Good Service!


An example of BAD service

In this modern society, good service is hard to find. Thankfully, there are still companies like HLJ that care for their customers.


For those of you who frequent DC, you’d may have read my post featuring the pic above. For the benefit of those who haven’t, the story goes like so:

About a week and a half ago, Disappointment filled my heart when I received my Megahouse/AlphaXOmega figure of Kallen Kouzuki. Long time fans would know that I’m a crazy Kallen Fanboy and was really looking forward to this figure. I mean, this is such an awesome figure in SO MANY ways.

But I digress and the review will be coming later.

The disappointment above came from the fact that the figure, although MINT IN SEALED BOX, was missing her Bunny Ear Accessory. Since the accessory is important to the figure, I asked HLJ about this and received this response:

We’re very sorry to hear about this problem – we’ll contact MegaHouse to try to get replacement ears for you.

Since this is the first time something like this has happened I didn’t know what to do or what HLJ was going to do. So, I decided to give them a few days and just went and started watching one of the most awesome Animes that I have watched in awhile:


Then, the following day, I was pleasantly surprised that an item ‘Megahouse Part’ was shipped to me via SAL.


I for one, couldn’t believe the speed at which this was carried out. Something important that I should mention is that the postage was free of charge as well.


ONE WEEK LATER… and after finishing R.O.D TV, a box arrived at my doorstep.


What a big box. That was my first reaction.


Upon opening the box, I was greeted to the sight of a smaller package in the midst of a bunch of bubble packets.


Retreating to my room, the analysis of the box began. As can be seen above, the box was wrapped with a printed copy of the letter I sent in to HLJ. The entire thing was shrink wrapped.


Bottom of the pack, nothing to report.


Notice the stamp ‘’.


The box that was used was evidently meant for some form of Acrylic Paint for Tamiya models.


Time to open the box!


Packing peanuts and… my missing accessory! Tada! I could almost imagine:

Don't forget the catchy jingle!

Don't forget the catchy jingle!

Bunny Ear Headband acquired! Character’s Kawaii factor increased by 291 points!!!


But seriously, in conclusion, I can say that I was extremely pleased with the entire affair. Let me sum up everything for you:

Customer Service: Quick and efficient
Shipping Charges: Non existent
Packaging: Extremely well done and the part was overly protected in my opinon

I know that not all online stores have good customer service as can evidenced from the ton of ‘horror stories’ that can be found on forums and the like. So, this whole experience shows that HLJ’s customer service is something that can be commended and deserves to be emulated. Outstanding job guys.

15 Responses to Good Service!

  1. nintendokid says:

    cool,its always good when custormer service goes well

    unfortuntly the uks shop use companys from othr countries help lines so it cost tons and takes 1 hour to get a refund on a card….

    but thats cool,when ever i brake stuff(like my guitar hero that i broke the whole of my cymobl and half of the stand leg,i asked for a replacment 2 day later its here but it still broken cause they sent me a replacment cymobl part no wires, i then send it off and even though it was trashed they took it back thats why i postponed my blog on that artcle but im gonna stuff that and get a xbox 360) i always replace it by sending it back,lost my megaron animatd bullet ( silly thay give 1) got a new megatron,then found the bullet in my suitcase

    heres a rasist custmoer service joke (NOT MENT TO OFFEND ANYONE!!!JUST OFF FAMILY GUY)this is in 1940

    BLACK GUY 1:damm white guy !
    BLACK GUY 2:how we gonna et back at them….i know

    2 years later

    Black guy 2:what do u think of my white guy destroyer
    Black guy 1: it says D-M-V

  2. nintendokid says:

    i think that kallen is the best of the bunny kallens

    shes hot enough already but wow…leathal and atractive

    i wish i could get them but first of all i cant aaford it ( i can now but i couldnt b4 my b-day)
    the other bunny kallen looks crap

    i like the shirley swinsuit 1 aswell,but i dont see why they made the vielleta 1 ,i mean a 20-somthing year old black teacher in a suit like that………

    i dowloaded a few dousijns and i have 1 thats amazing (not just cause of eroge)and it made me have a total difrent prespective on shirley

    i like kallen better with this hair ,wt about u

    4 got in last post
    dont u think big companys that make millions really dont care but companys like this are really nice and help quickly and give you the replacements extreamly well ackaged

    my sis b-day in jan we got a free game of lasr quest beacause the employe messed up and shouted at 5 f the kids:)

  3. ELTboy says:

    This Kallen figure is very nice although I am still hoping to get a decent figure of Kallen in her guren pilot suit.

    I remmeber reading a post on DC about someone’s QG Alice who came with her tail missing. Believe it was from HLJ too. The person contacted HLJ as well and in the end got an entire new Alice figure in return from Alpha Omega!

    Anyway, HLJ FTW!

  4. Q says:

    Wow with a big box to store a little accessory/part, HLJ does seem to really care a lot for its cutsomers. I don’t actually know about their customer service can be that good. :o

  5. rotaku says:

    Wow….Impressed indeed

  6. lolipedofin says:

    was recently pissed with HLJ’s shipping policy….

    I ordered 3 figures in one invoice to them, the price was below 15,000 yen, so i opted for SAL shipment, my main reason using their service…. Then i had them shipped, what blown me was they charged me 3,600 yen for the shipping cost! I almost fell off my chair…

    I quickly mailed them and complain, saying that due to ‘some’ situation they have to ship them using SAL Parcel, and it’s likely that they have mistake with the shipping cost. Still pissed.

    Then the item arrive, and to my surprise, and HLJ’s reprieve, one of the figure i ordered, was one huge GSC’s Tohsaka Rin in Kaleido-Ruby outfit. Which is likely to be the reason for the SAL Parcel shipment. It’s a huge ass 1/6 (didn’t notice the scale, i thought it was 1/8) figure, that weigh a ton (figuratively).

    Still (a bit) pissed for 3 reasons though, they should have change their policy of able to change shipment without notice and contact me before they suddenly chose to ship using SAL Parcel, secondly SAL Parcel is not even listed in their shipment options, and for my shipment, it’s actually cheaper using EMS! and third, they could have broken this into 2 shipments and keep using the normal SAL shipment.

    Well all in all, i’m just glad i got Rin’s figure, alongside Saber’s figma. Saber figma is hard to find today, while Rin’s Figure is just bitchingly impossible to locate anywhere for today.

  7. Dee says:

    “Packaging: Extremely well done”

    My god you gotta be kidding me.
    That is so wasteful and unnecessarily damages the environment.

  8. pupil says:

    @lolipedofin… for SAL, HLJ has a policy of the size of the item too. If it exceeds that, HLJ won’t ship it by SAL, although we requested it by SAL.

    I’m a HLJ customer too. And so far, I’m pleased with their service. Well, except the shipping was a bit long at the end of last year.

    The best thing about HLJ is, they allow us to reserve their sale item, and pay it later in sale price, although it is no longer in sale at that time.

  9. Zani says:

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  10. konadora says:

    Lol never happened to me. Not yet anyway. Btw, the opening picture. Is that Pepper Lunch at Takashimaya? I frequent there on fridays.

  11. konadora says:

    Oh wait, on closer look, it isn’t. :P

  12. […] We’ve seen her before in my ‘Good Service’ post. Truth be told this figure, the Wii game and the VF-25F figure didn’t come together with this […]

  13. Minaru says:

    Wow that’s so great!

    It’s nice to know there are online stores we can trust.

  14. MaidNiac says:

    Cooly~ Now with that big box, you can now make more variations of Box Gundam cosplay…

  15. konakonaotaku says:

    i wonder wat kyon would look like w/ the bunny ears… ^.^;

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