Figures, Figures, Figures!!! (..and Exclusives)



YES. YES. YES!!! After a month of no loot, I was experiencing Figure Cold Turkey. Until today. It’s a shit ton of loot. It’s an avalanche of loot. It’s LOOTAPALOOZA!

Let’s open that box of untold wonders!


One thing about Goody Japan, their packaging is AWESOME. Just look at that. Each item is wrapped with bubble wrap and the box is filled to the brim so that there’s no wastage of space. Marvelous.

I dub thee: Bubble Wrap Mountain

I dub thee: Bubble Wrap Mountain

With the literal mountain of bubble wrap removed, let’s take a look at the entire haul of (early) March.



WOAH! When it rains it pours! Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the stuff that arrived this month. I suppose we should get all the exclusives out of the way first.


Dengeki Exclusive Figma Shana Black Hair Version x 2


Shana here is portrayed in her normal non-flame haired version. Beautiful and stunning. Shana sure is ‘hot’.


The back of the Figma box reveals the usual details and the numerous pictures detailing the figure in various poses and featuring the different accessories she comes with.


Sides of the boxes. Interesting to note that the figure is EX002. EX and SP. What’s the difference? All I know is that Figma Konata Cosplay Ver. was the first EX figure. SP being the figures that are included with the games, namely Haruhi Brave Ver. and Saber Lily. Other SPs are the Geass duo of Lelouch and Suzaku.


Exclusive In Action!! Offshoot Glasgow Kallen Type and Sutherland Cecile Type


These babies are Tamashii online store exclusives. The one on the left is the ‘Badass Mother’ (Gah… English dub…) that Kallen pilots at the beginning of the first season. Customized to suit her needs, this Glasgow is pink.

On the right is the Sutherland that Cecile pilots during the siege of the school during the last few episodes of the first season of Code Geass.


Not only are these two figures special in terms of their distribution, they also have some awesome features and accessories. As can be seen above, the Glasgow Kallen Type can be transformed into the upgraded ‘Renegade’ she pilots in episode 9 of the first season after it took a beating in the fight against the Lancelot. Amazing!!! Two figures for the price of one? NO WAY!

The figure also has such awesomeness like extendable slash harkens.


One of the complaints of the Lancelot figures, be it Mechanical Complete Model or In Action!! Offshoot, is the lack of the ‘Shield Feature’. With this figure, a green shield is included that is compatible with the Lancelot figure! YAY!!!


I do believe I’ve been obsessing over Konata for far too long. This time, I bought 3 of Kallen’s Glasgow (…because she is awesome. Don’t deny it.) and 2 of the Cecile ones. I’m crazy.


Completed Figures

As for completed figures, I got a number of them in this loot.

Nozomu Ezomori by TFC


First up is lovely Nozomu from Ecchi Eccentric Anime: Kanokon. Nozomu really reminds me of Yuki in a way and I love her character much more than ecchi obsessed Chizuru. Keeping in the spirit of the Anime, this figure is evidently CAST OFFABLE to reveal nice (.Y.) though Nozomu’s would probably be a lot smaller.


The box really reminds me of the box of Candy Bikini Shana by Kotobukiya. A gym thingie accessory is included.

Paper Sisters Set from Yujin

Anita - Melee expert of the group

Anita - Close combat expert of the group

As mentioned previously, whenever I fall in love with an Anime, I absolutely HAVE to buy into the figuers. Read or Die (TV + OVA) was no exception. Such an awesome series that revolves around the three main characters, Anita, Michelle and Maggie. These three sisters are paper masters, people who have the ability to manipulate paper to create virtually anything. Razor sharp, stronger than steel blades to Origami Beast Familiars, you name it. Animation, story and fight scene choreography is out of this world.

Michelle and Maggie respectively. Michelle is the Long Range expert while Maggie specializes in Defense and Puppet creation

Michelle and Maggie respectively. Michelle is the Long Range expert while Maggie specializes in Defense and Puppet creation

There were two different companies creating the figures for R.O.D TV. Yujin and Kotobukiya. The Yujin figures seen above are arcade prizes. First of all, let me say that the quality is outstanding for arcade prizes. I personally felt that the figures were more accurate to the show than the Kotobukiya versions. Just as well too. These figures cost less than one third of the Kotobukiya ones. (^.^)


Though I will definitely be doing a review of these tree figures, I have to say that the packaging is really good. The backs are all unique to the figure. Sadly, two of the packages are slightly busted due to the age, but I was going to open them anyway.

1/8 Kallen Kozuki by AlphaXOmega


Yup. We’ve seen her before in my ‘Good Service’ post. Truth be told this figure, the Wii game and the VF-25F figure didn’t come together with this loot, but arrived in January. I thought I’d feature them together with this post as they didn’t get their chance to bask in the limelight.


Without a doubt, the most gorgeous figure of Kallen to date. (Not counting the one of a kind Custom that I own). Beautifully sculpted in such a dynamic pose wearing her bunny outfit. But wait… where’s her ears?


There they are… on my external HDs.


Trading Figures

What would a loot be without trading figures?

Movable Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! Chidori and Tessa


Being a hypocritical cheapskate, I only got two out of the entire set of 8. Chidori and Tessa. This series of trading figures features joints that allows the figures to be posed freely. Very Figma/Revoltech esque. Great stuff. We don’t usually see such intricate trading figures.

Figure Meister Haruhi Bunny Girl 3 random figures


They looked kinda cool. So I couldn’t resist getting a few. Seeing them in person, the figure is simply exquisite. Not only is the (Insert random Haruhi character name here) Bunny Girl figure neatly crafted, the figure is displayed in a plastic case, complete with backdrop and flooring. Amazing. Extremely high quality.

Negima!? Figumate Box of 10 (Special Edition)


I had to get this. Why? Because it was on sale… erm… cough… I mean, because of my boundless love for Negima!


There are ten boxes included . The special edition includes a special body with each figure.


Other Stuff

Once again, you’d have probably seen my review on my channel of these but I just wanted to feature them in a loot post even though I got these two in January.

DX Chogokin VF-25F Valkyrie by Bandai


Seeing that I’ve been typing for quite awhile now, do forgive me as I let the video review do my ‘talking’.

Suzumiya Hauhi no Gekidou + Fraulein Revoltech Haruhi Figure


…and finally, we arrive at the last item in my loot. The famous dancing game for the Wii does include the Fraulein Haruhi figure. I have tons to say about Revoltech dipping into franchises that have already been used by other companies and product lines coughfigmacough.

I really do have a lot to say about the two figures and will do a written review (hopefully). But for now please watch the following:

Whether I’ll do a review on the Dancing Game is yet another unsolved mystery.

There we have it. As for some minor updates, I do have a lot of things planned for my Blog and my YouTube Channel, namely my Actar’s Review series. However, as mentioned before, this is a year where I’ll be bogged down by exams. So, we’ll see how that goes.

Some of the things I want to do:

– 1000 subscriber special give away

– A number of reviews

– 100th video special

Looking at the list, I’ll most likely be combining the Giveaway, the 1000 subscriber video and the 100th video special all into one awesome video. Wow. Yeah. I should do that.



As for the exclusives: Shana and the two exclusive In Action!! Offshoot figures, if you are interested in purchasing them from me, do drop me a line @

Special priority goes to those who are Actar’s Reviews watchers or Actar’s Blog readers.



Well, that’s about it. So, see you in the next post guys. (^o^)

25 Responses to Figures, Figures, Figures!!! (..and Exclusives)

  1. Q says:

    Oh my goodness, just when I’ve started regretting not getting black hair Shana (the promo pics did NOT do her justice IMO), and now you’ve got 2 of them. 2 of them!!!! ._.

    It looks like I will have a hard time searching for one just like the time I had with figma Fate. Argh why why why! >_<

  2. Actar says:

    @ Q: I could sell you one if you’d like… contact me @

  3. Tenrou says:

    Ooo…I like the Haruhi bunny and Negima Figumate…what’s the special body that comes with the box, though?

  4. enish says:

    Whew…you sure bought a lot of figurines! I can’t imagine myself getting all those figures in one sitting. It would be too overwhelming for me ^^;.

    I’m addicted to trading figurines. They don’t burn a hole in my wallet and the best ones look so meticulously detailed! I try to grab trading figures of characters from my favorite series when I have the chance.

  5. B_Seven says:

    How do you get the exclusives?

  6. You should do a video review of the code geass figures on youtube.

  7. rotaku says:

    Awsome loot.A lot of nice figures..

  8. Q says:

    Actar, I’ve sent you an email already. Hope it reaches you.

  9. gordanham says:

    Great Haul actar! How much are you going to sell the In Action!! Offshoot’s for? Also are you going to sell one of the Shanas?

  10. neosonic says:

    wow… how much did you spend for that???
    My biggest spending for one loot is only $300.
    … I suspect that I will spend at least $1000 for this one..
    Man… I am surprised…

  11. neosonic says:

    oo yea… zangetsu are out this month.. you will get that one too, right? (I know you ^^). Have you put preorder for lancelot albion yet?
    I’ll grab that one for sure too.

  12. Nehemiah says:

    I agree you should do a AFR on the Code Geass figures and if or when you get Zangetsu and Lancelot Albion you should do a Review on them as well I hope I can get them as well.

  13. konadora says:

    How did you get 2 black-hair shanas ;__;

  14. Actar says:

    @ neosonic: Not really, only around 500 I think.

    @ Nehemiah: Definitely!

    @ Konadora: Placed an order for 2 :)

  15. Chrissy says:

    wow that bunny haruhi is that small? well i have to say she is cool in that little box,now you can keep her safe as long as you want!

  16. matthew says:

    that is one big shopping list LOL : 3

  17. sam says:

    what a nice shana box!XD

  18. sam says:

    wow actar!you buy it whole set?

  19. chocopup says:

    All your figmas in your collection are just amazing, I have a Hatsune Miku figma, and some Lucky Star ones are going to arrive soon. I wish I could have all those figmas like you…anyway, happy collecting!

  20. Dysx says:

    i just so love ur anime collection , im gonna try get the lucky star figmas and alot of anime toys and figures

  21. Otaku_Girl says:

    i h8 2 say this, but i m starting 2 get into frauline revoltech (havnt bought n e yet-that would b betrayal)

  22. Otaku_Girl says:

    no offence actar -_^

  23. konakonaotaku says:

    lot of stuff…head hurts….T^T*

  24. Letmewatchthis…

    i admire what you have carried out here. i like the piece the place you say you are undertaking this to give back but i would believe by all the responses that is operating for you as nicely. do you have any far more data on this?…

  25. primewire says:

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    thus i got here to return the choose?.I’m attempting to in finding things to enhance my website!I guess its good enough to make use of a few of your concepts!!

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