When School Reopens, Plan Your Vacation!

Da dum~ The last two notes of Hare Hare Yukai just ring in my ears when I see this pose.

Da dum~ The last two notes of Hare Hare Yukai just ring in my ears when I see this pose.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS (Click ‘Read the rest of this entry’)

Well, just as Shana has to eat Melonpan, School has to start. However, like any dark cloud, there is always a sliver lining. This year will be my final year of Junior College or perhaps High School as commonly known elsewhere in the world.

First, what’s the relevance of the Haruhi pic? Well, I finally finished setting up the Figma display in my New Shelves. Here’s another pic!


Hope you guys find it alright. (^.^;)


Now, back to the main topic.

There will be a extremely long holiday after my national exams. What this means is that, after the big national exam this year end, I’ll have my sights set on setting off on my pilgrimage to Japan! The only question is, which event should I go to:

– Wonderfest?

– Comiket?

The FIVE HOUR QUEUE which is a rite of passage for all Otaku.

The FIVE HOUR QUEUE which is a rite of passage for all Otaku.

The two events, though both held at the shrine of Otakudom, Tokyo Big Sight (pictured above), is very different. Wonderfest is mainly about Figures. Both amateurs and huge companies display their latest products in Completed Models and Figures of Mecha and Anime Girls.

You might or might not have heard about the recent escalator malfunction accident at Wonderfest, causing the Winter event for this year to be canceled. Hopefully, next year’s event won’t be affected. If you have any news regarding the future of Wonderfest, do comment and let me know.

Comiket however, is mainly about, well, comics. Doujinshi to be more precise. Thousands of Doujin fans flock to Big Site on these three magical days at the end of the year to buy Doujin. What’s the attraction of Doujin? Although Doujin is a term for Fan-Created stuff, the main draw of Comiket is the sale of Ero Doujin (well, and the Cosplay). Of course, there wil be other fan made items like Keychains, Games (Magical Battle Arena for example), Posters and Pencil Boards. Figure companies will be there to display their upcoming products, but in a considerably smaller amount than at Wonderfest.

My horrible explanation of what the two events are don’t do it justice at all. If you are curious as to what they exactly are, do search around as there are tons of posts about Comiket. This excellent introduction to Comiket is from the official English Comiket site. If you are too lazy, why not sit back and experience Comiket through the following Anime?

Episode 3 and many others.


Episode 12


Episode 6




Note that Haruka has a very similar reaction to Kagami. Are all girls like this? Oh, wait… Konata. (=.=)

These Anime adaptations of Comic Market do give (I think) a rather accurate representation of what the event is like.


...with reference to Comiket.

...with reference to Comiket.

The advantage of going to Comiket is that I will be able to stay for the new year and visit the one and only Washinomiya Shrine. For those of you who don’t know, the Shrine is where the Hiiragi Twins work at in the Series Lucky Star. This year, they had an awesome new-year event. I really hope they will be able to hold a similar event next year which I would gladly attend.

Do pick your recommendation as I would gladly document my visit and either Blog about it or make another ART (Actar’s Road Trips) video. But no matter which event I go to, I’ll definitely be getting 10 of every Limited Edition item they will offer. A famous favourite from a previous Wonderfest that was limited to 5000:



Now, for some updates.

As school will be starting, I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update this blog since my updates during the holidays are already so irregular. If you’d like to find me, I can always be found on my YouTube Channel. The comments box is for everyone. I constantly check there everyday and will reply to any questions or feedback as most regular visitors to my channel would know. Danny Choo.com is my next favourite hangout.

I’ve bought a number of new things, though I won’t be doing a new loot post yet as I’m still waiting for stuff to arrive in the mail.

Chinese New Year is approaching with lightning speed. Hope to post about that when the time comes for the reunion dinner with my folks. Can’t wait!

14 Responses to When School Reopens, Plan Your Vacation!

  1. garturo62 says:

    cool I think you should go to Wonderfest and cool display.

  2. nintendokid says:

    I love the harhui and figma pics they look aswome as ur bckground!
    Ohhh tuff choice ……im gonna have to say wonderfest , it seems more ofical and has figures and merchandies,also alot of exclusizves,while comiketseems,more of a extra merchanises event were most fan made stuff is sold also ( im under 18 so i really cant buy much at comiket) most of it is doujisn (ero aswell) so i would go for WF

    Although the escaltor incedent was funny you have to admit there were alot of otakus on that escaltor,: )

    Ture that waiting for that is a write of passage but i could never stand that i would be so anyoing i cant even wait in the cafteria at skool let alone when im excited at a convention!
    Kagamis reaction actully seemed like she was disturbed but haruka seemed more amazed at the intesity ,i have very little dojuisn ( most of them are eros so i cant get many) but i do have a feww good quality 1s that are eros but i prefer online than actully buying…

    I never realised that scence in the LS opening aswome!
    I was so happy when i got my WF konata its now my fav figma and most precious figure…….(LofTR refrence) my precious ….my precoiuos

  3. Ubiquitial says:

    Comiket is a must. The cosplay is amazing, and it is really, a sacred site. Comiket > wonderfest^10

  4. Persocom says:

    Well judging by how much your wrote about Comiket and how little you wrote about Wonderfest, I’d say go for Comiket, it seems you’d get more out of it also, being able to visit the shrine ^^

    Personally I’d go to Wonderfest to score figures and stuff, as ero manga is putting people in jail over here a bit more than I’d like to risk.

  5. Rin says:

    I think you should go to Comiket…I went and I must say it is something an otaku must experience…
    The Washinomiya shrine is a great place to visit as I did go in along with Comiket this past summer…
    The shrine I must say so peaceful!!!!! At the shrine on a summer day…so nice…
    I would love to see the shrine on new years!!!!!

  6. Q says:

    Hmph I guess it depends on what you prefer more: figures or doujin. I personally don’t read much manga or doujin, so Comiket hasn’t been as appealing as Wonderfest, and the queue there will be massive. To be honest I am not too sure how WF is like though as I haven’t read much about it… orz

  7. strawberrybankai12 says:

    i have interest in both manga and figures but wonderfest just seems amazing so its wonderfest for me

  8. M1sfit says:

    Good luck with your A Levels, I am only just entering JC. How many wallets will be dead by the time you finish such a trip to Japan?

  9. enish says:

    I think you should go to Comiket. It’s the mecca of all things otaku. I also think it’s a good way to get used to being in Japan’s large crowds in small spaces.

  10. Chinatsu says:

    This looks amazing. (: My boyfriend recently bought me the Mikuru Figma. I think my reaction would be the same as Haruka and Konata, hehe. (: Have a good New Year!

  11. Quen says:

    Congrats on nearing the end of school, Actar. I was surprised to read you’re finishing up Junior College – for some reason I thought you were quite a bit older.

    I hope you’ll enjoy Comiket when you get the chance to go, it really is a marvel to experience for an otaku, and you’re not likely to be disappointed.

    I’d say those anime’s displays of Comiket are accurate enough – the huge crowds certainly are, at least.

  12. Actar says:

    @ Quen: Ooh! Thanks for the advise and comment. Your not the first to mistake me for someone older. :)

  13. konakonaotaku says:

    i luv the lucky star pic! lol kagami n her magazines

    after i publish my book i m gnna go 2 japan n celebr8 by buying every figma appealing 2 the eyes!

  14. konakonaotaku says:

    i luv the lucky star pic! lol kagami n her magazines

    after i publish my book i m gnna go 2 japan n celebr8 by buying every figma appealing 2 the eyes! (as long as my budget matches my weak willpower -_^)

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