Review: 1/8 Yoko by Konami


In light of the release of Revoltech’s Yoko Fraulien Revoltech Figure, let’s take a look Konami’s rendition of Yoko.

Various figure companies have made figures of Yoko including Sol International and Enter Brain. However, after taking a look at all of them, I have to say that I like Konami’s figure the best.

Just take a look at her:

…and here’s the back of the box depicting different angles of her and the various accessories that is included with her. The accessories are,

Her Sniper Rifle. The pink strap is slightly elastic.

A rifle cartridge with a visible bullet, painted in gold (My favourite color). Sadly, this is just a display piece and cannot be fitted onto the rifle.

Lastly, she comes with her two hair pins. I would like to point out that you have to actually plug the two pins into the two holes in her head. It was a little hard to get them in there without putting too much stress on the PVC. Figuring out how to angle them was also tough. Had to refer to the pics on the box.

A view of her pins from the back.

More pics of Yoko:

Whose (.)(.)s are bigger? Kallen's or Yoko's? You decide.

Out of all the Yoko figures that have been and will be produced, this is my favourite. The pose is just too cute, Yoko showing off her rifle in full view. The expression on her face is also kawaii. I was thinking of getting the one released by Sol International, but it wasn’t as good as I expected and the one produced by Enter Brain has eyebrows that are a little too thick for my liking.

Just look at the details on this figure. Her curves and cleavages and even the strap of her top are very beautifully sculpted. The accessories are also nicely made.

One last thing that I would like to point out is how interesting her pose is. Since the rifle is removable, you can get her to hold all kind of fun stuff.

Tsukasa brand Balsamic Vinegar anyone?

How about this?

6 Responses to Review: 1/8 Yoko by Konami

  1. nintendokid says:

    Cool figure and 1 acsessorie i would have never have thought to see and vinger LOL

  2. nintendokid says:

    do you keep your boxes of a figure or just bin them or store them

  3. actar says:

    I keep all the boxes. :) Awesome stuff like that shouldn’t be thrown away. I should take a picture of the stack of boxes. :)

  4. Persocom says:

    I like that she looks pretty good, I’m waiting for my Revoltech Yoko to arrive. Where’d you get the Tsukasa balsamic vinegar?

  5. actar says:

    It was included with the Lucky Star PS2 Game Special Set.

  6. zenical says:

    Nice figurine. GOOD BUY. XD.

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