New Acer Aspire Laptop + AFA 08 + MANY Updates

Lelouch made me buy this... I swear.

Lelouch made me buy this... I swear.

Hey guys!!! No, I’m not dead, though I may as well be, considering how terrible I’m feeling from this cold. This is a pretty long post, mainly due to the fact that I haven’t updated this blog in awhile. Please comment so that I won’t feel that the hour I used to type this was wasted. :)

Where do I begin.

Well, I guess I should start with my latest purchase. Yes, I bought a new laptop. The Acer Aspire is a smaller than average laptop. This one is pre-installed with Windows XP. I bought this mainly to surf the internet and watch videos on the move. Hopefully it will serve its purpose well. 

Here’s a pic of the box:

Seriously. The power and awesomness of Geass is far too great to resist.

Seriously. The power and awesomeness of Geass is far too great to resist.

Also, recently, there has been kind of a slump. Right now, there are not many outstanding figures that I want to buy. Most of the things that I want will be released during November and December. With this lack of purchases, I just bought a few things on impulse, mainly the above DVDs (review coming soon!). This, although good for my mental well being, is not really kind on my wallet. With this recession that is currently going on, I feel so guilty for spending this much. BUT! I did do pretty well for my exams. I guess my purchases are justified. :)

Did I also forget to mention that I will not be going to Japan at the end of the year? Yes. Sadly, my trip has been cancelled due to numerous factors. One of the main reasons being the global recession. However, I am definitely going to the following year’s Winter Wonder Festival. I hope it will not be cancelled like this year’s has.

The next agenda of this post and the last thing to look forward to this year is the Anime Festival Asia 08 that will be held at Suntec City on 22, 23 November. This is the first full fledged Anime convention that will be held in Singapore. PLUS!!! It seems that the site has been recently updated and TONS of new information are now available at: The sheer awesomeness of this is going to be on EPIC proportions. I’ll blog on this more one as the convention draws nearer. Please head over and air your opinions below.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this. What I look most forward to is the DEALER ROOMS which are places where they will have tons of figures for sale. Just look at the retailers/companies listed above. ALTER! GSC! KOTOBUKIYA! among others. AWESOME! Not to mention BANDAI! and also REVOLTECH! I just noticed that my favourite local retailer La Tendo is listed there as well. Need to chat with them about it when I next visit. They have even stated that there will be EXCLUSIVES available. If you know me as well as I do, you’ll know that I’m nuts for exclusives. I mean, I’ll pay an arm and a leg for an exclusive that I like. One such exclusive is arriving in December…

There will also be Planet Mech where Bandai will be showcasing tons of Gundam. Since I’m not really a fan of Gundam as I have not got myself into the Anime yet, this is not really a big thing for me. What I HOPE to see are Knight Mare Frames.

Last but not least, on my collection front, I recently purchased Alter’s Vita to complete my trio of Lyrical Lolis (damn, I should coin this phrase), that being Fate, Nanoha and Vita. I’m still waiting for my Organic Tamaki from Bamboo Blade and Revoltech Yoko from Gurren Lagann. Bought numerous other things that I will begin to share with you guys in time to come.

Well, that’s my short rant of the various things that are going on with my life. As stated above, I will be blogging more about AFA08 as the convention draws near more information is confirmed and released.

So, as always, this has been Actar.

5 Responses to New Acer Aspire Laptop + AFA 08 + MANY Updates

  1. WOW you write alot..lots of things to say (how to you find the time ….and the money to write and but your things)

    1.Lelouch made me do it VERY COOL aswome idea (write down when hes not looking and steal joke)
    2.Nice Laptop My dads getting me one for skool(even though i turrned it down 3 times ….why did i do that)
    3.YAYYY Geass on DVD (in asia )ahhhh please upload some (or not just give it to me i so want it on my tv)
    4.Whats the harhui thing underneath it
    No more numbers ill just write

    O wll soz you cant go japan it would be cool im guessing (and i may have won the comp)For my comp i was about to do it and 1 of my subs left now i cant do it wahhh(if you have ideas on what do do for my comp and what you did for yous id be happy to hear)

    Evrey Convention or event i want to go to its always in the holidays and im always on holiday somewhere cause we only pay 10% of the flight cause my mum works for Brotish Airways (Mabey i could put you on)I want to go to the anime expo and london games festivel and london comic con and 25 others but im away and i already mist the o Summer Of Sonic WIch i tryed to make my dad go to in conclusion

    If you find and decent Geass stuff and buy two i may buy some or even a Special Figma id buy it off of you

    WOW i think i wrote at least a poage ther nobody will probobly read this but o well I HOPE YOU READ IT ALL
    BTW hope you feel better

  2. Persocom says:

    I’m at a slow time between batches of figures and stuff too. Haven’t had much to write about lately because of it. That’s too bad you won’t be able to go to Japan, but sounds like the convention you’ll be going to will be fun. Code Geass season 1 dvd set, I wouldn’t mind picking that up myself. Hope you make it to Wonder Festival next winter. I’d love to go to one but it’ll be years before I even have a chance. Hope you get over your cold soon and start feeling better ^^

  3. acesan says:

    Be sure to do more video reviews of whatever you end up buying in that convention!

  4. zenical says:

    so many things… drooling XD

  5. Lucky you Actar.Maria ish jealous of you.Jk

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