I am a Happy Otaku

No, it's not pantsu.

No, it's not pantsu.

This arrived today.



Oh yeah. My very first Dakimakura cover is now in my hands. I will be doing a review of her soon; really wanted to post this because I was just too excited.

Cookies to who ever can guess who the featured character is! :)

22 Responses to I am a Happy Otaku

  1. Roy says:

    Nice,guess I get no cookies since I have no clue :/

  2. louki says:

    Mirai suegana ?

  3. louki says:

    oh, and there’s a mistake in your blogroll. it’s not “sankau” but “sankaku” !


  4. Tony says:

    Wow Actar. actually thought that it’d be pantsu too…;)

    So want one, but Momma would NEVER let me. :(

  5. Sceptile123 says:

    I guess that’s Fate.

  6. I think it might be Fate too. :D

  7. black_sun says:

    0_0 the way u said it, it look like u are going to do perverted thing on it XD

  8. Minaru says:

    Could be Mirai!

    But I don’t think she’s out yet.

    I’ll be adding you to my Blogroll btw. ^_^ I would like to see your reviews and be easily updated about it

  9. KidMangaX says:

    I think it’s gonna be either Fate T. Harlaown or Aisaka Taiga

  10. meimi132 says:

    Is it C.C???

    Either way, yaaayyyy! Me wants ta see it!!

  11. konadora says:

    I see yellow! Fate?

  12. TinyRedMan says:

    i do believe it’s mirai suenaga.. dont fap too much to it..

  13. zenical says:

    I don’t fancy a virtual cookie :P

    yellow.. hm…

  14. Persocom says:

    Taiga or perhaps Index.

  15. justin says:

    Defiantly fate

  16. AK says:

    Man, these guys sure know their dakimakura eh.

  17. MaidNiac says:

    My guess is either Fate, CC hugging Cheese-kun or Shana with a life-size melonpan..

  18. kodomut says:

    Looks like Saber

  19. Leon Lai says:

    Maybe would be Fate in strikerS.

  20. terra says:

    I’m thinking its CC. That yellow thing right there is probably cheese-kun

  21. Chappy says:

    My guess is Feito-chan.

  22. Hatsune Mio says:

    100% its fate..

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