Review: 1/8 Misaka Mikoto and Kuroko Shirai by Kotobukiya

BiriBiri Yuri Goodness!!!

BiriBiri Yuri Goodness!!!

It’s MIKOTO MADNESS!!! More precisely, Misaka Mikoto, the electricity wielding, Level 5 psychic of Academy City from the Novel and Anime To Aru Majutusu no Index. This time, we’ll be taking a look at the figure of her made by Kotobukiya along with a figure of her roommate, kohai and obsessed Yuri partner, Kuroko Shirai made by the same company. Mikoto is definitely my absolute, favourite character of the series and one of my top favourite Tsunderes of all time.



The boxes themselves are pretty awesome. Both of them have the same design, with pictures of the figures on the sides. Absolutely beautiful.



Mikoto comes with a base, an exchangeable hand and an exchangeable hair clip.


Kuroko comes with a base and a removable school bag.


It is interesting to note that while both bases may look similar, the base that is included with Mikoto has a covering at the bottom.

Now, on to the main event! Time to take a look at the figures themselves. This time, I’m using the cardboard backings that came with the figure as a somewhat amateurish photo booth, all be it without the lighting equipment. From the looks of it, it turned out pretty well. I especially like the Mikoto ones as the lightning bolts are really, really fitting.



BiriBiri is sculpted here in a very dynamic pose, getting ready to fire a bolt of electricity.




The ‘electricity’ here is done really well. The translucent light blue plastic really simulates electricity well.


Her first feature comes in the form of an exchangeable hand.

My favourite picture out of the bunch

My favourite picture out of the bunch

Once her hand is swapped, the pose still works surprisingly well! While only the hand is changed, it allows Mikoto to assume another ‘pose’ and it gives another posing option to the figure.





Something that surprised me greatly was the fact that she was firing her signature attack, Railgun. For those of you who don’t know what a Railgun is, check out the Wikipedia article. But basically, she uses electricity to accelerate particles like coins and turn them into deadly projectiles when she fires them at three hundred times the speed of sound. I’m sure it has some applications with Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, but seriously, my head hurts too much to take in any more Physics stuff.

But seriously, just look at the details! She is actually holding a coin.



One of the ways to differentiate Mikoto from her clones is that she wears shorts under her skirt. The figure replicates this as well, to the delight and disappointment of many.


Her schoolbag is also wonderfully detailed and even has the little frog strap.


The base is exceedingly detailed and depicts a battle ravaged road/ground.


The final accessory is her exchangeable hair clip. I would really like to know when she uses the second one, as I’ve only seen her wear the straight one in the Anime. But anyways, the only problem with this figure is this accessory. Putting the hair clip on the figure is a PAIN. It took me at least 15 attempts and a whole half hour to successfully insert the peg into the hole.



The second figure that I’m reviewing today is Kuroko. She’s the reason I took so long before I reviewed Mikoto as they definitely have to be reviewed together.

Kuroko is a Level 4 psychic with the ability to teleport herself, people and objects.

Case in point here. (NSFW)



Her bag accessory, unlike Mikoto’s is removable.


Last but not least, her dart weapons are also accurately portrayed.



These figures are indeed out of the world. They have all the requirements of great figures:

– Fantastic details
– Dynamic and apt poses
– Good and relevant accessories
– Based of awesome characters

So, I would definitely recommend you pick these figures up if you gut the chance. I’m really glad I got both of them because Mikoto and Kuroko go together like bread and butter. What’s more, don’t forget to catch the upcoming adaptation of the side story of To Aru Majutsu no Index:


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun) coming this October, starring Mikoto and Kuroko as the main characters! Awesome.

19 Responses to Review: 1/8 Misaka Mikoto and Kuroko Shirai by Kotobukiya

  1. Miette-chan says:

    Too bad Mikoto was one of those figures that sold out before I new even existed. I managed to get Kuroko, after reading a chapter To Aru Kagaku no Railgun where she battled a psychic I became a fan.

  2. nintendokid says:

    Preatty cool,the figures do have alot of detail into them and i like the accseories and itercancable clips (seems like a HUGE PAIN)

  3. Roy says:

    Pretty good figures,are these the new Koto figures because his older ones weren’t really that good?
    Railgun does look sweet ^^ and the bases are awesome :D
    great review :)

    Oh and don’t think we met before(if we did sorry for asking ^^) but the names Roy ^^ Glad to meet you and will be adding you to me roll ;D

  4. I have the Kotobukiya Index, but it looks like I’ll have to add to my Toaru Majutsu no Index collection now with these. Do you have the Kaori Kanzaki figure as well? Blogrolled you as well.

  5. I much Kuroko here and it’s probably my preference for longer hair. :) The pictures probably have me sold on it.

    Once again the boxes are looking great, and the bases are a nice touch. Always prefer bases like that rather than the plain ones.

  6. Q says:

    Since I know hardly anything of To Aru Majutusu no Index, I would know even less of the two characters here orz

    It’s odd how one of the base has covering underneath while the other doesn’t, but I suppose it’s because one is released 1/2 year later than the other.

    And well, having shorts underneath the skirt is an interesting change to the good ol’ usual right? ^^;

  7. Actar says:

    @ Miette-Chan: Ooh! That sounds so exciting! Too bad I’ll be avoiding the Manga as I won’t want to spoil the upcoming Anime. :)

    @ Nintendokid: You have no idea.

    @ Roy: Yup, the recent ones are really, really good. They have really learnt how to improve the quality of their figures. Also, thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll! I’ve added you as well.

    @ paradigmshift: Ooh! Thanks! I added you as well. Glad to see some folks from DC over here! It’s such an honor! Er, nope… Don’t have the Kanzaki figure yet, though hope to get her in the future if ther is ever a figure of Styil. Still looking to get that Ranka figure though. :)

    @ Anime Figures Toys: The bases are indeed a great touch, especially the Mikoto one.

    @ Q: I really suggest you check out To Aru Majutsu no Index, however, if not, just watch the upcoming Anime staring BiriBiri! :)

  8. ELTboy says:

    I wouldn’t call them great figures but they are decent enough. Personally feels kuroko is better as I am not a fan of the Misaka face and the electricity (don’t look like electricity to me).

    You need more light sources for the photoshoot. At least a reflector. It will make a huge difference to the photos.

  9. Actar says:

    @ ELTboy: Yeah, but I do like the facial expression and it is really something you have to see in person. Could you elaborate on the reflector? I’m a complete amateur when it comes to photography.

  10. Omg. I am a huge fan of both and those figures are pretty cool. Kuroko looks a bit better than biribiri’s one.. I don’t know why, but the hair colour is a bit odd for Mikoto.
    This post makes me really want to get them. :3

  11. sam says:

    omg!both of the figure look cool!especially mikoto!with her lightning bolt hand oh….><

  12. Hi Actar!

    I’m M.Chen from Chile (please check my figure collection on my YT channel (Unlike you, I don’t take them out of the boxes).

    First time when hlj put Mikoto and Kuroko on sale, I let them pass because I got no idea about Railgun.

    However on december I started to watch the show, and I immediately got amazed with Mikoto.

    Fortunately, I was able to get both figures from hlj when they restocked them in december. See you nest time.

    Stgo, Chile
    Jan 08, 2010

  13. konakonaotaku says:


    now if itsuki from TMOHS were included…then that would b really crazy

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