Review: Code Geass Exclusive: Lancelot Launch Key USB Thumb Drive





Here we are! This is one of the exclusives that I have been waiting for for months! Direct from Japan, here’s the replica of the Launch Key of the Knightmare Frame, Lancelot. Not only that, this is a 2GB USB Thumb Drive!

I’ve also done a video review that’s embedded at the end of the page.


When you first remove the bubblewrap, you are greeted by a very beautiful slip case. On the front, we have the name “Lancelot Start up Key USB Memory”, the Knight of Rounds logo, the Code Geass R2 Logo. There is also a short text describing a new rebellion happening in 2018 a.t.b. and of Suzaku’s destiny.


At the back, we see what operating system the software included and the USB deivice can run on. The contents are also listed.

You can also see that there is a ‘sunrise’ sticker at the bottom right conner. This proves that it is an officially licensed merchandise.

The following few pics are screencaps. I had to take these pics using the video mode as the flash kept ruining the shinyness of the box and the key itself, making it look much darker than it actually is in person as can be seen below…

Beautiful, simply gorgeous.

Beautiful, simply gorgeous.



Not so...

Once the slip case is removed, you’ll see that the cover of the box is similar to the slip case. However, this time, it is in a very beautiful gold color. There are some added stylised markings at the corners. I absolutely love the black and gold design and the book style packaging. LOVE IT!


We also have the name of the product at the side.


Nothing much at the back except the company names.


Once the cover is flipped open, a portrait of Suzaku and a brief bio, printed entirely in gold, leaps into your eyes, along with the Key, of course.


Other stuff that are included:


is an instruction manual and an USB extension cable.



This startup key, being a replica, is actual sized. The entire casing is made gold plated metal. The casting is fantastic and there is not a flaw on it. The lanyard is made of a rubbery/clothy material. Kinda hard to describe…


As can be seen, there is a snap on grey cap to protect the USB contacts and to make the key look more show accurate.


…and here it is connected to my laptop. This is the epitome of cool.

See the similarity?

See the similarity?

Disappointingly, the LED DOES NOT light. Le Cries.


There are various things included in the thumb drive itself. Let’s take a look see.


When you first plug in the Key, depending on your settings, the autoplay will pop up. Since my com’s unicode is set to Jap, the name of the thumb drive: Lancelot StartUp Key USB Memory.


The Internet Browser will pop up and if you have an Active X blocker, just click yes to run the program.




After clicking yes, a flash movie will begin to play. What is that movie you ask? Well, it’s the Lancelot OS Startup sequence of course! There are the above 3 sections to the movie, the password entering screen, the Lancelot Startup screen and the machine check screen. Very apt movie indeed. This could have been perfect, HOWEVER, there were no sound effects at all… I know that the actual startup sequence doesn’t have any sounds in the Anime, but it would have been great if they could have included some audio of the actual Knightmare revving to life. Oh, well.


We then arrive at the main screen where you can access the various included wallpapers. Click them to enlarge then ‘right click, save’ to well, save. There is an easier way though.




Since it’s a normal 2 GB USB Thumb Drive, access it through ‘My Computer’ or else where. We have the startup movie, wall papers, Knight of Rounds icon and other autorun/unrelated stuff. If you do get this, do back everything up. Episode 6 of Code Geass R2 is not included.


Right, some of you know that there is also a replica of the Lancelot Key included with the Prop Plus Suzaku figure by Bandai. How does that compare with this one?


One of the most obvious differences is the color. The USB Drive is completely shiny, reflective gold while the Prop Plus one has a matte gold finish and only the key ring is shiny. I can’t really say which is more accurate as shiny things are usually portrayed as matte in Anime. The Shiny finish is really impressive though.

Both of them have non working blue LEDs.

The second most noticable difference it the connector. The accuracy of the USB Thumb Drive is definitely sacrificed for the USB head.


While the sizes are exactly alike, both being 1:1 replicas, the USB Drive is almost twice as thick as the Prop Plus one.


Last but not least, the straps/lanyards are different. The USB one is longer and made of a rubbery cloth material. The Prop Plus one is made of normal plastic.




This USB Thumb Drive can be bought from BIGLOBE’s, one of the largest internet online service provider in Japan, online store for a WALLET=BREAKING 9240 yen.

Since this is a Japan only exclusive, you’ll have to use a proxy service. Although it will be a tad more expensive, man is it worth it.


In conclusion… er…. How am I going to put this? I guess Pros and Cons would do.

But first, I did a rough translation of the director’s comments about the product as can be seen above in the product page. Note that this is only a very basic translation an I am in no way saying that this is an exact quote.

Director’s Comments:

I have been wanting to see a product like this for three years. I have always looked at USB Devices and have wanted them to appear in an Anime. When I was in a meeting at the start of the Code Geass Project, there were no car keys for the Knightmare Frames. I thought they’d be unnatural and thought of USB devices. We apologise for making you guys wait for this long-awaited product. Biglobe did the marketing and we are very thankful.

Alright. Let’s move on to my conclusions!

PROS !(^o^)!

– Awesome replica!
– Fantastic detail and craftsmanship.
– Great combination! USB + Lancelot Key! (The director did say that he originally planned for this.)
– A GORGEOUS box that allows you to display your Key and remove it whenever you want.
– Includes the startup movie and wallpapers.
– Makes you look cool in front of other Geass fans!

CONS .-‘(>.<)’-.

– A tad expensive and kinda hard to acquire.
– Only 2GB worth of memory…
– No sounds with flash movie.
– No LED.
– Cheaper alternative available -> Prop Plus

As to which one is more accurate, I can’t really say… The only main difference is the thickness and if you base accuracy on that, I’d say the Prop Plus is more accurate. The key that is seen in the opening:


…and of course the head of the Prop Plus is more accurate as it does not have to accomodate a USB connector.


It may be just me, but I believe that this is one of the greatest Code Geass non-figure merchandise out there. I was looking forward to this so much and it did not disappoint! If you are a true fan, do not let this slip by you! The Key is an exclusive, so get yours while you still can!

Now… where’s my Guren key?


50 Responses to Review: Code Geass Exclusive: Lancelot Launch Key USB Thumb Drive

  1. nintendokid says:

    I knew it was an exlusizve but wow i thought somthing like a new figure but i know why it took so long it simply looks fantastic its aswome and its a gr8 replica but 10,000 yen thats 160 USD! mabey when im in collage but that looks frekin aswome i wish i had 1

  2. Persocom says:

    Looks awesome and that’s cool that it has extras included like wallpapers. I’m a Code Geass fan but I really don’t have the money to be blowing on something like this. If I did I’d probably pick one up. I’d prefer a key to the Gurren myself though. I am in need of a new USB and something like this would be cool to have. Wallet breaker is right though, and unfortunately that’s where I have to draw the line.

  3. aquilla says:

    I’m not a fan og code geass, but I think that’s a very cool usb stick and I looooove this shinyness of it, so purdy.

    Such a shame the led doesn’t light up thug =(

  4. Ubiquitial says:

    Aren’t they coming out with a guren one too?

  5. ether says:

    dammit this is so expensive. the Chinese people will do something about this LOL

  6. ELTboy says:

    This is really awesome! Wished I could get one…but its way too expensive for me :( Maybe…just maybe…if there’s one for guren I will be tempted….

  7. […] is featured gives me hope that it will be turened into a USB Thumb Drive just like the Lancelot Launch Key, which I have a review […]

  8. alafista says:

    Totally too expensive for my taste. But I’m glad you love it. ^^

  9. Anonymous says:

    hey actar im a huge fan of actars code geass figure reviews, is there a guren start-up key? ^-^

  10. Anonymous says:

    can you pleas make a code geass figure review on youtube in 2 days, if YES THANK YOU! ^o^;

  11. actar says:

    @ alafista: I do indeed love it! Yup. I had to forgo about 2 figures that month… Darn exclusives are so expensive…

    @ Anon 1: Currently, no. Hopefully, they’d make one. I love the Guren (and Kallen) so much more than the Lancelot.

    @ Anon 2: A Code Geass figure review? What would I review? Many reviews are already up there including the Figma Lelouch, numerous In Action!! Offshoot figures and a model or two. There’s also the review of the Code Geass DVD set and DS Game. :)

    Don’t worry, when the Gawain and the Guren Flight Type are released, I’ll be making reviews.

  12. OMG SHINY KEY!!!!!!Can i have the flat one if you dun want it?

  13. Atashi says:

    So friggin’ overpriced! Really, 2GB shouldn’t be more than $20 nowadays, or even $10.
    I love your review. Now I know that the USB key is awesome, though not the most accurate replica. XD I have the Prop Plus key, too, along with the Prop Plus Black King chess piece.

    Indeed, now all we need is a Guren Mk-II cigarette lighter USB key.

  14. kenleewrites says:

    All you have to do now, is find a lancelot to drive!

  15. merozero says:

    Oh, I totally want this ;_; By the way, that would make a nice expensive present for an geass fan for christmas.. huhu.. your review is really good. I really would like to buy it, but I don’t have a proxy, I can’t order in the internet and I am not aloud to pay via paypal I’m from germany blah blah.. But the price aside, I would use this as my little usb lucky charm. Even without without the geass aspect it’s kinda… QUALITY WOAH.

  16. Q says:

    lol 英雄難過美人關

    Now I know what to use to strike against the Empire~ :P

  17. Q says:

    LOL wrong comment on wrong blog.

    But back to the topic, I’m impressed how you’ve got this. It must have been really hard to get for overseas people like us. Btw is it really gold-plated? It does look very shiny though. The comparison with the Prop plus one is also quite interesting. It’s hard to say which one is more accurate, but I too would prefer the blinger one~

  18. actar says:

    @ kenleewrites: Yup. I sure do! Actually, this would be really cool as one of those USB key things where you’d have to plug the USB into your computer before startup to access it. Nice lens BTW!

    @ merozero: I’m sure that if you keep searching, it will pop up somewhere… Though not being able to buy one off the internet can be problematic. Yup, it is indeed QUALITY. :)

    @ Q: Interesting first comment! That aside, it was quite the experience getting this. It was my first time ordering via proxy and was first worried if the order will get through. Evidently it did, and the rest is history!

    I don’t think it is actually ‘gold plated’… More like thropies and stuff… But I could be wrong… (^o^);

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  20. zenical says:

    wow, too expensive for me, but glad you love it XD. I will settle for a figurine instead XD. Haha. I hate it when stuff are only available in Japan!

  21. gordon says:

    from Q

    lol 英雄難過美人關

    Now I know what to use to strike against the Empire~ :P

    lol i think this comment was meant for my EOY blog post. XD

  22. Calidevil says:

    I hella wanna buy the lancelot key. I have the money, and i went to the website, I dont know how to read Japanese nor use a proxy, Can someone help me order it please

  23. Azulete says:

    OMG! I REALLY WANT THIS! But sadly I have no idea where I can acquire all that money… Someday I wiil!

  24. Rasiel Lou says:

    where’d you buy it?? Please do tell!! ^^

  25. Geassfan says:

    What is a proxy system how do I get the proxy system and how do I use the proxy system …….Actar please could you post a video of that on your YouTube for all of those people and me on how to do that?

  26. Actar says:

    @ Rasiel Lou: I did say in the article. :)

    @ Geassfan: Not as hard or uncommon as you think. Just go to to find out more.

  27. Rasiel Lou says:

    Sorry, I was just gazing at the images! ^^

    Hmm.. So you need a proxy, how do you do that??
    How much is it in US Dollars? (Me: Not from America)

  28. Geassfan says:

    Thanks actar

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  31. […] An indepth review of it is available at Actar’s blog. […]

  32. Aya says:

    Where did you get the prop!?

    lol I want to buy the prop one… XD

  33. syntax equation R2 says:

    steep, but reasonable.

    the case, thats money. the extra adapter, thats moolah. and it is made of gold plated titanium. what do you expect???

    i may say that they opted mot to attatch an LED light because it will be wayyyyyy too steep that time. for this, you fork a lot of cash, but its worth it.

  34. pockyXD says:

    Great review! I hope i can get one of these babies some day T.T

    Why make Actar give only you the file content in the flash drive? He should share it to all of us :D lol

  35. karl william says:

    hey dude san mo nabili yan????

  36. Lah Brutie says:

    I can’t stop thinking about this USB, some days I find it too expensive for me, but there are other days when I feel like I really need it… I guess I’ll buy myself a nice birthday present :P

  37. dm says:

    can you send me the “Lancelot OS Startup sequence” file
    i guess it’s the Flash file “launcher.swf”

  38. John Linder says:

    Tech Question:

  39. Otaku_Girl says:

    geass is hot ♥♥♥♥

  40. Otaku_Girl says:

    oops i mean lelouch ♥♥♥♥

  41. Antonio says:

    can I have a copy of the flash movie of that USB thumb drive

  42. Akira says:

    i do want to know the price and where to aquire and stuff

  43. Michael says:

    where i buy this Lancelot Launch Key USB Thumb Drive and how much this?

  44. Ding says:

    Please send me a copy of the launcher.swf

  45. kyorai says:

    T_T actar-san…..if possible can you send me a copy of the lancelot launcher movie if onlny possible..thanks

  46. Shark says:

    how to get that?…i really want it!!

  47. kat says:

    The link dosn’t work!!! D: please tell me how I can get this!!

  48. Moshi Moshi says:

    hi, check this link that i have seen, this is a must see for anime fanatics like us…. lots of usb flash drive!

  49. anime news says:

    anime news…

    […]Review: Code Geass Exclusive: Lancelot Launch Key USB Thumb Drive « Actar’s Reviews – The Blog[…]…

  50. Francesco says:

    Does anyone have a link to buy this usb?

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