My Thoughts On The Code Geass Finale

A poetic masterpiece in terms of battle and story.

A poetic masterpiece in terms of battle and story.

One of the best Animes I have ever seen finally comes to a close.

Obvious spoilers ahead…

Now, for those of you who have seen the ending to Code Geass R2, how did you feel about it?


The fight sequence was extremely well done. Seeing two very evenly matched opponents going against each other with awesome Knightmare Frames. I’m referring to Kallen/Guren and Suzaku/Lancelot of course.

The ending was simply poetic and I loved how everything since the beginning came to pass. Lelouch’s ‘I’ll be the one who will destroy the world and recreate it’ all makes sense in the end.

I was indeed stunned when Suzaku was supposedly killed. However, that surprise was immediately overshadowed by the ending (and of course, seeing him alive). Again, this is just pure poetry. Lelouch orchestrating the whole thing to allow the world to become peaceful.

Kallen was again, simply precious at the end. She now takes her original personality to school and we also get to see that her mother is well.

Kallen is also wearing the Launch Key of the Guren Nishiki as a necklace now. After the war, I suppose the Guren, like all the other Knightmare Frames, are disposed of or destroyed. The fact that the Launch Key is featured gives me hope that it will be turened into a USB Thumb Drive just like the Lancelot Launch Key, which I have a review of.

Jeremiah’s closing scene made me laugh. The fact that he became an Orange farmer was just so hilarious.

It was indeed sad that the world is left believing that Lelouch was evil. However, at least Kallen, Nunnally and Jeremiah know the truth.

Lastly, this episode was just beautiful. I know that some of you out there would dislike it for various reasons, but this episode managed to accomplish many things. It gave suitable air time to all characters and was able to give a satisfying ending in my opinion.


There are some theories about Lelouch’s eventual end. One of the more popular theories is that C.C. gave him her code and that he is now immortal and that he gave Suzaku Geass to be able to continue his masque as Zero.

When C.C. was talking at the end, her ‘Right, Lelouch’ was supposedly her talking to herself. But if you noticed, she did tilt her head in the direction of the cart driver whom many suspect is indeed Lelouch.


What are your opinions? I would dearly like to hear them. Something I dearly wish Sunrise would do is to create a final epilogue chapter where Lelouch’spossible fate is revealed. Like any other awesome Anime series that I love, there just isn’t enough examples include Lucky Star, Full Metal Panic! and Bamboo Blade. It will be sad, knowing that there will be no more Kallen, Lelouch or Suzaku to brighten my Sunday. It is a strange thing, the end of an Anime. At one point, you have a very satisfying end and a sense of closure. On another hand, you are left with a sense of emptiness. Anime, to me is like a window to numerous character’s lives. Once the series ends, the window gets covered and you are left with only a distant memory. However, an end is an end. I am indeed glad to have shared this wonderful journey with all you Geass fans out there.

Screenshots added!

24 Responses to My Thoughts On The Code Geass Finale

  1. Quen says:

    I think the finale made for a pretty good ending. The “open ending” is a fascinating story-telling device, making the viewer feel both hope that their preferred ending (in most cases, Lelouch being the cart driver) is possible but also consternation over not being quite sure…

    I enjoyed R2 quite a lot, but felt it quite obviously didn’t live up to the greatness of the first season. Maybe if R2 had kept season 1’s midnight timeslot and more obscure level of fame things would’ve turned out better. CG season 1 goes down in my book as being one of those epic-level series such as Hagaren, Haruhi, my first Gundam series, Cowboy Bebop, Eva. Still, I feel CG r2 was a great series.

    P.S. I feel at the same time a great longing for some sort of wrap-up to let us know Lelouch’s exact fate, but also think that leaving it with this ending would be best for leaving a lasting legacy and memory for the fans. Ah…

  2. vongolasamurai says:

    i think the ended the series pretty well (even tho lelouch died). but for most part i think lelouch is still alive.

    this is why.

  3. Persocom says:

    I believe they should do an OVA, or something of the likes because that ending although great indeed it left one big question, is Lelouche really dead? I really don’t know what I think, I like to think that he’s still alive and that CC was talking to him for real, perhaps he took the soul of someone else like Marianne did, and hence became the driver at the end. I really loved the ending even though the Suzaku taking role as Zero was a shocker to me. I loved every bit of both seasons unlike MANY people, hell I just blogged about it yesterday myself. I will miss watching this mind warp of an anime, indeed it’s the best mecha anime I’ve seen and one of my favorites, will be waiting for R2 to come to DVD so I can collect them both. I want Kallen/CC figmas! I don’t care that so many people hate this series, I think R2 was great, yeah it was rushed there was somewhere I read about the creator was being forced to keep it within a certain timeframe and he apparently would have made the story less blurred in the second season but they wouldn’t allow him to stretch it to 3 seasons I guess. It’s a shame that the TV people massacred R2 but it still turned out great in my opinion.

  4. Jackass says:

    There is going to be an episode 26 for Code Geass to answer all the questions we still have. Look it up

  5. ubiquitial says:

    I remember When i first met Actar on youtube I described Code Geass as having ‘Mechs and Morality’. This Episode, I my opinion, can not get any better. The battle in the first few minutes was sptacular! While they were so intensely combating, the characters narrate the poetic symbolism of the series.

    Confrontation between Lelouch and Nunally was rather intense. Brought me to near tears. He was so devoted to his cause he would rather die with his little sister believing he was evil to ensure a bright future.

    Finally, the significance of the end. I find it very amusing how each character has found their place in life, but while many mourn the death of Lelouch, I do not, in a way. Of course, I feel for him, his actions, and this hamlet-type death scene. But I do not honestly think there is another comprehensible method to end the series so brightly, and so ominously. I have devoted many a thread on Zomgforums to this issue. Now, we shall forever be wondering what really happened to lelouch, which is what the creators want us to do.

    Hopefully there will not be another episode or OVA, unless it details mundane day-to-day events that help us tie the aftermath in. A prequel might be nice, though.

    And those are my thoughts

  6. ubiquitial says:

    And the end of an anime truely is sad. Like an old friend moving away. in one way, you feel satisfied. In another, you feel like you have been abandoned. The suspenseful air is suddenly lifted from around you, and the fresh air hurts, yet feels soothing.

    Ah well…………..Back to watching reruns of Evangelion for me

  7. ELTboy says:

    In my opinion, the ending was fitting and somehow, it just had to end this way. I believed that in more ways than other, Lelouch dying with everyone believing that he is evil was to atone for Euphy’s death and answering to his best pal, Suzaku.

    While sad, it was heartening to at least know that Kallen and Nunnally, the 2 women that truly meant the world to Lelouch (besides Euphy and Shirley) knew the truth.

    If Code Geass was aired in a theater, you would have expected a standing ovation at the end. Simply one of the best and emotionally draining anime I have seen after Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

  8. Oni-kun says:

    for me, this season ended pretty well with Geass2 and MacF. while there were a few loopholes that weren’t properly tied up, i reckon that’s the price we have to pay given the constrained budgets most studios have anyway.

    Geass2 ended much better for me as compared to MacF primarily because as mentioned, it’s a closure for the entire series from the 1st season, a conclusion to Lelouche’s motivation/ideal for starting the rebellion in the 1st place. and Kallen together w Nunally, finally understood what Lelouche set out to do so that, to me, was a emotional goal.

    as for that link provided by vongol, not sure if i agree w the points raised as most of the clues were drawn from unestablished “facts” so basically, nothing is entirely substantiated. most of those “facts” were fan-interpreted IMO. i could be wrong though. =P

    one more possibility most have failed to account would be the creators intentionally left this issue in suspense so they can choose to continue the series if they received another budget. i mean, who’s to say the world worked out the way Lelouche hoped it would? Kallen herself said there were still issues to be kinked out so there might be some self-serving fool who thinks he can rule the world so Lelouche would step in and right things again, then THAT, my friends, would be the perfect ending. =P

    PS, Actar, did i remember wrongly or did you mention on that you’re going to Tokyo soon? pls revert to me via e-mail if you choose to reply:

  9. nintendokid says:

    Geass 25 was epic im so glad i didnt spoil it and read ur post now to go read it .Nunnly oping her eyes was aswome but the plan lulu came up with and the fact that he killed himself with the haterd of the world was a great storyline,the music at the end added the most aswome test ,i still cant belive vilets having a baby,its not a ending i could ever come up with a true pice of geniuus

    I love the fighting sceen ,is so sad yet so aswoem,but know i dont have geass to keep me living ( im not under geass and its not like star wars VI ending) i dont know what ill do……w8 im getting the limited eds now i can watch all of them over and over and over…..

    Do u know wtll be cool a geass contact lense u place over eye and look like u have geass

    also i never got the jerimah bit aswome lol,but did he give anya back her memories

    FAV character:lul ( obivously)
    FAV knightmare: lancelot finall ver

  10. eye says:

    i think lelouch is alive,cause at the anime,it is said that you could get the code of a person by force by killing the person with the code,it is done by the following:
    *you can kill a person with a code if your totally insane!!!!!
    *and finally if your geass is out of control
    In the part where King Charles is about to be killed,
    you can see that lelouch is insane…… hes geass is out of control……and at the very last scene he is killed by suzaku so he can get the code of his father……..REMEMBER ITS ONLY MY OPINION

  11. Dev says:

    The ending is very satisfying.
    I believe lelouch is dead.
    *why would C.C cry in a church (the same place where the nun who C.C admired and received love for the first time lived and died) for she lost the other only person who understood her and cared for her.

    *lelouch though a genius felt pain and sorrow as well and he did not know his sister was alive till Zero Requiem was nearly set in motion therefore he like Suzaku might have sought dead as atonement or might have just plainly wanted it.

    *Nunnally has the ability to sense things therefore no immortal power was involved there.
    *He did not get C.C s code

    I personally believe the story to be more complete if the writer did show him “alive” though.

    in a different point of view,Lelouch was a master of lies and deceit.What ever it is the writers did achieve their true goal.

  12. Kibigi says:

    that staw hat is Lelouch >[]<!!!!
    I heard the impossible news that Lelouch is alive!!!
    Code Geass will have a new episode again *-*
    (but I’m not really =_=”)

    yeah… the last episode of Code Geass R2 is very… very…. I can’t describe it (It make me crying T[]T)

    Ps. I love orange =w=~

  13. Raven says:

    First of all, I want to say; “CODE GEASS REALLY ROCKS!!”

    But all good things must come to an end, same thing happened to Code Geass.

    Just let go of it, but don’t stop admiring it, ’cause I still do.

    I think Lelouch really died. That’s how he wanted it to be, no other trick hidden under his sleeves. Don’t expect it to have a part two, or else you wanted it to become like ‘The Dragon Ball Saga’, right? The never ending fighting with more powerful villains dilemma, it’s just not like it.

    But I really wish that another series will rise and take over everything else, just like what Code Geass did, and I hope it’d be soon, very soon. ‘Cause I’m still craving for something like Code Geass. I still feel raw about it, every scenes, every episodes, every… EVERYTHING!! It’s just so awesome that I often wish it was 30 episodes longer…

    Well, that’s it. BYE.

  14. Simon Z. says:


    In your speculations section where you said C.C. gave Lelouch the code. Lelouch does infact have a Code, but it isn’t C.C.’s it’s his father’s/V.V. Code, if it was C.C.’s code C.C. should be dead.

    *SPOILERS*In the episode where Lelouch and his Father are at the Sword of Akashka, when Charles and Marianne were distintigrating Charles made an atempted to kill Lelouch (Charging/flying at him). Charles’ right hand/The Geassed hand was choking Lelouch. So since technically Lelouch killed his father he receives his code.

    *Thats what I and alot of people believe..

  15. Guren-Chan says:

    Personily, I think Lelouch took Charles’ code, just like how Charles took V.V.’s code. I mean, his geass spred to his other eye because his geass power surpased its normal level, because he took his father’s code.

  16. aximilken12 says:


  17. ceodrupal says:

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  19. Gabriel Bailey says:

    I didn’t like that Lelouch killed two of his siblings. I also didn’t like that he brainwashed his brother in the end. And it never explained how Charles was talking to Clovis after he died. But all that aside, it was a pretty good finale.

  20. hey guys did any of you noticed the last picture of the ending song? where CC is standing at a cliff with the same dress she was wearing on the cart? I think at the right side of the picture there is part of Lelouch’s hair, like he is lying on the grasses and part of his head is revealed!!

  21. M G Bradley says:

    It’s funny because a season 3 was just confirmed a few months ago by Sunrise, better late than never I guess. It is called Lelouch of the Resurrection and Lelouch is indeed the main character. Risky move to rehash him in, but this show may just be a cash-grab by sunrise due to CG being one of Sunrise’s more famed shows. I hope they do dedicate as much work into it as they did with R1 and R2, but I feel like this may ruin the beautiful ending layed out at the end of R2. I hope it follows through and meets the shows high expectations, but there is a part of me (a part I don’t want to exist) that believes it is just a rehash, cash-grab by Sunrise to earn money for new adaptations in following seasons (after all they are only doing a Love Live! sequel and Gintama this year, other than this that is).

    Official MAL page for ‘R3’:

  22. Kess says:

    Awesome post, we need more original blogs like this. I also love Code Geass in fact it’s my favourite anime series of all time. In fact I love it so much I’m considering collecting some figurines but I don’t know where to start, any recommendation boys and girls? I think I should start with Lelouch, after doing some digging around I found this post but I don’t know if it’s worth it, the blog does a terrible review. Has anyone got the figurine and is it worth it? Anyways I loved this post, keep up the great work :)

  23. Galaxy says:


    My Thoughts On The Code Geass Finale | Actar’s Reviews – The Blog

  24. H m m says:

    I don’t think that C.C. speaking to Lelouch in the cart might prove that he is alive. This might sound illogical, but if you think about it, every theory about Lelouch is a bit illogical. So, we know that Marianne was able to transfer herself into another body and communicate with C.C. We don’t know everything about the Code, so we cannot be completely sure about the Code taking its bearers Geass. So maybe Lelouch was able to acquire the Code and it gave him another Geass. This is a big maybe, but it would explain C.C.’s monologue in the end, and how it strangely resembled her dialogues with Marianne while she was trapped in another body.

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