocolate does spill out, IT DOES. Let’s just leave it at that.

Also, it may interest you to know that the breads were actually made by a Japanese baker. Interesting! Wonder if he watched the Animes… (^.^)

[Da-anime] SoS - 14[(005881)21-17-55]

Aw, Shana, that’s too harsh. It was pretty good! And no, there wasn’t any artificial flavoring added.

Anyways, here’s the location of the bread shop for those of you who want to sample some delicious Anime related goodies:

117A Lorong Liput

So, the question of the day is:


[Da-Anime.org] Lucky Star - 01 (HD)[(003429)21-10-26]

[Da-Anime.org] Lucky Star - 01 (HD)[(003532)21-10-46]

It’s driving me nuts!


Er, as for the Dakimakura, the review is delayed as I still haven’t gotten a hold of the pillow yet…

28 Responses to Of Chocolate Cornets and Melon-Pans

  1. hikky says:

    Lol, they actually looks like out of the anime. Wonder how this tastes. Hard to get it here in Europe.

    >>And, for those who want to know if the chocolate does spill out, IT DOES. Let’s just leave it at that.
    Is the chocolate now spilled over the figmas or what? ^_^

  2. NerveWax says:

    That’s cool! I’m surprised you found some that looks so similar to the anime. One day I will find these too… I have been wanting to try melon bread since watching Shana.

  3. Treats look great! Did you eat the cornet like Konata, where you keep biting on the top and then licking the chocolate that leaks out the bottom?

  4. Shinky says:

    Don’t care which part is head or tail… Just eat only… :P

  5. Mirage says:

    Tip for eating chocolate cornet: Devour it in one bite


  6. Q says:

    Wow Shana’s hair looks browner than usual with the flash (came to a surprise to me even though I now have mine too…)

    The characters with their favourite pastry and the life-size counterpart. Very interesting~ I haven’t tried the chocolate cornet (and I haven’t watched Lucky Star) but I did try some meronpan in Japan. Yours look quite sugarry I have to say ^^;

    That aside, it’s rather amusing how there’s no melon in meronpan and there’s no pineapple in pineapple bun (aka bo lo bau).

  7. astrobunny says:

    You didn’t buy milk!! YOU NEED TO EAT CHOCO CORONET WITH MILK!

  8. elefenoa says:

    I’ll surely paid a visit there!

  9. enish says:

    I tried some mini-melonpan that a friend of mine made a few years ago. It wasn’t like the melonpan you ate; it was bread with a cluster of crunchy, sugary bits. It was pretty good, but I want to try melonpan from a bakery. Sadly, there isn’t a bakery around where I live that makes it :/.

    The chocolate coronet looks sinfully delicious. I don’t think I’d be able to eat the whole thing by myself! ^^;

  10. st1337 says:

    I’ve eaten a chocolate cornet before. Although the chocolate didn’t pour out so I got annoyed and squeezed it so I could lick the chocolate lol

  11. nintendokid says:

    WOW oth ,amazing! i want some!

    they look so cool,when i made melonpan it turned out like a ball of dough!

    im going to china town soon and i saw a place that sells 5 difrent kinds of melonpan!

  12. nintendokid says:

    i think its the top ………but w8 dose that tell u enough

    the skinny end

  13. meronpan says:

    oooo grats ^^

    i was also really excited when i got my hands on a choco corone in japan. meronpan i can get locally but the corone are harder to find for some reason.

    neither are my favorite when it comes to baked goods but because of the anime i think i end up eating them a lot more ^^;

  14. Densha Otoko says:

    I think the top part is the head

  15. Minaru says:

    I hope this can be found where I live

  16. Quen says:

    I can’t remember if I ever ate a chocolate coronet before, whether when I was still living in Japan or back in the West…

    Melonpan is fun to eat, if you’re not looking for something too flavored.

  17. gordanham says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve visited you blog^^; I’m happy I did though. Alot of great stuff. So jealous you got to eat choco cornets. I’ve never had them(T^T)

  18. FigmaFreak55 says:

    I want a chocolate cornet! X3

  19. Karen says:

    Ah wow, lucky you! I’m going to go bread store shopping and hunt down a chocolate cornet some time :)
    I did eat a doughnut thing with chocolate filling inside before [delicious!], I wonder if a chocolate cornet will taste the same?

    I think the skinny side is the head, because it can balance better on the fat side ^^ so if the chocolate cornet is sitting up, the pointy side would be the head haha! Seems easier to eat that way too.

  20. nabil arabia says:

    that question is driving me nuts too!

  21. Jesse says:

    I love your reviews Actar I would like to try one of those chocolate cornets maybe you can review the girls from the anime K-on! the Mobip figures there available on ebay at a low price. Love your figures Actar

  22. Otaku_Girl says:

    i have 2 agree w/ tsukasa lol man i want a cornet! idk where i can find 1 in the sunshine st8…

  23. konakonaotaku says:

    srry 4 double posting (i must b rlly pissing u off. IT NEVR FAILS-I JUST HAVE 2 MUCH 2 SAY!) but the guys w/ shana…i dont remember his name n i dont feel like going on wikipedia….but isnt he the guy who almost gets eaten by that doll…thingy n shana rescues him??? (boy, this is random)

  24. chips zynga says:

    i may not have said this was interesting just a few years ago yet it is crazy the way years changes the way you perceive different ideas, thank you regarding the piece of writing it really is good to go through something clever now and then instead of the traditional rubbish mascarading as blogs and forums on the net, i’m going to take up a few hands of facebook poker, take care

  25. DubsSuck says:

    Chocolate cornet looks delicious *O*

  26. Mirage isnt it kind of hard to do that with the big ones??
    Haha i just made some of tjere THEY’RE HUGE AND DELICIOUS!!!

  27. I quite enjoy what you submit right here. Particularly insightful and intelligent. One concern though. I’m running Firefox with Debian and parts of your current web design pieces are a little wonky. I realize it’s not a popular set up. But it’s an issue to hold in the mind. I wish that it will probably help and keep the top rated quality writing.

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