Review: 1/35 Mechanic Collection: Vincent by Bandai

Rolo needs a better outfit.

Everything looks better in Gold.

After completing the Guren Nishiki Model, I decided to get another model kit to pass the time productively (according to me…). What better model to get than Rolo’s Personal Knightmare Frame, the Vincent.

If you know me, you would know that I don’t really like model kits that much. Compared to factory produced Completed Action Figures, models are usually of inferior quality when finished. Unless of course you are a professional that has all the relevant skills to produce a masterpiece.

That being said, I have a few specific issues with model kits.

1. They are most of the time not show accurate in terms of colours unless painted,
2. They are a hastle to complete.
3. They are fragile.

Now, what then, convinced me to purchase these Code Geass Models?

1. I’m a obsessed fan of the series.
2 The colors of the Knightmare Frames are simple and thus, the models can accurately portray them with little effort.
3. The Vincent does not have a Completed Figure counterpart.

But I digress. I know you want the review, so here it is.

The Box

Front (top of article)


Side A + C

Side B (1/2)

Side B (2/2)

Side D (1/2)

Side D (2/2)

Just like the other Code Geass model kits (and supposedly Gundam ones as well), the sides contain a lot of information on the model, its features and the actual character itself. Notice that there are a couple of screenshots from the actual show accompaning the pictures of the model. This is to supposedly boast the model’s accuracy to the actual character model in terms of design and features. Lastly, I would just like to note that for models, they always take pictures of an expertly completed model. This means that the actual product would be considerably different, most noticeably the painted Rolo figure vs. the unpainted one that you get. The right side of Side B (2/2) shows a picture of the actual model and its accessories.

It is also great to see that the flight pack of the Lancelot Air Cavalry/Conquesta is compatible with the Vincent. Sadly, the Vincent never uses that particular type of Float Pack in the Anime itself.

The Mannual

The Building

Work in Progress.

WIP: Work in Progress.

The above picture is the only one I took during the model building process. At that point in time, I was still on the fence as to whether I would be writing a review. So, the tools I use are:

– Pliers
– Nail Clippers
– Ipod

Pliers are used to get the pieces free from the runners (the frame thing). Though unconventional, I have discovered that Nail Clippers are really effective in removing those little bits of plastic that are left jutting out from the parts. If you know of any other more effective and efficient method of doing this, pleasetell me. Besides, Nail Clippers don’t remove the marks, just the extra plasic.

Gettai! (Well, in a minute.)

Gettai! (Well, in a minute.)

Here are all the completed parts of the model. From here on, the model does start to resemble the Knightmare Frame that we all know and hate love. Personally, I like to work on every individual section and combine them at the very end in one epic moment. But that’s just me.

Completed Model


Dekimashta! With a Needle Blazer to the face! :)

What a kick-@ss pose to start the ‘Completed Model’ section of this review off. The picture above is indeed the very first one I took after I finished the model. It is plain to see that, although I tried my best, there are still numerous marks from where the pieces were attached to the runners. Oh well.

The Stickers

There are in total, 6 stickers that have to be applied to the model.

Eyes and Forehead Jewel

Slash Harkens X 2 (Front and Back)

Ever since young, I never liked stickers. They had a tendency to peel off. In this case, the eyes and jewel were not so much of a problem as they are pasted on to a flat surface. The Slash Harkens required you to fold the sticker all round the edges to cover up all the non-metalic Gold. Why they could not have included the Shash Harkens as separate red pieces I’ll never know. To save costs? Maybe.

The next day imagine my ‘surprise’ when the Slash Harken stickers began to peel. I immediately ripped them off and used a High Quality permanent OHP marker to colour the Harkens. Now, they look like:

Not a masterpiece, but...

Not a masterpiece, but...


Features and Accessories

Before taking a look at the KMF itself, let’s take a look at that Rolo figure.

Shoot. I guess I shouldn't have bathed in bleach...

Shoot. I guess I shouldn't have bathed in bleach...

There are two Rolos that come with this model. One of him standing and one of him sitting. These mini figures are supposedly an accurate representation of how large the KMF would compare to a human. A little paint would have been appreciated though.

2 times the impact!

2 times the impact!

Both of the Vincent’s hands are equipped with a Needle Blazer. These weapons deliver a huge amount of electricity when slammed into an opponent.

The back door of the cockpit is openable. From there you can see the back of the pilot’s seat. It would have been great if the seat could be pulled out like the In Action!! Offshoot figures. I guess that that would have required quite a bit of redesigning.

The top of the cockpit opens to reveal the interior of the cockpit and to allow the Lancelot’s Flight Pack to be connected. Although it may not seem like it, the cockpit is really detailed, showing all the three screens, handles and controls. Again, once this is painted, it would look 100 times better.

…and here’s the sitting figure of Rolo piloting the Vincent. Yes, the cockpit can be closed with the figure inside. Sadly, Rolo’s a little bright and blurry in the picutre. White things are so hard to capture.

Unique to the Knightmare Frames are the Land Spinners. Giant wheels that serve to enhance speed, agility and balance. They are double jointed and can move up and down/outwards and inwards. Another thing to note is that the wheels are made of rubber and can spin freely.

Lastly, the primary weapon of the Vincent is the Maser Vibration Swords – Lance Type. It is similar to the ones that are wielded by the Lancelot, only made to handle like a lance. The grey blades are detachable and can be fitted on three kinds of handles: Storage Mode, Sword Mode and Lance Mode. (Please note that these are ‘mode’ names which I made up to allow easier reference.)

Storage Mode

Swords stored under the cockpit.

Swords deployed.

Swords deployed.

I do like it that the swords have to be removed just like its Anime counterpart. The handles are made so that they have to be flipped out, like they are in the picture above, before being pulled out. Big points there.

Sword Mode

Lance Mode

Lance of Longinus? Not.

Lance of Longinus? Not.

Although there are two lance handles provided, only one will be needed.

The grey blades are supposed to be the sword’s inactivated mode. It would have been nice if another pair of MVS Blades were inlcluded that were cast in red to show them in their active mode.


I love this model, I really do. Besides being easy to make, it is relatively accurate to the actual character design. It has fantastic features and accessories.

There is a new version of the Vincent model available now. That is the Vincent Royal Coating Version. The Royal Coating is the chrome on the Gold parts of the model. That looks awesome as they did not make the whole model chrome, but only the Gold parts. If you had to get a version, get that one. Otherwise, this is a great model for Code Geass fans and Model fans alike.

18 Responses to Review: 1/35 Mechanic Collection: Vincent by Bandai

  1. acesan says:

    Hah, another model! Here’s a few tips:

    1) Use a Bandai Gundam nipper, rather than a nail cutter, it’s 100x easier. I know because when I first started with models i used a nail cutter too.
    2) To get rid of the nip marks, the best way to do it (without painting) is to use the gundam nippers to trim the extra bit of plastic (called flash) but not all the way to the piece. What you then do is take a hobby knife and carefully shave the rest off. If you do it correctly, you should be left with a fairly unobvious mark. To get rid of it100% though, you will need to sand it smooth and paint it, but I find unless you paint it, the sanding mark is sort of visible as well.
    3) to get rid of the plasticly look of the model without actually painting it, what you can do is purchase a can of Mr Hobby Top coat (Flat). You then spray it over your model in a few even coats and let it dry. When you are finished, you will be surprised because it will then look like you actually painted the model (when all you did was put a clear coat on it that removes the plastic finish ^_^)
    well i typed a lot, hope that helps you out on any future models….

  2. actar says:

    Thanks so much for the advice! :)

  3. Ubiquitial says:

    Good Ideas. I shall remember them whilst building

  4. nintendokid says:

    me too My first model will be a sucsess

  5. tj han says:

    Indeed, the first commenter is right. If you use a nail clipper, you tend to cause the white marks which look ugly if unpainted. You’ll do better to sand it off after cutting it with any hobby cutters, not just Bandai ones.

    That said, I’ve like 5-10 model kits lying undone since 2004. Ugh.

  6. Alan says:

    Hmm, also i highly recommend the Gundam nib pens for panel lining, they are easy to use and leave a realistic effect.

    You did a good job, better than me.. i snapped the inner cockpit for my lancelot T.T.

    I hope they make MG grade kits… that would be pure awesome… although lots of time and effort would be needed :3

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  15. updatedude says:

    I recently got this model. First off, I was disappointed that it wasn’t already cast in metallic gold, as I know there are models such as the Hyaku Shiki, which is already pre-chromed. However, seeing Acesan’s reply to this review, I’m glad to hear there’s an easy way to fix this issue.

    That said, I haven’t built the Vincent yet, because the first thing I noticed other than the non-metallic gold is… GPS (Gold Plastic Syndrome). I don’t know if the Vincent is vulnerable to GPS or not, but it’s kinda gold and there seems to be a lot of “stress marks” on the pieces.

    I dunno, I assume it doesn’t have GPS, since presumably, Bandai’s quite experienced with this kinda thing. But man, I’m thinking of selling him for cheap in case he does have GPS.

    Anyway, after reading this review, I’m wondering if I might not just build him anyway?

  16. Ryan says:

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  17. Christ says:

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